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May he rest in peace.

Michael Herbert Keehn 1946 to 2018

The owner, editor, and author of this web page has gone home to heaven on April 4, 2018.  Michael H. Keehn was a patriotic American who wanted all people of the world to understand the nature of one's struggle to be responsible and free.  It is the intention of Michael's family to keep his website up and available for all who wish to become aware of their status, in his honor and memory.  There will be no new additions made to the page for the time being, pending the appearance of a new and worthy editor.  May all who know of him carry a piece of the man in their hearts.  God bless.

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VIDEO: 13-Minutes of Wisdom

The ELITE'S war against humanity, worldwide, has already begun. The WAR is being propogated via science, in the food you eat, the water you drink, and the vaccines with which you and your children are injected. For the people of the United States, know your LEADERSHIP by their stripes, that is their actions and what they support.

VIDEO: The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks Worldwide

Same Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHMITL2VPl0

Source: Natural News



The YouTube videos listed below are for educational and informational purposes.

WHAT PISSES ME OFF ABOUT THE KATE STEINLE MURDER ACQUITTAL: WHAT A POWERFUL STATEMENT! Definitely not for any babies who need a "safe space", but that is true for this entire web page.

WHY I WAS WRONG ABOUT NATIONALISM: Posted December 1, 2017. The case against "Nationalism" has been made by the Globalists who want no borders, and total control of people and resources placed in the hands of people not elected. Watch the video and find out much more.

SHOCKING FBI CORRUPTION EXPOSED: Posted October 20, 2017 - When the government comes into court with DIRTY HANDS, there is NO JUSTICE, only a fight for survival!!!

ESCAPING THE TRAPS OF CORPORATE IMPOSTER GOVERNMENT: Posted September 18, 2017 - This video points out, correctly, that all unconstitutional law to which you and I are subject, is by virtue of CONTRACT.

CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government: Learn the difference between Shadow & Deep State Government as well as the criminality of Government


VIDEO: INDEPENDENCE AND FREEDOM: Posted July 4, 2017. An extraordinary video by Stefan Molyneux



Those in control of Civilization have always depended on a measure of elective ignorance.

We can not change the minds of truly malevolent people, nor should we probably try. But there are people who march lockstep with them, and are useful idiots for the malevolent people because these lockstep soldiers lack information. If we give them information, these lockstep people can make better decisions. Some people are going to eat themselves to death no matter what. Other people, you give them a good nutrition plan, they can turn it around. Mostly, they’re just ignorant, they don’t know, the information needed to make good decisions has often been rigidly and deliberately suppressed and kept away from them. Keeping information away from people is a foundational methodology for spreading EVIL. Because, in the absence of knowledge, people succumb to AUTHORITY! Therefore, EVIL acts to keep knowledge away from people so it can substitute its own punishments for Authority which then grows in the absence of information. If we give people information, if we give people knowledge, if we give people the facts that are kept away from them, then the people can then use their own judgment, their own logic and be less susceptible to the machinations of the malevolent that keeps them ignorant so that they can kowtow to the authority of EVIL.

Yes, there are those who choose to be ignorant, they've been with us all our lives, going back to grade-school. But, not everyone elects to be ignorant. Many are ignorant simply because they have been intentionally mis-informed or lied to. Thus, the reason for this web-page. This web page has information by many authors that is sometimes very difficult to find, even with an intentional search. Therefore, feel free to research, download and share the information here.


I believe this is one of the smartest and most courageous things I've seen the English people do. We all know that the Globalist Powers That Be are going to punish you, and any other peoples of the European Union that want to exit this enslaving trap, we know that from experience. But, hang in there, you will prevail in the end and you’ll be better off for having done so. I would also advise that countries wanting to exit the European Union should expect life ending events, like nine-eleven here in the United States, as a means to psychologically profile (brainwash) the people into fear and accepting the enslaving solutions of the Globalist Powers That Be! Added to web page April 4, 2017. All the very best to you England. - mike keehn; mhkeehn@gmail.com

England has the same invisible Leadership telling its politicians what to do as does the United States. A short 8-minute video for my English friends across the Atlantic:

Brexit: The Betrayal | United Kingdom's EU Referendum

Making It Clear

I am NOT anti-Government, I AM, however,
ANTI- CRIMINAL-Government! As I suspect is the case with many, if not most, patriotic Americans. -michael-herbert:keehn


“Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.” — Edward Snowden


Give a man a gun, and he can rob a Bank. Give a man a Bank, and he can rob the world!


"Politics is a process in which Leadership engineers problems to get more money to not solve them. And then use those problems to take freedoms away from the people, thus increasing the control that Leadership can exercise over the people of the United States.

"Problems are to be managed, not solved.

"Problems are to be exploited, not solved." -- Michael H. Keehn

Not believing that United States Government is CRIMINAL is not going to protect you from their criminality!

It is possible to determine if U.S. politicians are lying! Look closely and you will see their lips moving.


The 4th Media: A source of News and Information

Fate whispers
to the Warrior

"You cannot
withstand the storm"

and the Warrior
whispers back

"I am the

And there are many warriors, some who are gentle, kind and soft spoken, yet, with the heart of a Lion!


"Most people prefer to believe that their leaders are just and fair, even in the face of evidence to the contrary, because once a citizen acknowledges that the government under which he lives is lying and corrupt, the citizen has to choose what he or she will do about it. To take action in the face of corrupt government entails risks of harm to life and loved ones. To choose to do nothing is to surrender one's self-image of standing for principles. Most people do not have the courage to face that choice. Hence, most propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all." - Michael Rivero

Great observation Michael

Which, in my opinion, are worthy of viewing

Oliver Stone: Untold U.S. History -- Bush & Obama age of Terror


JFK to 9-11: Everything is a rich mans trick

Judge Napolitano accusses FBI & Government of being the real TERRORISTS


Added May 17, 2016: Proof that Leadership is criminal, and that the Rule of Law no longer exists - 45 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhBeZcdEvFs&feature=youtu.be

Murder of LaVoy Finnicum.

End of list

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OR ... email mhkeehn@gmail.com



Climate Engineering by U.S. Government: Video

ere in California, during the summer of 2016, I read an Electronic Message Sign on the 99-Freeway in Stockton, that said: "SEVERE DROUGHT -- LIMIT OUTDOOR WATERING". It should have said:


And although the winter of 2016-2017 produced rain that many thought to be excessive, it is my opinion, having lived in California since 1946, that this was a fairly normal rain year.

The drought, which ended with the rain fall of the 2016-2017 fall/winter, at least temporarily, was brought to California by Government Leadership via the deployment of weather and climate altering chemicals from high flying aircraft that leave a long cloud behind them which does not rapidly dissipate. Government Leadership created and ended the drought crisis, probably to return at a later date. It is a legal dichotomy and somewhat outrageous that Government Leadership will put us in prison for stuffing chemicals up our noses, and then stuff chemicals up our noses without our permission. But let us keep in mind that Leadership controls the weather as described above. They can bring rain as easily as they bring drought.

Has anyone else noticed that climate change became an issue after HAARP became activated and after the deployment of weather altering chemicals by high flying aircraft?


This web page had grown to a size that made it difficult to update. To solve this problem, a second web page has been created, and essays of smaller construction have been moved to this new page. The new web page is still on this web site, so don't think you're being directed to another web site. The essays are generally short, most often around two pages, and are much easier to intellectually digest in these smaller bites. However, some topics cannot be adequately covered in a couple pages, in such cases a series is created. Each document in the series expands comprehension of the topic, but again, in short, easily digestible essays. For individuals and groups seeking educational material in the political, legal and governmental landscape, these essays have the potential to be very beneficial. To enjoy what this page has to offer: (click here)



"The first freedom of every human is freedom of the mind, the great free will. Essential to this is education. Mankind must accept education as an individual responsibility. Turning over the responsibility for your personal education to another is to surrender your free will. By controlling what you can learn, others control you as neatly as a shepherd herds sheep. If mankind cannot accept the personal responsibility for self education, then I am wrong and mankind deserves to be treated as sheep, both shorn and slaughtered, while in the interim herded by a few smart dogs that lick the shepherd’s hands.

The second freedom of every human is to rise up against oppression, whether it comes from the lowly hands of a common thief or from the high hands of the so called sovereigns.

All of the other great gifts of freedom start here, the headwaters of liberty. " - Michael C. Keehn




"Naturally the common people don't want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country." -- Hermann Goering, Adolf Hitler's second in command, speaking during the Nuremberg Trials of Nazi war criminals at the end of World War II.


Little Play Soldiers

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there is NO JUSTICE, only a fight for survival!
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Do we want to spit in the face of those who purchased this right for us?
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Originally Posted November 11, 2003 and Updated September 12, 2015: Republican Form of Government
Updated September 8, 2015: Republicans and Democrats -- is there a difference?
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An old but interesting story: INSLAW CASE: A crime with Government at the center of it and with at least 11-people dead in and related to this case.
September 16, 2013 - Updated August 19, 2015: Government 101 -- A Crash Course in what's driving Government leadership
Updated and Posted August 7, 2015: On Target: Learn about the two Nations and how you became subject to the laws of both. It unravels a great mystery!
Last Posted May 4, 2011: Sui Jujris... Pardon me but #5 is one of the most powerful and informative documents on this webpage. It deals with income tax obligation, who has it and who does not! Beginners to this subject may benefit from reading On Target first.
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Slaughterhouse Cases (State Citizenship vs. United States citizenship)
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November 22, 2006: Signature Without Strawman Liability
November 12, 2006: Yahtzee Score Sheet
September 10, 2006: INJUSTICE...root cause
September 8, 2006: Washington, D. C.

August 10, 2006: Invisible Contracts
August 4, 2006: A Message to Garcia
July 6, 2006:
Affidavit of D. R. Bogart (Doc)
June 30, 2006:
A Watchmans Word to America
June 4, 2006:
The Law of Equivalent Exchange
April 8, 2006:
An Underground History of American Education by J. T. Gatto
Posted February 20, 2004: Miranda - Supreme Court Ruling securing your rights in custody

Every few years, the citizens of the United States elect people to represent only the interests of those to whom the NATIONAL DEBT is owed, the Elite Bankers, and in no way do these elected officials represent the people of the United States!


Author Dan Goodman's Page


There are probably not many things more important than our citizenship. It is our citizenship that determines our burdens and obligations. I suspect that most Americans are not aware that there are two legal citizenship statuses in the United States. They are "State Citizen" and "United States citizen." And they each have their own burdens and obligations separate from the other. One class embraces freedom and the other serfdom. If you desire to be free, or you care enough about your children and loved ones to see them enjoying freedom, then perhaps it is to your benefit to develop an understanding of the matter. Otherwise, feel free to assume the unpayable national debt created by others to enslave you and your family. Remember, the first requirement of freedom is the capacity to be responsible for yourself. And if married, the second requirement is that the family be responsible for itself. If you can not be responsible for yourself, you can not be free.

A landmark decision regarding citizenship was made by the United States Supreme Court of the United States in the Slaughter House Cases.

Mr. Dan Goodman, author of "State Citizenship Is Alive and Well," has made available several copyrighted articles for posting on this web page. These areticles are very informative in the matter of State Citizenship verses United States citizenship. To travel directly to the section of this web page listing these educational and informative articles, click here.

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do." - Edward Everett Hale

"It is not my intent nor desire to cause you harm, I am only working to secure your freedom and mine" - The American Patriot

"If I see the coming destruction of my country and I do nothing, then have I not participated in its destruction?" - Author of this web page, Michael H. Keehn

Federal Reserve Notes:

Currency Issuance

"Upon the deposit with the Treasurer of the United States; (a) any direct obligation of the United States; (b) any notes, drafts, bills of exchange or bankers acceptances acquired under the provisions of this act, that any Federal Reserve Bank making such deposits in the manner prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, shall be entitled to receive from the Comptroller of the Currency, circulating notes in blank, duly registered and countersigned."

(a) public debt
(b)private debt

As can bee seen, the currency is issued upon the acquisition of debt. It is debt currency.

Blacks Law Dictionary defines money as follows:

Money. In the usual and ordinary acceptation it means coins and paper currency used as circulating medium of exchange, and does not embrace notes, bonds, evidences of debt, or other personal or real estate. - Blacks Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition. [For those of you aware of the new definition of MONEY put forth in Black's seventh edition, I refer you to APPENDIX E in the links section at the bottom of the page.]

Does not embrace NOTES, as in Federal Reserve NOTE, nor does it embrace DEBT, as in the debt upon which the Federal Reserve Note is issued. As you can see, Federal Reserve Notes do not qualify as money by definition. Federal Reserve Notes are a medium of exchange and are debt currency, but are not money. Because they are private commercial paper, there is a usury charge that we call interest. If you were using true money for a medium of exchange there would be no interest or usury charge.


Attorney Considerations

"It is a fact that a student can graduate from this, the fourth largest law school in the United States, without ever having written a pleading, a contract, a will, a promissory note or a deed. Its worse than that. It is a fact that most students graduate from this law school without ever having seen a real honest to god pleading, contract, will, promissory note, or deed. A student can graduate without ever having set foot in a court room. Or without ever having spoke to or on behalf of a person in need of counsel or advice. A student can graduate without once being exposed to operation of the rules of court. Whatever else can be said of this license issued by the State Bar, let be said that for these students and their clients, it is a cruel hoax." Professor James Neilsen; Hastains School of Law

Represent yourself?
In cases of "The People vs. The Average American", attorneys loose 94 cases in a hundred. Have you ever heard the old saying: "Anyone representing himself has a fool for a client." Take this into consideration. Those people who reject representation by an attorney and choose to represent themselves, knowing nothing of the law or court room procedure, will win 16 times out of a hundred. That's right, you can go into court knowing nothing about the law, represent yourself and change six wins in a hundred to sixteen. Learn a little bit about the law and you will prevail between 70 and 80 percent of the time in court. There is a price for ignorance, actually, it's quite expensive.



What do we know? And of that knowledge what portions can we be certain are valid? Our formal education generally begins in public schools. Schools that are ‘DEPARTMENTS' of a corporation. Within the Department of Education, the curriculum is controlled. The corporations that we call government, have goals and agendas far removed from what we might think.

When we really begin to think we must first ask ourselves "Do I think or am I a parrot?" Am I an individual or a sheep in the herd? How easy am I to lead around? How easy am I to herd? Do I accept the beliefs of others to be accepted by others, or maybe to be part of a larger group (herd). The philosophy of safety in numbers.

John Dewey was an 'educational philosopher' who managed to establish himself at Columbia University as the dominant figure and perhaps the most influential man in American education. His influence may be measured by the fact that at one point (and perhaps still today) 20% of all American school Superintendents and 40% of all 'Teacher College' heads received advanced degrees from Columbia University.

In 1897 Dewey published one of his works titled "My Pedagogic Creed". In this work Dewey saw the destruction of a child's individualistic traits as the primary goal of education. Once this was accomplished the youngster would conform or adjust to whatever society he finds himself located. The prime measuring stick of a child's progress then becomes his ability to 'get along with the group' (herd). And take a look at where we are at today!

At one time, we parents got together and hired a teacher to educate our children and education was a private, not public enterprise. Turning education over to government is much like having the fox train the chickens on how to stay alive. Why we are so foolish as to think that making a slave master responsible for education is an appropriate or desirable thing is beyond my ability to understand. Slave masters only want people who are sufficiently educated to perform a useful task and not sufficiently educated to understand their status, their political environment nor how to change either.

"We have become the new American Slaves. But there is a revolution coming. It is a revolution of individual liberty. It will free us without violence. It will begin with the self. It will spread to the work place. It will turn our corporate masters into our servants. It will free us of governments' tyranny. The revolution will spread to all corners of the nation and at last, we shall be free." From the book Give Me Liberty by Gerry Spence.


The Press

The press has an important role and that role is outlined very clearly by John Swinton, who at the time of this quote was the Chief of Staff at the New York Times and considered as the Dean of his profession by his peers. The quote is actually a 'toast', given at a luncheon to celebrate the independence of the press.

"There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it.

There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.

The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press?

We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."
John Swinton, Chief of Staff, New York Times.

Adversarial System

I have made the point more than once that our legal system is adversarial. That you must be willing to stand up for yourself.

In U.S. vs. JOHNSON (76 Fed, Supp. 538), Federal District Court Judge James Alger Fee ruled that...

"The privilege against self-incrimination is neither accorded to the passive resistant, nor to the person who is ignorant of his rights, nor to one who is indifferent thereto. It is a FIGHTING clause. It's benefits can be retained only by sustained COMBAT. It cannot be claimed by attorney or solicitor. It is valid only when insisted upon by a BELLIGERENT claimant in person." McAlister vs. Henkle, 201 U.S. 90, 26 S.Ct. 385, 50 L. Ed. 671; Commonwealth vs. Shaw, 4 Cush. 594, 50 Am. Dec. 813; Orum vs. State, 38 Ohio App. 171, 175 N.E. 876.

The Federal Zone

Note: The "Complete Book" is a different version than the individual chapters.

Complete Book

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E
Appendix F
Appendix G
Appendix H
Appendix I
Appendix J
Appendix K
Appendix L
Appendix M
Appendix N
Appendix O
Appendix P
Appendix Q
Appendix R
Appendix S
Appendix T
Appendix U
Appendix V
Appendix W
Appendix X
Appendix Y
Appendix Z

I certainly believe that defending ones county to be the honorable thing to do, but our battles and conflicts have been engineered for a long time now.

Little Play Soldiers

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Two little soldiers,
their games are such fun,
each with his helmet
and little toy gun,
Pretending they're lying
on the battlefield dead
after their tucked away
safe in their bed.

Little play soldiers
if only you knew
what kind of battles
are waiting for you.

Quiet, don't disturb
all the innocence of youth.
Tell them not to lie
but never tell them the truth
That men will fall and die
while little boys grow
but little play soldiers
are too busy to know.


Little white crosses
and their rows are so long.
How will it end if you
don't know it's wrong?
Little play soldiers
will never know why,
we love them and kiss them
and send them to die.


Two little soldiers,
their games are such fun,
each with his helmet
and little toy gun,
Pretending they're lying
on some battlefield dead
'stead of tucked away
safe in their bed.

All you little soldiers,
if only you knew,
what kind of battles
are waiting for you

Alternate Take:

Two little soldiers,
their games are such fun,
each with his helmet
and little toy gun,
Soon they will lie
on some battlefield dead
'stead of tucked away
safe in their bed.

All you little soldiers,
if only you knew,
what kind of battles
are waiting for you

"We of this mighty western Republic have to grapple with the dangers that spring from popular self-government tried on a scale incomparably vaster than ever before in the history of mankind, and from an abounding material prosperity greater also than anything which the world has hitherto seen.

As regards the first set of dangers, it behooves us to remember that men can never escape being governed. Either they must govern themselves or they must submit to being governed by others. If from lawlessness or fickleness, from folly or self-indulgence, they refuse to govern themselves, then most assuredly in the end they will have to be governed from the outside. They can prevent the need of government from without only by showing they possess the power of government from within. A sovereign cannot make excuses for his failures; a sovereign must accept the responsibility for the exercise of power that inheres to him; and where, as is true in our Republic, the people are sovereign, then the people must show a sober understanding and a sane steadfast purpose if they are to preserve that orderly liberty upon which as a foundation every republic must rest."

President Theodore Roosevelt
Opening of the Jamestown Exposition

Norfolk, Virginia, April 26, 1907

The problem with Socialism is that you will eventually run out of other peoples money. -- Margaret Thatcher.

In the quote above Teddy Roosevelt is telling us that if we can not be responsible for ourselves then someone will assume the role of parent and accept the responsibility of our behavior. Such is always the case with children who can not be responsible for themselves and their own conduct. The beauty of this, as President Roosevelt points out, is that we have a choice. Either we can conduct ourselves responsibily and govern ourselves, or we can behave irresponsibly and have some one else dictate our obligations and responsibilities. If FREEDOM requires anything, it requires that we be responsible for ourselves. If we determine that we are children and can not be responsible for ourselves, then we can not be free.

"In a totalitarian state, it doesn't matter what people think, since the government can control people by force using a bludgeon. But when you can't control people by force, you have to control what people think, and the standard way to do this is via propaganda (manufacture of consent, creation of necessary illusions), marginalizing the general public or reducing them to apathy of some fashion." - Noam Chomsky

And this is exactly what the mainstream misleadia does!

Being patriotic today is difficult. To believe in what so many American's died to provide for us has somehow become distasteful, bordering on evil for some. Yet, those who participated in the revolutionary war, suffering the hardships, sacrificing their property, their families, and in many cases their lives, did so to give us freedom. So why has preserving our freedom become an evil thing to do. Our Constitution is the protection of our freedom and so why is it that those of us who speak out for our Constitution are viewed as radicals or un-desirables? Have we become a people who no longer know how to be free? Does the thought of freedom scare the hell out of us? So much so that we must shout down anyone who openly remembers the tenants of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights? To speak openly about the character of government and politicians as both now exist often makes a target of the speaker. So be it...

"It's the primary function of the mass media in the United States to mobilize public support for the special interests that dominate the government and the private sector." - Noam Chomsky

Most of us know that SOMETHING is WRONG in America. Those of us over 40 and awake have seen a gradual decline in our society accompanied with a gradual loss of our freedoms and an ever encroaching government into our personal and private lives. I have heard it said that the government always operates lawfully or in accordance with law. Well, to this I would assert that fraud and deceit, when used to take people's property, take children from their parents, undermine a parent's ability to raise their child as they see fit, imprison Americans when there is NO INJURED PARTY, turn the sovereignty of this country over to FOREIGN INTERESTS, and to create an ECONOMIC TRAP through the use of PRIVATE COMMERCIAL PAPER (Federal Reserve Notes - which is not money as that term is defined in Black's Law Dictionary- sixth edition) to indenture and enslave the American people in a way that scarcely one in a thousand can perceive, then this is not only operating unlawfully, it is a FELONY and a TREASON.

"Each progressive spirit is opposed by a thousand mediocre minds, appointed to guard the past." - Maurice Maeterlinck

This page is about the ongoing erosion of our freedom, how we are losing it and some of the reasons why. The primary defense the American people have, to stop this loss of freedom, is knowledge. Forces that are most difficult to see, and that we may not want to believe exist, do in fact threaten us. Unfortunately, our public school education leaves most of us without the desire to know, or the tools to learn... the desire and ability to read. Yet, the more people who know what is transpiring, the safer we all become. The information that you may download from this web-page brings a scattering of knowledge from many sources together in one web site. There are many things to be learned here. As you learn more you will see more.

"Contempt, prior to complete investigation, enslaves men to ignorance." - Dr. John Whitman Ray

The original purpose of creating the web site was to post a book I wrote. Its title is Perceptions. Its name is drawn from the method by which the American public has been psychologically profiled. In effect, we see exactly what we are taught (profiled) to see and that of which we have virtually no knowledge, goes mostly un-noticed. It is worse than that. When someone does see that they are being unlawfully fleeced by government and takes a stand, we un-educated Americans sit on juries and rubber stamp the unlawful behavior of government, causing severe injury to our fellow man through an uninformed guilty verdict. Our world, our reality exist within our thoughts. So, in a very true sense, to control our perceptions is the control of our reality. And unfortunately, our government, with the knowing help of the media, have became masters in this arena.


The California Legislature is, at this time (June 2016), attacking the Second Amendment as are many State Legislatures and the Federal Leadership. The arguments of shall not be infringed have been made many times, without Leadership supporting this Constitutionally listed RIGHT, not privilege! Here is my thought...

Many of you reading this are former members of the military. Do you remember your oath when you joined the military? The Oath where you said you would protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. How do you propose to fulfill this oath when you are unarmed or blocked from owning the arms necessary for such protection? The Government, and/or its Leadership, cannot obligate you under OATH and then block you from fulfilling that oath at a later time!

A primary example of this is our perception of law. Our police, although somewhat well versed in corporate law, have little understanding of the law of the Republic. In a critical view we will see that many police despise the law of the Republic for it takes power away from them and empowers those whom they are attempting to dominate. The creation of corporate government has allowed that corporate government to operate un-constitutionally... that is unlawfully. It is our Perception that anything that is sanctioned by law is also legitimate, but in corporate law, it is quite often the exact opposite. But, by controlling our Perception of the law, they control our beliefs in this arena.

"All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third it is accepted as self evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer

The web site has now grown some distance beyond my book and there are now many other fine documents here to read. Of course, I hope that in reading the other documentation available here, you will still find time to read Perceptions.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

In reading PERCEPTIONS many of you will learn that law of the Republic can not compel a specific performance. Law of the Republic can not compel you to have a drivers license to travel in your car, can not compel you to have registration and license plates to travel in your car, can not compel you to obtain a license to engage in a business, can not compel you to get a license to marry, can not compel you to register for the draft. In order to compel these specific requirements corporate government needs a contract. However, through their control of our public education, government has made certain that we are not fully educated and informed on these matters.

"politics. Organized violence & deception" - Marc Stevens

Providing an example of the control exercised over public education. The original citizen of the Republic is the State Citizen. United States citizenship was put forth for the first time in the 14th amendment and this citizenship status rests in the District of Columbia... Washington D. C. That jurisdiction is outside the Republic, it is exclusive not inclusive. In a simple example, we are not subject to the income tax laws of France because we are not French citizens and part of that jurisdiction. The income tax laws used throughout the United States are laws of the jurisdiction of the District of Columbia, not of the Republic. Consequently, to have the authority to apply these income tax laws to we Americans, it would be necessary for us to be citizens of the District of Columbia. Because United States citizenship rests in the District of Columbia, and because when we joined Social Security we checked the box that indicated we were citizens of the United States and then signed that document under penalty of perjury, making ourselves subject to the laws of that jurisdiction by contract. Not much different than joining the military. And we will remain subject to these corporate laws until we conclude our contract and return our status back to purely and only citizen of the Republic of these united States (not the United States). The term "united" is not capitalized because it is an adjective, not part of a formal name. You may also notice the term "these", the correct usage for several states united as opposed to the singular reference, "THE UNITED STATES", which would refer to the corporate United States. With our citizenship resting in the jurisdiction of the District of Columbia, we would be subject to the tax laws of that jurisdiction (I bold and italicize the term District because that is how the Constitution refers to this jurisdiction). Americans who hold only State citizenship would not be subject to those tax laws, no different than they are not subject to the tax laws of France and for the same reason. They have no attachment to either jurisdiction. There is much to learn about this corporate structure, State, County and City, all of which gain their existence in the laws of the District of Columbia. So, would a person who holds only State citizenship be subject to the corporate laws of the corporate States, Counties and City's? Well, you are going to have to do your research here to find out. But this paragraph should be enough to intrigue you to dig further.

What product or service should be provided through force and violence, or at the end of a gun barrel? If you support the concept that force or violence or a gun is appropriate to compel anyone to accept a product or service, then you open the door to have the same force, violence and gun used against your children to force them to accept a product or service. Remember this when you sit on a jury.

You may now note that because we are not fully educated and informed, we have unknownly and unwittingly entered into one or more contracts with government. These contracts place some of us in their corporate jurisdiction. Even those who have no contracts with government, may have action taken against them by Police Officers and other government agents who have not a clue about these matters. If the individual under attack lacks the knowledge and education to contest and dispute corporate rules (read corporate laws), and lacks the ability to properly communicate with the goverment agency pursuing them, and has little or no understanding how to defend themselves in court, then the government is probably going to proceed against the individual as though they have jurisdiction to do so, even when they may not. Law is adversarial, if you do not stand up to claim your rights, and do so in substance, then you have no rights. The contracts we enter with corporate government give the corporate government extraordinary powers over our lives, but as you can see in the previous paragraph, the control is established through fraud and deception. Therefore is it valid?

"If you want to understand how a particular society works, you have to understand who makes the decisions that determine the way a society functions. In the U.S., the major decisions over what happens in a society (investment, production, distribution, etc.) are in the hands of a relatively concentrated network of major corporations, conglomerates, and investment firms. They're also the ones who staff the major executive positions in the government, and they're the ones who own the media, and are the ones who are in the position to make decisions. They have an overwhelmingly dominant role in the way life happens, what's done in this society." - Noam Chomsky

Challenge the jurisdiction... How, When & Where did government gain jurisdiction over your life? Other than violence, how do they gain control of your life? The Declaration of Independence says, "That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed..." Do you remember giving your consent to be enslaved and controlled in every aspect of your life? I certainly do not. The words in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are important because they are foundational law. That is to say, it precedes all other law and comes before it. That is why the CONTRACT is so necessary, or lacking a contract, government will settle for ignorant people who know not how to challenge the jurisdiction or secure the rights set forth in these founding documents.

"War is a serious business, and in a totalitarian society, the dictator simply says 'we're going to war' and he marches. In a democratic society, the theory is that if the political leadership is committed to war, they present reasons. The role of the media at that point is to present the relevant background, ...and to offer a forum of debate. That never happened. 99.9% of the discussion excluded the option of a peaceful settlement." - Noam Chomsky, on the media during the period of time leading up to the Persian Gulf War

It would seem reasonable that parents who are both knowledgeable about citizenship and actually care about their children, do not allow assignment of a Social Security number to their new born child. Nor do they allow a government issued birth certification to be created and then registered with the Bureau of Vital Statistics, placing the child into international commerce. The parents will settle for a hospital issued birth certificate or simply enter the birth into the family bible (a valid recording of a birth under the laws of the Republic). They also know that, if they themselves, are in the corporate jurisdiction, they can not claim this free born child on their income taxes. Corporate government only allows you to claim that for which it (corporate government) has responsibility.

"These are not just academic exercises. We're not analyzing the media on Mars, or in the 18th century, or something like that. We're dealing with real human beings who are suffering and dying and being tortured and starving, because of policies that we are involved in – we as citizens of democratic societies are directly involved in and responsible for. And what the media are doing is ensuring that we do not act on our responsibilities, and that the interests of power are served, not the interests of suffering people and not the needs of the American people who would be horrified if they realized the blood that's dripping from their hands because of the way they're allowing themselves to be deluded and manipulated by the system." - Noam Chomsky

When a parent acquires a Social Security number for their child it is tacit admission that this parent can not be responsible for the child. In effect, the acquisition of the Social Security number makes the government responsible for the child and once they (government) accepts that responsibility, government feels empowered (properly so) to make decisions on behalf of their responsibility to limit their liability. This is why government can take the child from its parents. In effect the government has become the parent, and the parents have become the baby sitter. And the government parent will allow the baby sitter to keep the child so long as the baby sitter does everything demanded by the government parent. And so, if someone who reads this is having custody problems with government, it is because you have determined that you can not be responsible for the child and have entered into a contract to absolve yourself of responsibility of the child. That contractual nexus is the source of your abuse and if that be your choice, you probably should have the abuse. It is only when you can be responsible for yourself and your children, and do not contract that you have the status necessary to end the abuse. Then all you need is the knowledge. If I sound a little heartless allow me to say, "I don't hold a candle to government and our legal system."

"My work is not directed to intellectuals, but to what are called 'ordinary people.' And in fact what I expect from them is exactly what they are, that they should understand the world and act according to their decent impulses. And that they should try to improve the world." - Noam Chomsky

The ignorance of the American public is a reflection of the performance of our public school system. In defense of the teachers and school administrators, most of them are educated in the same public school system as the rest of us and so their lack of knowledge might be excused on that basis. What is not excusable is when these teachers and school administrators have the opportunity to know the truth and they choose not to know. This is not excusable. Teachers, by virtue of their profession, should be the first to seek the truth, setting the example for the student. Then, once knowing the truth, they should begin teaching it. Because they have not done this is one of the primary reasons that America is in decline.

"The mark of a stupid man is not that he does not know, it is that he does not want to know." - Michael H. Keehn

Which also points out why truly private education comes under attack. There was a time in America when we parents got together and hired a teacher to educate our children. The teacher, answerable to we parents, provided a generally good education in their one room schools, where older and more advanced students provided instruction to the younger and less advanced. By being involved in teaching younger students, older students became even more educated and knowledgeable. But in a system like this, one that is not sanctioned by government license or government funding, there is formed a block that prevents corporate government from controlling the outcome of the process.

"I'm helping people develop intellectual self-defense... I don't mean go to school, because you're not going to get it there... It means that you have to develop an independent mind, and work on it. That's extremely hard to do alone... The beauty of our system is that it isolates everybody. Each person is sitting alone in front of the tube. It's very hard to have ideas or thoughts under those circumstances. You can't fight the world alone. Some people can, but it's pretty rare. The way to do it is through organization." - Noam Chomsky

Undoubtedly one of the most detrimental changes to happen to the American landscape was the take over of education by government and forced schooling. Ever wonder why children behave as they do? Have you gave consideration to the fact that when they are in school they are in a prison, and just like a prisoner they don't have a choice? What is now needed is a return to the previous system of private education or at least a system not controlled or sanctioned by government. If someone in your community were to start a private school, not sanctioned or funded by government, you would be well advised to investigate and consider enrolling your children. Knowing ahead of time that the press and public schools will do everything in their power to discredit such a school.

"Modern industrial civilization has developed within a certain system of convenient myths. The driving force of our industrial civilization has been individual material gain, which is accepted as legitimate, even praiseworthy on the grounds that private vices yield public benefits, in the classic formulation. Now it's long been understood, very well, that a society that is based on this principle will destroy itself in time. It can only persist with whatever suffering and injustice it entails, as long as it's possible to pretend that the destructive forces that humans create are limited, that the world is an infinite resource, and that the world is an infinite garbage can." - Noam Chomsky

Some people are so frightened by what is being presented here that is likely they will not want to know anything about it. When such an individual is presented with the potentials asserted in the paragraphs above, a frightened individual is likely to say to himself (and perhaps to others), "WHAT A BUNCH OF B-S", while at the same time putting on an indignant, macho, fearless facade. And so these individuals pave the way to remain ignorant, avoid responsibility, and perhaps provide a catalyst for others to remain just as ignorant and uninformed. I suspect that it will primarily be those who can think of someone beside themselves who will wish to know more. Who will take the time to truly educate themselves. But this is as it has always been. We never see the selfish sticking out their necks for anyone, do we educators?

"At this stage of history, either one of two things is possible: either the general population will take control of its own destiny and will concern itself with community interests, guided by values of solidarity, and sympathy and concern for others; or alternatively, there will be no destiny for anyone to control." - Noam Chomsky

The research and effort that was required to write the book "PERCEPTIONS" was not done to make a profit nor because I did not have anything else to do. The current version of "PERCEPTIONS" is my 28th re-write of this document. It began as a simple presentation of some basic information of only a few pages. But as knowledge was acquired and understandings gained, I felt compelled to include them in the book. And so there have been many re-writes and a growth in the size of the book. It branches into many areas and provides some basic understanding of several subjects. It is intended to empower the reader and also to indicate some of the responsibilities we have as citizens. In the end, all we have to protect us and our loved ones is each other. And I would feel much better if an informed individual sat in judgement of me rather than a person whose only understandings come from public schools and government controlled media (read newspapers and magazines).

"Those who benefit from any societal mechanism rarely wish to understand that mechanism, especially if it appears to grant them authority over their fellow man and understanding that mechanism would limit, diminish, or remove that apparent power of control or authority. They simply do not want to know, because it is far easier to ignorantly control others than it is to wisely control yourself." - Robert Arthur Menard.

The reason I have committed so much time and energy to this endeavor is because I have a concern. A concern that goes beyond me, goes beyond my friends, goes beyond my family. My concern is that those who control our elected officials and the federal government, its policies, its laws and its policing actions, are determined to push the American people into an armed confrontation. Bonner's Ferry Idaho and WACO, Texas are only extreme examples of this behavior by government and because the main stream media has not properly nor accurately presented these events to the American people, we remain mostly ignorant of what occurred.

"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." - J. Edgar Hoover (First head of the FBI)

But these events are played out on lesser scales (meaning fewer people are killed and/or maimed in any one incident) in towns and cities all over America. And although not as many are killed in any one incident there are so many more people murdered in quantities of one, that Waco pales by comparison. All committed, sanctioned and covered up by various levels of government. In so many ways, increasing numbers of our police are brutal thugs who use un-necessary physical violence against those in custody. For those interested in the psychology of custody and control, the Stanford Prison Experiment may be of interest:

"Socialism is just feudalism with a bad health plan" - Michael C. Keehn

Should those who control our government be successful in pushing the American people into an armed confrontation and prevail, which is a possibility due to their superior armament, the general sheep like nature of the majority of our population, and the poor education of our military and police, then we will be a conquered people no different than we were when we were subjects of the King of England. It is likely that the Constitution, our protection from government, will no longer exist once they have conquered us. Yet, they are continually finding ways to set aside the protections the constitution provides. This occurring with the assistance of uneducated or uncaring police, judges and teachers, the people we would normally depend upon to instruct and defend us. But the setting aside process can only continue so long as we remain ignorant. We cannot be stupid and free at the same time.

Because of my research I know that any power or authority that the government claims to have and exercises, is one that has been conferred upon it by we the people. This concept, no longer taught in American schools, is the foundation of our Representative Republic. It is important for many reasons. As in the case of a young wife and mother, standing in the doorway of her home, holding her ten-month-old infant, unarmed, has not threatened anyone, represents a threat to no one, has harmed no one - although I may have the power, I certainly do not have the lawful authority to target this young mother with a .308 caliber model 700 sniper's rifle and shoot her in the face. The bullet ripping away her lower jaw and severing her carotid artery bathing her ten month old infant in her blood as she falls to the floor of her home. Her screams lasting about 15 seconds before she was gone. This event, played out by agent Lon Horiuchi of the United States Government, occurred at Bonner's Ferry, Idaho. Because I have no such authority, I can not confer such an authority upon government or its agents. Therefore, when government agents kill people, as was done at Ruby Ridge and Waco, Texas, they are doing so outside any authority that could have been conferred upon them by we the people. Which, to me, means that they are acting outside the law. And as we have seen, government protects its lawless agents from criminal prosecution when they are acting on unlawful directives from government. Whenever government agents take action they are doing so in my name (and yours), and I (along with you) have a responsibility to act. One individual can not solve this problem, but thousands of us acting under increased knowledge can begin to make a difference as we sit on juries, as we bring up issues for discussion at city council meetings and any other such political forum, all the way to the presidency. Rather than let politicians determine the issues for elected office, we can determine the issues and ask their position. We can make a difference when we write a letter to the editor of our local news paper. We can make a difference when we sit on a local, state or national law making body. We will make a difference when we discuss issues with associates in clubs and other action groups. Knowledge is truly power and the more people that understand the issues, the safer we all become. Ignorant people are a danger to freedom. Therefore, if you are truly interested in being free, all it takes is for you to spend a little effort acquiring knowledge and understanding, and start accepting the responsibilities that freedom requires.

"I want the Record to show, Mr. Director, that the U.S. Marshals no longer take the oath prescribed under 5 USCA 3331 and are not officers of the United States. [Hedrick v. U.S.] The fact is that these U.S. Marshals, according to the U. S. Government Manual, under Department of Justice, are members of the International Criminal Police Organization INTERPOL), headquartered in France." - Sui Juris, Pardon me but... #5, Authored by Nord Davis

When government agents shot and killed Vicki Weaver, they would say that they were acting in your name and protecting you. I guess that murder is supposed to be OK if it was committed in our name. It's not a very comforting thought for me, that such killing is done in my name. This may someday be a friend or loved family member, but it really does not matter if its just another fellow American. I do not want it done in my name. Do you and I have a responsibility here? Yes we do and we should not avoid it. If I wish to end the murder and killing throughout this world, that is being done in my name, and I wish to see America reclaim its honor and ethics, and avoid what will ultimately become an armed confrontation between the American people, and its out of control government, what are my options?

“ ‘Necessity’ is the plea for every infringement of human liberty; it is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” - William Pitt

The killing that is taking place is just an extension of our loss of liberty and freedom. Instead of being protected, we are preyed upon. Therefore, I believe the key to ending this situation is to take the steps to restore our freedom and liberty. In doing this, we will become good citizens who hold their government, and its agents, accountable for their actions. This will become a reality with increased knowledge of the American public at large. If Americans have some basic understandings of what is occurring then we can then began to examine why it is occurring. When we understand why it is occurring, then we can take steps, small as they might be, to end the reasons that our freedom is being lost and government is acting without accountability. As knowledge becomes more widespread, more minds come into play on the problems we face. Some of you may remember the movie titled "THE TEN COMMANDMENTS", staring Charlton Heston. In the beginning the Egyptian slaves (the Israelites) were moving a huge stone for a pyramid. One slave can not begin to move such a huge stone, but thousands of them working together can. And so it is with this type of problem. One person working alone can not correct the problems with government, but when thousands of us begin to pull just a little, we will begin to accomplish our task.

"Knowing that the goal of Government Leadership is to enslave the American people, it follows that anything they want me to believe is probably detrimental to the freedom and lives of myself and my family." - Michael H. Keehn

With this knowledge we can begin to assert and claim our rights. We can participate in our adversarial legal process and contest or dispute government's control over virtually every aspect of our lives. Our rights are guaranteed in our Constitution and founding documents. Rights that many American's died to provide. Has our public schools taught us of the sacrifices the founders of this country made?

"Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment nothing can fail. Without it nothing can succeed. He who molds opinion is greater than he who enacts laws." - Abraham Lincoln

Have we learned or given any thought to what they endured and what they lost, to provide us with the freedoms we squander? Not really! To do so would provide an attachment and obligation to their efforts and sacrifices. So we are taught very little, mostly just a sanitized examination so that the school system can pretend that it has covered this subject.


I don’t care about the color of your skin, your gender, your politics, or your religion. If you support raising taxes, violating rights, bypassing the Constitution, or disarming people, I WILL RESIST YOU! Obedience is not patriotism. Patriotism is love of your country, NOT YOUR GOVERNMENT."


Is it generally known among the American people, the difference between "civil rights" and "unalienable rights?" Do most Americans know what their rights are and how to assert them? No, of course not, thank you public education. But with a little effort we can find out. As Sean Connery recently put it, "I got my big break when I was 5 years old... I learned how to read! It's that simple and it's that profound." And so those of us who have had a similar break can begin to expand our knowledge. With knowledge we can began to assert our rights. With knowledge we can help others who are attempting to assert their rights. We can support people who are better equipped by virtue of their education, training and position to end the criminal behavior of government. And believe me, there are those people, both inside and outside of government, who are working on this problem.

We have many tools to deal with a criminal government. By far, our most powerful tool is knowledge. With knowledge we can take a stand, contest and dispute the actions of government that take our productivity and lives from us. We will know how to communicate with any agency attempting to control us against our will. In those communications (generally written and sent certified mail) we will know how to begin making our case. We will know how to educate a jury if taken to trial.

As individuals, one of our most powerful tools is to serve on a jury. As a jury member with knowledge we can vote NOT GUILTY when there is no injured party, rather than just rubber stamp the government's assertions.

To better understand this, we need to know the definition of a "legal fiction". A "legal fiction" is something (or someone) that exists because of the mind of man. For example, 'time'. Time is a creation of mans mind, therefore it is a "legal fiction". A corporation, a creation of mans mind and an artificial person in court, as such it is also a "fiction". No real human being should be harmed to satisfy the controlling lust of a corporate fiction, intent on benefitting itself at the expense of everyone else.

For example when our fellow American stands before us facing a term in prison because he (or she) failed to fill out, sign and file a piece of paper that corporate government calls a '1040 FORM', we might be able to see that no one is injured by this action (no injured party) and vote NOT GUILTY and set this person free instead of rubber stamping the unlawful behavior of government. But "it's the law" you say? Yes, but it is one of those corporate laws applied by contract. A contract that was obtained through fraud and deception. Remember, the unjustified injury you cause to others ultimately becomes an injury to your children by virtue of taking from them, what you have sanctioned taking from others. Now, if there is a true injury to another human being, then there is some accountability and punishment due.

The government is able to enter into contracts with the American people through their control of our education processes. How many Americans, do you suppose, knew that their participation in Social Security was a binding contract? Were you old enough to contract with Social Security when the contract was made? Was there full disclosure? Did you know you would become subject to a corporate body of law? If not, the contract was acquired through fraud and deceit. To get on a jury we will, of course, have to lie. They certainly do not want anyone on a jury that knows right & wrong, the law or their game. But once again, all we have to protect us from the unlawful behavior of government is each other. So serving on a jury is certainly one of the most important tasks of citizenship.

The Problem & the Challenge:
But the biggest problem by far, is that good people do nothing. They don't read it or they don't absorb its meaning, and they don't pass it on with their own encouraging words so that friends and relatives will read it. In the words of Jean Francois Revel, in his book "the flight from truth"

"My principle aim has been to determine the reason people so often neglect the factual information available to them and prefer to base their conceptions and indeed their actions on false information, even though it is often against their best interest to do so." - Jean Francois Revel, from his book The Flight from Truth.

If the general apathy of the American people continues, I believe that many young men, and now women and children (witness WACO) are going to die. They will die because apathy and ignorance will allow this to happen. American's want to believe they are a good people, and they are good people who generally don't want to read anything that is not funny or entertaining. Good people who don't want to accept the responsibility of good citizenship. Good people who want to live in their fantasy 'la la land' and certainly have no intention of recognizing that 'la la land' is not what it appears. Good people, who it seems, can only think of themselves. Well, we know this isn't true about you, otherwise you would not have read this far. A good friend has suggested that people are apathetic because people don't want to leave their comfort zone. I do not like to think that we are that immature as a people, but he may be right. If we are unwilling to leave our comfort zone we may someday find ourselves overcome by inescapable danger.

There are patriotic people out there just like me and the numbers are growing. I've come across doctors, lawyers, business owners, and ordinary workers like myself who have done their research and are knowledgeable. And just like me they are frustrated because for the most part, friends and family don't take them seriously, don't take any time to talk with them and hear what they have to share and to say, or just want to write them off as a kook. Therefore, may we ask the question: "When your life and its way are being threatened, and when the lives of those you purport to love are threatened in the same manner, and you don't want to know about it - who is the kook? "


“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and promoted by mainstream media, which holds forth the
proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

Attributed to a Texas A&M Student

How many people are going to ultimately pay the price for our apathy. How many have already died or are imprisoned because we don't want to be responsible, because we don't want to educate ourselves? How many have died world wide because of our phony baloney invasions that we engineer as a means of taking over the resources of another country? How many more will die because we don't want to pass information on to friends and family and help them become educated. In the end, it might be you.

I'm certain that the people who lived at Mt. Carmel, going about the business of conducting ordinary lives, raising their children, trying to live by their beliefs in God (not my beliefs in God), trying to provide for themselves and their families, felt just as you do today. That they have no worry and will not become targets of a federal agency and ultimately become shot, tormented, tortured and finally incinerated.

After the events of Waco, some American's said, "They got what they deserved!" Did they? Prior to being attacked, who had they harmed? No one, that's who. The FBI and government agents told us all that they were concerned about the children, and yet these same government agents killed 22 children. Are we awake enough to see some sort of inconsistency here, a dichotomy? Some people I have spoke with don't want to accept this fact (I suppose they would have to leave their comfort zone or they may not be able to feel good about themselves if they do). And, as far as I'm concerned, they shouldn't feel good about themselves... none of us should. I don't. Greater security comes with knowledge, not denial.



dogbert wisdom
Dogbert Wisdom

This web page, the time it takes, the energy it requires... are done for those I love and for my fellow American. Can you join me? Can you help by educating yourself and then others?

There is a great deal of understanding to be gained in reading the documentation available at this web site. Perceptions is presented in a manner that an average person can understand. Knowledge is the one thing that can not be taken from you. Your home, car, appliances, properties can all be repossessed, or like your bank account, may be confiscated. But your knowledge can be neither repossessed or confiscated. For young people there is a wealth of understanding that can help you plan your future and direction in life.

The thrust of Perceptions is to give some of you a new perspective. Hopefully, it will be one that you wish to share with others. I encourage others with informational web pages to review the documents here and if you feel that its content is in keeping with the foundations of your web site, feel free to include a link to this page.

November 2003: I have completed reading Trance Formation of America, available at http://www.trance-formation.com/. To our leadership, that is our congressmen and senators, I have this to say: It is clear from the reading of this book that you can not be trusted, period. Many of you have obviously known of this situation by virtue of participation and even if you have not participated directly, you have sanctioned the continuation of this criminal activity by virtue of your silence and refusal to do your job and see that justice is served. The very minimum you could have done is to inform the public. And, to my knowledge, not one of you have done so. For those Americans interested in the depth of our problems this book is a must. It deals with mind control of people who are not volunteers. This particular book deals with one lady who was rescued by a truly selfless man. Because of his knowledge he was able to help her recover her mind and memories. The mind control practiced on Kathy O'Brien was trauma based. The victim is subjected to a severe trauma, which causes the mind to compartmentalize... what we know as multiple personality disorder. The mind does this to deal with the trauma and still remain functional. Typically, these compartments are not able to communicate with each other. Kathy was used in a number of capacities. One of these capacities was that of message courier. It turns out that one of the offshoots of trauma based mind control, is a photographic memory. Kathy would be traumatized, then programmed with a message to be delivered to a foreign minister or dignitary. That individual was given a phrase to access that part of Kathy's mind which contained the message, and it would be delivered, verbatim, even with the same voice inflections as the person who programmed Kathy. In other capacities she was used as a prostitute, mostly by our sick government officials, but also by leaders and dignitary's of other countries. Important to notice is the fact that there has been no law suits of libel or slander filed in the several years that the book has been out. From this it is clear that those named in this book, and there are many, do not want this information testified to, under oath, in open court! As Americans and people who actually care about our country, we probably owe it to these people to read their story. In my case, after reading my initial copy, I purchased another $400.00 worth of additional copies and gave them to friends and libraries. We all need to do what we can.

by Naomi Wolf

This book details the steps necessary to destroy a free country (the united States of America). And that those steps are currently being taken in America today. Knowledge is truly power. Our lack of knowledge has caused us considerable harm. It is books such as these that allow us to understand our situation, and to share that knowledge with others. The more people who know and understand, the safer we all become. The idea is to implement peaceful change and restore our freedoms. Naomi is an excellent researcher and she has presented the material in a manner that most anyone can understand. I have purchased extra copies to give away and all I ask in return is that the person who receives this book, buy a copy and give it to someone else who will do the same. That is, read it, purchase a copy and pass it on to someone who will read it, purchase a copy and pass it on. I believe it is time that we stop accepting those who want the benefits of freedom, but remain unwilling to do anything to help maintain or restore freedom. We all need to to our part! See and hear Naomi speak at:



Calvin & Hobbs wisdom

Commentary on documents
you may download:

Most of the documents below are in .PDF format and may be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. The READER is a free download from the ADOBE web site. http://www.adobe.com/

THE 9-11 BIBLE: First posted October 5, 2017 & updated October 13, 2017: This is a collection of articles from some of the foremost researchers of the events of September 11, 2001. This collection is 783 pages of information generally not found in the Mainstream Misleadia, and deals directly with the Official Lies of 9-11 by providing factual information. It is intended to be a reference for those serious about comprehending the events of September 11, 2001. Why we need to know this information is because we, the United States, have started several wars and murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people while Leadership has acted to take away our Constitutional protections at the same time. Constitutional protections and rights were purchased with many American lives and should be remembered in that light.

Disciplining Inanimate Objects: Posted April 20, 2017: This is a document I have had stored on my computer for many years. I thought that its humor may well be refreshing given the serious nature of this web-page. So, it you would like a good laugh, feel free to partake.

Do Not Go To College: Posted March 23, 2017: Taken from one of Stefan Molyneux’s pod-casts. In short, Stefan informs the individual of what they will face in a decision to go to college. especially if that individual is WHITE. He makes the case that it is a waste of your time, and from my experience, he is correct and it was in the early 1970's that I was in college, long before it evolved into what it has became today. If you’re thinking about college, this document may well be of considerable benefit, or listen to his pod-cast, it is linked at the beginning of the document.

What Pisses Me Off About Western Civilization: Posted March 15, 2017. The source of this text construction is an online video by Stefan Molyneux by the same title and available for viewing on YouTube. Stefan is evidently having an exchange with a caller, but the caller only interrupts a couple of times, and it is brief, therefore, not much of a distraction. In this presentation, Stefan makes the case for the root cause of dysfunctional societies in general as they exist in Europe, but one can see the United States included as well. And what is taking place is monumentally dangerous to the ordinary, every-day people. For those who actually care about the future of their child or children, this presentation will probably be of great benefit.

The Devil’s Democracy - by Ken LaRive: Posted March 11, 2017. This construction has an opening heading of: “The Death Throes of the Progressive Democratic Establishment, & the Rebirth of Our Republic…” I’ve selected this document for inclusion on my web-page because I believe it has legs. That is, I think that it has long term value. It is well thought out, and its construction logic flows nicely. The author has selected his words carefully, and with great meaning. Overall, I believe that every paragraph, every line, should be given careful consideration. In the end, his words paint a picture of our potential future that I think is very accurate. I already suspect that if you are browsing my web-page, this document is for you. I have taken the liberty to highlight certain phrases to place additional emphasis.

You Created Us: Posted February 21, 2017: In this short document, the Author explains, in his view, how the cry-baby left created those who voted Trump into office. It's a good read.

Police Officer Jack McLamb speaks on NEW WORLD ORDER and other matters: Posted January 5, 2017. At the time of this audio recording, Officer McLamb was Arizona’s most decorated Police Officer. Long before his passing on January 11, 2014, Officer McLamb was interviewed by Bruce Sessions as a guest on the KPAY Live Line program out of Chico, California. He speaks on New World Order and other matters. What Officer McLamb has to say is still relevant today and is not a waste of time. This audio file is in .mp3 format, and its approximate size is 30.8 Mega-Bytes. It is probably best to right-click the link and perform a “Save As”, saving it to an appropriate folder.

First Lady Melania Trump: Posted November 29, 2016: This document is constructed by myself, based on an email I received on November 28, 2016. It is an introduction to the character of First Lady Melania Trump. To me, it appears that she places a very high value on being a wife and a mother which, in my opinion, are the two most important jobs in America today. I was born in the 1940's, and was fortunate enough to have a parent at home for a number of years, and I can tell you from experience that the benefit a child receives from that commitment is significant. With the financial resources available to Mrs. Trump she could easily afford a Nanny to care for her son, and be out shopping, gallivanting and partying full time, and she has instead chosen to remain at home and raise her son – which is the reason she was not seen on the campaign trail. And NO, I don’t think this introduction does her justice, but I do think you will see a different quality of First Lady than we have seen in years.

Who Really Controls the World: Posted November 9, 2016: The title says it all. This document is for those wanting to know the worst, which is generally the truth. I find it is always good to know who is controlling me... us. Who decides how much taxes I have to pay to continue living, how much my children and grandchildren are going to pay to continue living their lives. Who decides the degree of my economic enslavement. Who decides when WAR will be undertaken and whose bodies will be placed in the line of fire. Who decides when provocateurs are put in our ranks during protest rallies to do something violent so that the police have cause and reason to injure and perhaps kill us. I think it’s probably good to know these things, maybe you do as well.

Rigged Voting: Posted November 7, 2016: I have known that the voting in the United States was rigged since reading Votescam some years ago. But now I have had an opportunity to view a video regarding the rigging of elections using the electronic voting machines. This document provides the reader with a link to the same video I watched, and make some observations about the far reaching consequences of this criminal behavior. And the consequences are far reaching!

Responsibility: Posted November 4, 2016: Responsibility has finally been assigned... tongue in cheek.

Two Coups: Posted November 3, 2016: Two Coups in United States Government were recently reported on YouTube, and I think you should take this report seriously. And while I don’t normally have much to say on current events, I think this event warrants some review. The “Two Coups” document you may download here is actually some serious thinking regarding this event, and is written by the Staff of THE DAILY BELL. I believe that Americans will benefit in reading this article and so it is included here for that purpose.

What Is Insanity at Work? Posted July 2, 2017: A fresh look at society by Diane McGilvery.

Principles: Posted November 1, 2016: Principles come before law. Principles are the foundation on which law is based. Principles can be self serving, or they can be the type of principles on which the United States governments were founded, the type that benefit the American people. The author is very passionate about the subject, maybe because Government put this former Mayor in jail. They knew not the character of the mind with whom they were dealing. In reading this document, it is my opinion that you will find a mind with exceptional clarity of thought and analysis. Let me introduce Diane McGilvery. In her communications with me, she felt certain that someone could make use of this information in a courtroom setting. And she is probably right. The American people seem to have an ability to imagine how one might use solid information. It’s probably information that you should have available, if not for today, then for tomorrow.

Gun Violence: Posted October 8, 2016: Henson Ong, at a meeting related Gun Violence Prevention on January 28, 2013, makes a compelling argument in favor of the Second Amendment of the Constitution for the United States (the original Constitution).

Fluoride Free Bottled Water: Posted August 29, 2016: Fluoride is reported to be highly neurotoxic. Many of us believe that we have been escaping Fluoride by drinking bottled water. Turns out that those of who believe this have been misled. The Government Agency we know as the Environmental PROTECTION Agency (EPA), does not require bottled water companies to list Fluoride as an ingredient on their labels. Having just learned this myself, I thought that a listing of Bottled Water Companies who DO NOT ADD FLUORIDE to their water may be of benefit to many of us. The link above is to such a document, a list of companies who do not add fluoride to their bottled water. Should anyone find the list in error please inform me at: (mhkeehn@gmail.com) The source on this is:

Seventeen Inches: Posted August 11, 2016: In short, it is an inspirational document. Inspiration for what you say? Inspiration to be an honorable leader!

Anna von Reitz Collection: Posted August 14, 2016: This collection of documents, twenty-eight in all, are selected writings of Alaska State Judge Anna von Reitz. The documents were taken directly from her web page: [http://annavonreitz.com/]. These documents also appear in the Educational Binder below, however, the documents in this collection have been converted to a comfortable reading font with increased line spacing for easier reading. Judge Reitz outlines the criminality of United States Leadership in considerable detail. Want your freedom back? Want your rights back? Want your firearms rights back? Want your freedom of speech back? Want your children to be YOUR children and not the children of the corporate United States? Want your property back. Want your right to travel back? Then this collection of documents is for you.

Educational Binder: Posted July 25, 2016: This Educational Binder contains all the documents, to date (July 25, 2016), posted on the web-page of Alaska State Judge Anna von Reitz. This woman is not a Judge in the corporate STATE OF ALASKA, she is a Judge in the de-jure Alaska State. She has identified the criminal nature of Government Leadership in no uncertain terms, and has, in her writings, clearly listed the criminal actions of Leadership. For those who are complaining about their loss of freedom, especially the firearms owners, then its time to do your homework. For those who remember the loss of American lives in the name of FREEDOM, that has taken place from the Revolutionary War on through to today, and want that freedom back, this collection of writings is for you as well. These writings are for anyone wanting to be free. Join in, be part of the solution. In my opinion, you will not find a better source in one document than this Binder.

The Law: Posted July 9, 2016: This is a book I’ve had for many years, since at least the 1990's, and it has been very influential in the development of my view of Government Leadership. I refer to Leadership because “Government” itself is an elusive concept. The actions of Government, criminal or otherwise, are the actions of people and those people we refer to as Leadership. This short book goes into considerable detail about the perversion of law, and the source of rights from which UN-perverted Law comes. It is, in my view, a great book on the nature of Government, and the path it takes to tyrannical rule. Orators, or any ordinary individual wanting a solid foundation to get people to listen might do well to read this book.

U. S. Economic History that Ron Paul wants every American to Know: Posted September 13, 2015: Many Americans seem to sense that something is not quite right with the governance of the United States, but either they can't put a finger on it, or they don't know whose story to trust. This document may well be of help. Taken directly from the web, its name says it all. It has been edited, formatted, commented/annotated, and converted to Acrobat for ease of viewing and/or sharing with others. The reader may find the answers he is missing.

Public School Students Are the New Inmates in the American Police State, by Constitutional Attorney John Whitehead. Posted October 2, 2015. This topic and document is one that any parent interested in his children’s public education will want to read. The author covers the topic in straight- forward language that the average American can comprehend. The title is, I belive, all the introduction necessary.

My Dear Archbishop Annotated : My Dear Archbishop: Posted December 14, 2014: FIVE STARS - This extraordinary document is a fairly complete history of what has occurred in the United States that has led to the current criminal corruption being experienced at all levels of Government. For some readers, it may step on a sacred cow or two, but that is often necessary when exposing the truth. Ultimately, it is for the reader to decide for himself, or herself, whether the truth has been heard. Personally, I think the information in this document to be accurate and truthful. I noticed in reading it that the author used all the proper capitalization for the various entities and persons referenced, indicating a very profound legal/lawful knowledge. It would probably be very wise to pay attention to the capitalization forms used. It may also be of considerable benefit to first read Naming Conventions, a short, less than a page, document. To make the document more comfortable to read, I have pasted the text of the document into WordPerfect (my word-processor program of choice), converted the text to a very comfortable font and set 1.2 line spacing. This process makes for more pages, but they are much more comfortable to read and it is the same amount of text as the Source Document, <<< available here for reference. "My Dear Archbishop Annotated", added February 5, 2105, is essentially the same document as above, but contains numerous footnotes, text emphasis and extensive commentary for the less sophisticated reader who needs some additional information to help put the information into context.

The Myth of Benevolent Central Authroity: Posted May 7, 2015: Targeting the nature of centralized authority, this document reveals aspects of those who form centralize authority as well as taking a look at our-selves as human beings. It takes a look back into the history of mankind, and also reveals our future whether or not we are willing to see it ourselves. It is an eye-opener and excellent presentation!

Secrets of the Slave State -- PDF: Posted May 26, 2015: AND Secrets of the Slave State -- Power Point Show (Presentation): The text of this document has been taken from the audio track of the video by the same name. I have written about the topic of slavery numerous times, but it is difficult to convince the American people that they are a Slave due to the conditioning (psychological profiling) to which they are subjected. But Jerry Day has done, in my opinion, an excellent job of making the case in his video, linked here -- “Secrets of the Slave State -- YouTube Video”. I believe the content of the PDF document has the potential to be an opening statement that could be made in a jury trial when under attack by government. The Judge is not going to like this opening statement by the Defense and may try to block it. However, remember what Federal Judge, James Alger Fee had to say.

"The privilege against self-incrimination is neither accorded to the passive resistant, not to the person who is ignorant of his rights, nor to one who is indifferent thereto. It is a FIGHTING clause. Its benefits can be retained only by sustained COMBAT. It cannot be claimed by attorney or solicitor. It is valid only when insisted upon by a BELLIGERENT claimant in person. McAlister vs. Henkel, 201 U.S. 90, 26 S.Ct. 385, 50 L.Ed. 671; Commonwealth vs. Shaw, 4 Cush. 594, 50 Am.Dec. 813; Orum vs. State, 38 Ohio App. 171, 175 N.E. 876. The one who is persuaded by honeyed words or moral suasion to testify or produce documents rather than make a last ditch stand, simply loses the protection. . . . He must refuse to answer or produce, and test the matter in contempt proceedings, or by habeas corpus." – U.S. vs. JOHNSON (76 Fed, Supp. 538)

In short, this Judge is telling us that we must stand our ground. Be polite, let the Judge make his statement attempting to road block your opening statement. But remember, this is your trial, you don’t want to be here. Agents of the Judge's boss (the Government) have brought you here against your will. Therefore, stand your ground and make your opening statement. What is said in this document, “Secrets of the Slave State”, is very powerful, and legal argument can be built upon its words. A peaceful revolution is taking place, why not join in instead of obediently going to prison?

Naming Conventions: Posted December 12, 2012: We have a name, but how that name is presented in written form can change our status, often to a status that is to our detriment. This document presents different forms of a name, and the meaning that the form has. It is a short one page document.

Atlas Shrugged: Posted October 18, 2014: - Undoubtedly, the most profound book I’ve ever read. At one time, I had the book for years, and I never read it, eventually losing track of my copy. Perhaps giving it away. I find it very unfortunate that I did not read it earlier in life. Ayn Rand, its author, was born in Russia and lived during the Bolshevik revolution. Ayn watched her father's business, and other family properties, nationalized and taken over by government, thus she had a good view of the means by which property is stolen by what she calls the looters and we would call Leadership. Those of you who watched Dr. Zhivago have a sense of what Ayn lived through. Coming to the United States to live, Ayn studied our history and foundational principles. Her past experience with Russia allowed Ayn to see similar policies beginning to appear in American politics and government laws. Thus she began writing books which, in my view, celebrate freedom and establish mans most noble action as acting in his own self interest. Which, in her view, is being responsible for one's self and not being a burden on another man. The culmination of her philosophy is Atlas Shrugged. And in my opinion, it is a book for every American who want's to know and comprehend the nature of political leaders in the United States today! From the top of the Federal Government, to the City Councils of America, the mentality of leadership seldom varies and can be seen in Atlas Shrugged. I doubt that anyone with a brain who reads Atlas Shrugged will be disappointed.

Publically Traded for Profit Sampling: Posted August 28, 2015. Since the 1930's the whole of Government, every Office, Agency, Bureau, Department, COUNTY OF YOUNAME, STATE OF YOUNAMEIT, all sub-agencies, even the UNITED STATES, is publically traded for profit. The readers can, of course, perform an appropriate Dun and Bradstreet search and confirm this assertion. And while it would take a book to list all of Government, this Acrobat document provides a sampling of Government entities which are publically traded for profit. In this short listing you will find listed: 9th CIRCUIT COURT; UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT; FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT; BUTTE COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT; BUTTE COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION; CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND WILDLIFE; COUNTY OF ORANGE (Los Angeles); CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION; CITY OF OROVILLE, INC.; various CITY POLICE DEPARTMENTS; UNITED STATES CONGRESS; UNITED STATES SENATE; EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT; DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE; EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF UNITED STATES ATTORNEYS; OFFICE OF THE VICE PRESIDENT; CALIFORNIA SUPREME COURT; UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT; UNITED STATES. To be publically traded for profit means that all of Government has an obligation to an investor. This creates a conflict of interest. Let’s take Superior Court for example. The court has a fiduciary obligation to the administration of justice. But it also has an obligation to an investor. And the obligation to an investor trumps the fiduciary obligation every time. Convictions are packaged and sold on a Securities and Exchange. Government is in bankruptcy and fleecing the people, that is finding ways to commandeer the peoples productivity, is how Government continues to operate in bankruptcy. All brought to you by a Leadership who does not care about the people they are supposed to serve!

Union Dissolved: Posted November 29, 2012: This well written document presents some information on State's succession from the Union and its constitutionality. Walter Williams, the author of this writing, is the John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University, as well as a syndicated columnist and author.

Dam Right: Posted May 30, 2009: A little humor. We need more Americans with this type of back bone.

Shinola101: Posted March 10, 2014: For those wanting to know the in's and out's of their own status, as well as the nature of Government and its leadership, Shinola 101 for you. It contains the knowldege and information that explains our current status as individuals, and it clearly points out the criminal nature and behavior of leadership. In reading this document, Mary's Book Original, Mary's Book Restructured, and Accepted for Value will become more understandable. It goes the distance, and tells us the non-violent path to recovery, if we have the backbone to implement it. It would be difficult to overstate the importance of this document.

Congressman James Traficant address House of Representatives: Posted January 27, 2009: In this short document representative Traficant bravely outlines what has occurred to America and to the American people. If you would like America's business and economy failure explained in easy to follow language, this document is for you.

Accepted for value: Posted January 27, 2009: This document is for educational purposes and goes far beyond the short address by Congressman Traficant above. This is the nuts and bolts of how to conduct business in the commercial world that has been created and protect yourself in so doing. For those wishing to know more about the obligations created by the birth certificate, see Acrobat page 15 or document page 9. It is easy to place a rating on this one, it's a 10.

Maritime Law Secretely Imposed: Posted January 7, 2009: As the united States of America was founded, neither Admiralty nor Maritime law was to be upon the land. The phrase "law of the land" has a specific meaning. It's origin is English and has roots at least as far back as the Magna Carta. The "law of the land" is the common law. This is the law of the republic of the united States of America and is referred to as "law" as opposed to equity, Admiralty & Maritime. A reference to law in this document is most likely a reference to common law. Admiralty/Maritime law was not intended to be upon the land. One of the reasons that while the original constitution provided for a full time Navy to protect our borders, it provided that funding for an Army not exceed two years. Thus prevent Admiralty/Maritime law encroaching upon the land. The common law is a harsh, yet just body of law. For one thing, an injured party is a necessary element to an action. Under Admiralty/Maritime law, it is not necessary for anyone to be injured as a prelude to an action. Thus, there are now many people in prison who have not harmed anyone. This document exposes the fraud and deception that has allowed Admiralty/Maritime law to take over our country and create the largest, per capita, prison population the world has ever know, exceeding China, Russa, Germany in the past century.

Open letter from world scientists to all governments: Posted May 19, 2008: For many years now (since the early 1990's) I have been aware of the intent of the world elite to reduce this worlds population by whatever means is available. And although many have dismissed this assertion of knowledge, it is clearly set forth on the Georgia Guide Stones, which are massive granite stones with a message to the world, in no less than eight languages. The first goal set forth on these stones is the reduction of the worlds population to 500 million. Given today’s world population, this means that 9 out of 10 of us are going to be eradicated under this goal. That is 9 of 10 clerks, 9 of 10 truck drivers, 9 of 10 teachers, 9 of 10 police officers, 9 of 10 judges, 9 of 10 of everyone except the world’s elite. This open letter is 4 pages in length with 19 pages of support references and signatories to the letter, their titles and qualifications. The letter targets GM (Genetically Modified) food. It reveals the dangers of GM food to human health and cites the fact that genetically altered vegetation kills the pollinators (bees and others). It goes on to inform us that genetic altered vegetables leads to the evolution of new viral strains that will threaten mankind and be resistant or immune to antibiotics. This is not going to happen, it is happening! This document relates directly to your health and survival, and the health and survival of your children and other loved ones. Therefore, as much as we don’t want to, we all need to read this letter and understand its content.

Georgia Guide Stones
The religion of the Global Elite requires that they tell humanity
what they are going to do. Click the above link and find out
the plans they have for us.

Dr. John Coleman Audio File: Posted September 13, 2014: This link is to an MP3 audio file of around 45 Mega-Bytes. Back in the early 1990's, there was a talk-radio show on a local station, and the program often had interesting guests. The particular guest in this 1993 program is Dr. John Coleman, a former British Intelligence Agent. In his dialog, Dr. Coleman spoke of work being done by governments, his and ours, in the field of developing deadly biological forms that would bridge the animal-human gap. Given the current world outbreak of Ebola, I find that what he had to say is more interesting and valuable today than when I recorded it. I offer it here for your own personal analysis. Remember, it is a large file and so will take a little time to download, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

TranceFormation of America: Posted November 2, 2015: This document is a book written by Mind Control victim Kathy O'Brien, and her rescuer Mark Phillips. It goes a considerable distance in detailing how far the criminal Leadership and their minions have gone in the arena of mind control. It is a must read for the individual interested in the area of mind control or the area of criminal Leadership. This criminal activity continues today.

The Matrix Deciphered - Edited Version: The Matrix Deciphered Original Posted July 20, 2014: In short, this document describes, in detail, the methods of wireless mind control, by a very educated man who alleges to have been the victim of the technical methods he describes within this document. The torture can be very painful, and the technology has the ability to remotely assassinate the target. According to the author, has been done many times. The technology allows the reading, and recording of the target’s mind. It also allows for the creation of a hive mind as well as a Manchurian candidate. Now, if all of this is true and correct, it would explain a lot of things. For example, the Columbine High School shooting, the Sandy Hook school shooting, the Aurora Theater shooting, the Navy Yard shooting, and other similar events.

The reason I have edited and posted this questionable document to my website is because it may be the truth, and if it is, it has the potential to help those suffering from the torture identified within, plus, it identifies an unimaginable treason. If this technology is operational, it means that the whole of the political and justice system is being controlled. Knowledge of this information, if true, would also have the potential to help us all, should we actually encounter someone being so tortured, or should the torture suddenly begin upon us. According to the author, Robert Duncan, targets may be specifically selected because of some secret government knowledge they carry, or they be a random target so that plausible deniability can be claimed. So, there is nothing wrong with being wary, but you may instead, be enlightened... who knows? Perhaps it is just another version of the Chrysler Turbo Encabulator, but maybe not! Therefore, whether it is truth or not will be for the reader to decide.

The nature of Leadership of the United States is generally that of a group of people who are dangersous and treacherous beyond belief. And in this short introduction to the document linked above, I'm not going to provide the details that will positively establish this fact, it is sufficieint only to state it for the moment. The document linked here, if truthful and accurate, is going to provide the reader with backgound knowledge of what Leadership has been engaged in doing to the people of the United States as well as other countries. Be prepared for a bumpy ride, but certainly one of the most informative trips you will likely ever take. Buckle up, click the link, and be prepared to be informed!

Note: Within the document there is a reference to visit the link www.TheMatrixDeciphered.com, that I found to be wholly unrelated to this document, one of the reasons I remain uncertain as to what to think. A Google search turned up the link below, which seems to be relevant. The references made in the document might be found at this link, I do not know for certain. You will have to explore for yourself. There is also an on-line book at this link by the same name, The Maxtrix Deciphered, similar, though not the same as this document. Here is the link: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_matrix57.htm

What If: Posted March 5, 2009. A short document (less than 2 pages) that poses a series of questions which we American's need to consider. That we discontinue believing the misinformation we are fed is long overdue. If we don't know the answers to these questions, then we need to pursue getting an answer.

The Financial Crisis: Posted April 17, 2009: This analysis provides a detailed explanation of the events that have led up the current financial melt-down throughout the world. Authored by Bruce Wiseman, the writing style is personable and easy to follow with a hint of sarcasm and wit. It is an enjoyable read, with some wisdom for the reader.

Crabby Old Man: Posted May 4, 2015: This poem reached out to me and in its words I see myself. Perhaps it will reach out to you.

An Extract of text from Craby Old Man - - -
Dark days are upon me . . . . my wife is now dead.
I look at the future . . . . . . shudder with dread.
For my young are all rearing . . . . . . young of their own.
And I think of the years, . . . and the love that I've known.

I'm now an old man . . . . . and nature is cruel.
Tis jest to make old age . . . . look like a fool.
The body, it crumbles . . . . grace and vigor, depart.
There is now a stone . . . . where I once had a heart.

But inside this old carcass . . . . . . a young guy still dwells,
And now and again . . . . . my battered heart swells.
I remember the joys . . . . . I remember the pain.
And I'm loving and living . . . . . . life over again.

Charly Gordon: Posted March 30, 2008: Less than 2 minutes to read, this is a short excerpt of dialog from the movie CHARLY, staring Cliff Robertson. It is thought provoking and worthy of consideration.

An Educational Letter: Posted July 1, 2007: This letter is written by a Canadian and although it is addressed TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, it is clear that it is targeted for government officials and agencies. It is posted here because it has merit and use in the American legal landscape, remembering that the Constitution mandates a Republican form of government and that the law of the Republic is the common law. It hinges strongly on the "Rule of Law" which states in part, that conflict is avoidable, unnecessary and undesirable and that when it raises its head we are to deal with it using discussion, negotiation and then if necessary, adjudication in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Rule of Law: Posted July 1, 2007: Updated January 20, 2014: Support information for the letter above and is the same link as in the above text. The "Rule Of Law" is foundational to the system of government here in America and should be taught in the American school system and understood by all Americans.

An Enormous Crime: Posted June 2, 2007: In the earlier days of this web site, I had reservations about how strongly I suggested that government has become criminal. But now, over 10 years later, I suspect that a large segment, if not a majority, of the American people have began to realize that government has become criminal, although they probably have varying degrees of this understanding. This short write up, less than two pages, covers the topic of An Enormous Crime committed and covered up by government officials of the highest level. The write up is a synopsis of a book now available and I leave it to the reader to determine its merit.

Iran: Posted April 4, 2007: Restructured January 22, 2009: This document is not getting the attention it deserves. The Global Elite's plans for Iran, are the plans for the entire world and it would be prudent of us to review and understand these plans, for they are being implemented here in the United States, as well as many other countries in the world. The threat that Iran poses to the New World Order Banking Elite is very high. We, of course, are being psychologically profiled to hate Iran and all that it stands for, but maybe we should be cheering them on. Take the time to read this document and see the plan(s) for you, your children and your grandchildren, and see if you like those plans. Author Ellen Brown.

Where's The Gold? Posted November 25, 2006: I received this document as an e-mail, without the author noted, but it is a document worthy of sharing. It is short and very informative. I have made some commentary at the beginning so as to make it more understandable to less informed reader and I have also made some minor edits. The document essentially informs the reader that the money and other earnings transferred to government are done so as a gift that you voluntarily make. The trick is to quit volunteering. This author, like many, have knowledge to share and have taken the time so share that knowledge, and in this case without credit. Thank you.

Signing Without Liability: Posted November 22, 2006: Those of us who have been studying the methods of government for some time are aware of the strawman issue. Those who are not, it is simply this... the creation of a strawman (a fiction) to whom the individual (real human being) can be held liable for. The goal is not to be liable for this fictional character who was created by government as a means of defrauding us of our hard earned money. And that is what this document is about, how to be free of liability of our strawman. For those who need a little more understanding, I have included a primer, written by myself, that should provide a foundational basis needed to understand the document. Those with a fair understanding may skip the primer and go straight to the document. This document makes reference to filling a Uniform Commercial Code Financing Statement. To access a U.C.C. Financing Statement (UCC1), click the blue link. The reader may also wish to read "Accepted for value".

Tactical use of the UCC: Posted May 4, 2011: Information from the research and litigation of Howard Freeman. This document may contain the solution for the pro-se or pro-per litigant. It certainly connects the dots in the legal landscape as well as our national situation. I have restructured the document for easier reading and made periodic commentary for the reader who may not be as sophisticated as others. However, it may be found on the web in its original state. Twenty-five pages in length, the Web Master personally consider this construction to be very powerful.

Miranda: Posted February 20, 2004: Miranda v. Arizona was a landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court which ruled that statements made to Police while in Police custody, both incriminating statements as well as exculpatory statements (statements that would tend to prove innocense), will be admissible at trial only if the prosecution can show that the defendant was informed of the right to consult with an attorney before and during questioning and of the right against self-incrimination before Police questioning, and that the defendant not only understood these rights, but voluntarily waived them. This document is the ruling of the Supreme Court!

INJUSTICE... the root cause: Posted September 10, 2006: This document suggests that there is a focal point to all the problems we face in our dealings with government. We American's have a profound sense of fair play, and when government engages in actions that tilt the playing field to benefit others at our expense, or take away our freedoms and choices, we become incensed, angered, frustrated, defeated, and loose faith in our government and elected officials. While we may have issues about one thing or another that we feel is un-just, and even though we may become politically active to correct this injustice so near and dear to our heart, there may be a root cause that is central to that which is causing all this un-just policy and actions in government. Although I have been contemplating this subject matter for some time, it was only recently that I was reading a document, composed by another patriotic individual concerned with this country (his country), that provided some knowledge and insight that allowed me to complete my thoughts and compose the document linked here. For me personally, this is where the rubber meets the road. In this writing I am taking note that the emperor has no clothes. I do not provide a great deal of supporting information for the assertions made. It is my hope that the reader will do the necessary research to confirm the or dispel that which is questioned. If you are new to world of government injustice, then this is probably not a document for you. Without some background knowledge and understanding, this document may be a bit overwhelming. In such a case you may wish to first read some of the other documentation available here.

Crime & Commerce: Posted January 27, 2010: This article, by Stephen Ames, is one I came across on the internet. As I read this, Stephen is right on target. His writing style is a little pointed mixed with a dash of humor. But what he is trying to get the reader to understand is of great importance, not only to the reader, but to America as well. Because Stephen is more advanced than many readers, some of his content and wit may be lossed on those less informed than himself. Consequently, I have made some commentary that should, hopefully, make the document an easy read for most. To read the document without commentary, visit http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/crime_and_commerce.htm.

Marc Stevens: Posted August 29, 2007: This is not a link to a document, but is instead a link to a web site. There are several audio clips here that are enlightening. Marc's book, "Adventures in LegalLand" is very informative. In these audio clips, Marc is going to say some things, which, if you are not a little prepared, will not seem to make sense. Sometimes, even to the host of the radio program on which Marc is appearing. Marc's position is approximately as follows: that 'The State" is a corporation or body politic, and as such it is a legal fiction - a creation of the mind of man. In questioning a government agent Marc will ask a question similar to: "Is it your testimony that no crime would be committed if I were not within THE STATE on the day in question?" And the agent will answer, "YES". Then Marc asks, "Factually, what is a STATE?" Remembering that the agent has already testified that Marc was "within the STATE". Now he has a problem, for THE STATE is a corporation and exists only on paper. So was Marc in a "piece of paper"? Or maybe the STATE is the ground. If so, the prosecution evidently represents the ground and how what is the nature of the injury the ground has suffered to cause this action? In reality, THE STATE is really a corporation that exists only on paper and if you understand this, Marc's presentations will make much more sense.

Understanding the Political Mind: Posted September 8, 2006: A friend forwarded an e-mail whose foundational purpose was to allow me to understand my own perspective or perception of a commonly used term. Since I had been exposed to this particular subject before, I had already developed a fair understanding. However, this e-mail gave me an opportunity to share my development and to include that of the mailing. The e-mail itself certainly has some solid information to share. I found it worthy of putting on the web page for others to cruise.

Invisible Contracts: Posted August 9, 2006: If you have read Perceptions or Sui Juris, Pardon me but... #5, you know that there is corporate law, and there is law of the Republic. Corporate law is applied through contract, even if the corporation is the STATE OF YOUNAMEIT or the corporation you know as THE UNITED STATES. There is a Republic of the united States of America, that is generally known as these United States (not THE United States). The singular reference is the corporate structure while the plural reference is the Republic. That is why the Clearfield (318 U.S. 363) decision is so important. Without a contract (that meets the six elements of a valid contract) government has no authority to compel a specific performance. With a contract, it does not matter whether Congress passed the sixteenth amendment to the constitution (the so-call income tax amendment), because the contract to pay taxes is outside the protections of the constitution. Therefore, no constitutional argument is valid. Government has become a commercial enterprise, operating upon the American people through contract. Quit contracting with government, or strike out those clauses you do not sanction or support when signing a document, and they will not have the contractual language to compel you to do something that you really do not want to do. This document makes that point and does so with great substance. Read this and understand how control is exercised over you.

A Message to Garcia: Posted August 4, 2006: Has anyone else noticed the general incompetence in our population? Order a Deluxe Breakfast to go at McDonalds, 8 out of 10 times the breakfast will be incomplete. Something will be missing. Get to your eating destination and find that the sausage patty is missing, or the syrup, or the extra butter you had requested. Order a Sausage and Egg McMuffin and ask them to include a hot sauce and most of the time the hot sauce will be forgotten. At the local restaurant I order a meal and a small pitcher of ice tea with some extra slices of lemons. In the past year not one waitress has been able to remember to bring the extra lemon slices. I'm reduced to having to grovel to get my extra lemon slices. I just purchased a ductless air conditioner on the Internet in June. I contracted with a professional air conditioning contractor for its installation so that it would be installed efficiently and professionally. It is a one day job, but only if you show up sometime between 0730 and 0830 hours. With the installation date agreed upon 9 days in advance, the installer did not arrive until 11:15 a.m. Before leaving his shop, the installer phoned to find out the sizes of the tubing connections. I told him 5/16 inch and 3/4 inch. Yet, when upon arrival did not have a 3/4 inch flare tool. He did not get the job done in one day so I had to commit a second day from my life to this project. After he left the second day, the unit was placed in service. After being in service 3 hours, I noticed that I could hear something dripping and when I investigated, I discovered that the unit was not carrying the condensation outside and dripping it on the ground. Instead the condensation had soaked my book case and about 200 VHS video tapes. So he had to come back again, but that was a week later. The condensation problem was fixed and the unit placed back in service. One month later the unit is inoperative because the refrigerant gas had leaked out. And so another day from my life had to be committed to this project. That is now 4 days from my life for a 1 day job. However, I believe this last technician is a Rowan. And you won't know what that reference means until you have read A Message to Garcia. This document is for those business owners and supervisors who are locked in a constant struggle to get their workers to carry their end of the stick and be competent at the tasks they are assigned. So that the reader can hit the ground running, this document refers to an event that took place during the Spanish-American War at the turn of the last century (circa 1900).

A Watchmans Word to America: Posted June 30, 2006: This document, a little over 16 pages in length, informs us of events that have taken place (some history) and some that are probably about to occur, and the potential end result. It is probably going to make a number of us uncomfortable. It the case of this particular document, is not my intent to convince anybody to believe it, nor to disbelieve it. My only goal here is to make the information available, so that those who are so inclined, can evaluate it for themselves. After reading this document some of us will begin an analysis of our situation and probably begin some preparations for the possibilities that we see.

Underground History of American Education: by J. T. Gatto. Posted April 8, 2006: I've been somewhat critical of public education and that was clear in the "Educational Question", posted below. But my criticism of the public educational system is the view of an individual who feels that the system, in many ways, failed to properly educate. However, there were those teachers along the way that did try to get past the restrictions and limitations placed on them by administration and actually educate us children. But these teachers, even today, run a risk of censure by the administrators and system they are dependent upon for their income and survival. John Gatto, a teacher for over 30 years, with many citations under his belt, is much more substantive and researched in his critical views of public education here in America. His writing style is a little bit scholarly and adjusting to it will take a little effort, but it will be worth the energy required. This book is a must for any parent who proclaims to care about their child or children. Not to read it will be a disservice to them. For the more mature student (those in high school), this book will give you a perspective of the disservice public education has foisted upon you, and all of America in general. Students who read this book will, through the knowledge gained, be able to begin asking questions of their educators and administrators. Questions that may make them uncomfortable, but stay the course student. Be polite, yet demand that your questions be answered. Teachers, hold on, if this takes hold and becomes common knowledge a new wind will begin to blow. This book is on the web at other locations and that is where I acquired the text from which to create this Acrobat document. View the table of contents here!

Baby's with no birth certificates nor social security numbers - updated: Originally posted June 17, 2008 and updated September 29, 2013: Note: An excellent video on this subject is now on the web, you may view the video by clicking here. [As you read this introduction you may notice that the word "citizen" is sometimes capitalized and sometimes it is not. This is because there are two different classes of citizenship identified in the Constitution, and the Constitution distinguishes these two seperate classes by capitalizing one, and not the other.] This document, in my view, has not received the attention that is due. I suspect that its importanace may be overlooked. It is a fact that the constitution for these united States of America exists only so long as there are state citizens, or if you prefer, citizens of the Republic of these united States of America. A United States citizen is not a Citizen of these united States of America. Look up the term United States in Black's Law Dictionary (sixth edition - it is not listed in the seventh), and you will see that there are three United States identified in law. The United States citizen is a citizen of the corporate United States (Washington, District of Columbia and its laws), not of the Republic. The mother who authored the document linked above has taken the steps to give her child the freedom provided in being a Citizen of the Republic of these united States of America and not of the corporate United States. In order to gain a more solid footing in understanding the importance of this issue, I have provided some support information preceeding the original document composed and recently updated by the mother. It is a short paper written by a mother who has taken serious the job of parenting. Thinking of someone beside herself (in this case her child) she put forth the effort to understand numerous matters related to citizenship, and contractual obligations acquired through Social Security and Birth Certifications. Both create obligations not generally understood by Americans. We may not realize it but by acquiring a social security card and number for our newborn we are publically declaring that we, as parents, can not be responsible for this newborn child and are petitioning the federal government to take care of this newborn from craddle to grave. Since we cannot be responsible for our child, we have made government the parent. That is why the government has the authority to take the child from its babysitter (formerly the natural parents) and place the child wherever the government parent deems suitable. By virtue of developing an understanding of these matters this mother made the decision not to acquire a government issued Birth Certification nor Social Security number for her daughter when she was born. In other words, this mother decided not to burden her child with many of the obligations created by the acquisition of a Social Security number and Birth Certificate. By not placing this child in the government's care, there is no legal foundation for the government to take custody of this child. This lady shares her hospital experience and other information that might be of interest to a parent considering the retention of freedom for their child. For the moment, and probably for good reason, this mother has chosen to remain anonymous, but questions can be routed through me at mhkeehn@gmail.com.

You Don't Own Yourself, The Federal Reserve Does: Posted November 27, 2016. This construction by Gary Vey goes some distance in exposing the fraud behind the Birth Certification (Certificate). The Birth Certificate remains one of the means by which the Government enslaves everyone who has one, and it is probably wise to know the truth of this matter.


Preparation for military internment of U. S. Citizens

This link posted May 11, 2012: The following is an email I received recently, and provided information regarding the existence of a military field manual related to the detainment/internment of United States citizens. This, as many of you will already know, comes right on the heels of the NDAA (National Defense Appropriations Act) which authorizes the President to indefinitely detain/imprison United States citizens without due process. That is without representation, without appearance in court, without everything that American's have been dying for since the beginning of this country. When I forwarded the email, this was my introduction...


Hello All

I have written, very clearly, that the U. S. citizen became an identified enemy of the United States with the passage of the Banking Relief Act of March 9, 1933, and that issue is covered is considerable detail in a document acquired by clicking HERE. However, there are always those who have doubts, and others who pooh-pooh such claims and accusations. I have also written about the internment / concentration camps throughout the United States and are easily found on the Web. Well, this is evidently coming to a head for there is now a military field manual titled, INTERNMENT AND RESETTLMENT OPERATIONS 3-39.40 which was not to be released to the public, but it has somehow found its way into the public sector. Just so it doesn’t disappear from the Internet, I have downloaded the manual, and it is attached for your viewing and reference as you read the email below. Step by step, things are lining up for a showdown between those who want to destroy the constitution and those who want to support it.

And let me be clear here, the political leadership and seemingly, the supreme court, seem to find constitutional support for every tyranny they wish to let loose on the people of the United States. They have already found that they can assassinate United States citizens without due process, so there is simply no limit on what they will claim the Constitution gives them the latitude to do. However, there are those among us who see the Constitution in a different light, a light and spirit founded in the words of the founding fathers, the men who brought the Constitution into existence.

People are becoming educated, more intelligent, more aware of the criminal behavior of United States leadership, and it is causing that leadership considerable concern. I suspect the time may be coming to restore the organic constitution, identify the true criminals, and reveal their conspiracy to act in unison to enslave the people of the United States. Unfortunately, the mainstream misleadia, the churches and schools, are all puppets of political leadership and parrots the misinformation leadership wants set forth. So beware, open your eyes, think for yourself, and analyze what’s taking place. If we truly do care about our children and grand-children, as we purport, it is time to pop our head into the sunshine and admit the facts, then begin doing what we can to address the issue.


Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fort Leonard Wood Public Affairs director Tiffany Wood has provided the first official response to the shocking U.S. Army document that outlines the implementation of re-education camps, admitting that the manual was “not intended for public release” and claiming that its provisions only apply outside the United States, a contention completely disproved by the language contained in the document itself.

After a reader sent Wood a link to where the manual, entitled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations (PDF), can be downloaded on the army.mil website (but only by military employees with special credentials), Wood responded by stating that the document should not be in the public domain.

“The document was not intended for public release,” said Wood, adding, “Any other questions regarding the document, you will need to file a FOIA request.”

This means that either hackers have obtained access to a secure military website and downloaded the manual or it was leaked by a military employee concerned about the content of the document.

As we have exhaustively illustrated, the document is a training manual for U.S. Army personnel that details how to treat detainees incarcerated in prison camps both abroad and inside the United States.

The manual outlines how officers will develop programs to “indoctrinate” “political activists” incarcerated in detention camps into developing an “understanding and appreciation of U.S. policies and actions.” The document also explains how “reeducating the I/R facility population or setting the stage for acceptance of future operations,” is the responsibility of ‘PSYOP’ personnel within the camp.

The document also makes clear that the internment facility is not only a re-education camp but also a forced labor camp. Page 277 of the manual states, “Detainees constitute a significant labor force of skilled and unskilled individuals. These individuals should be employed to the fullest extent possible in work that is needed to construct, manage, perform administrative functions for, and maintain the internment facility.”

The manual also directs that political activists be confined to isolation and that prisoners be silenced using by “muffling them with a soft, clean cloth tied around their mouths and fastened at the backs of their heads.”

In her email response, Wood falsely claims that, “The document is intended for operations outside of the continental United States. Depending on the nature and magnitude of an event will determine the level of U.S. military involvement.”

As we have proven using only direct quotations and screenshots from the manual, it is clearly designed to be applied both abroad and “within U.S. territory,” including against “civilian detainees” incarcerated for “security reasons, for protection, or because he or she committed an offense against the detaining power,” as part of “domestic civil support operations” involving FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security.

The manual also details how prisoners will be identified by their “social security number,” another glaring confirmation that the rules apply to U.S. citizens.

The document makes it clear on page 193 that the rules apply to processing American detainees on U.S. soil so long as the President passes an executive order to nullify Posse Comitatus, the law that forbids the U.S. military from engaging in domestic law enforcement.

It is clear from Wood’s response that she has either not read the documents properly or has been directed to downplay their significance by asserting they do not apply within the United States, a claim clearly disproved by the numerous references within the manual to how its instructions can be applied as part of “domestic civil support operations.”

Mary's Book: Link updated May 20, 2009: "HOW I CLOBBERED EVERY BUREAUCRATIC CASH-CONFISCATORY AGENCY KNOWN TO MAN". Mary has updated her book and this link has been changed accordingly. This link is to another web site, however the book is in Acrobat so it may be saved to your hard drive once downloaded. Mary has perceived our problem of contractual obligations very accurately. She has a straight forward style of writing that outlines the problem in a manner that can be quickly absorbed and understood. She has not only has identified the problem, she has taken steps to protect herself, her productivity and her children. Mary does an excellent job of helping the reader to understand that virtually all law is commercial. Driving law, military draft law, public school laws, building permits... virtually all law is applied by contract. She will teach the reader how to avoid contractual obligations. She has acted on her knowledge and provides you with the tools to do the same. Many readers will probably not fully understand her perspective and position without a primer. To that end I have taken the liberty to compose a short primer that will quickly bring the reader up to speed and allow him to hit the ground running. You may view the primer by clicking <here>. This book is more than worth your time to read.

Mary Croft's blog and download site: For knowledge and stimulation!

Mary's Book Restructured: Posted August 12, 2007: A Primer for Mary's Book: Mary has updated her book and that may well have rendered this restructured version un-necessary or of no value. Since I have not had an opportunity to read the updated version I'm not certain of the value of this restructure. The remainder of this paragraph is what I had to say before Mary updated her book. - I have, since the outset, identified Sui Juris, pardon me but... #5, as the best reference and learning text on this web site. And although I still maintain this position, especially for a beginner, Mary's book is a competitor. Mary's book is even more telling than Sui Juris, but to fully understand her presentation, you must already posses a considerable amount of knowledge. But Mary's book goes far and beyond Sui Juris in presenting pertinent information. However, the book, as I downloaded it in Acrobat format, was structured a little awkwardly, at least for me, and I suspect for others as well. But what Mary has to say is so important and so on target, that I have taken the liberty to restructure her text while maintaining her content. I have changed some of the spelling of words, not because they were incorrectly spelled, but because they were spelled correctly for a culture other than the united States of America. Many readers will probably not fully understand her perspective and position without a primer. To that end I have taken the liberty to compose a short primer that will quickly bring the reader up to speed and allow him to hit the ground running. You may view the primer by clicking <here>. This book is more than worth your time to read. Mary uses some acronyms and abbreviations throughout out her book and I would advise printing out the page or two of these notes so that when you encounter one of the abbreviations, you can make a quick reference rather than returning to find the page with the notes. Mary's book, unaltered, is available in the link above.

Merry Christmas America

LAND PATENTS Memorandum of Law, History, Force and Effects: Posted December 25, 2004: Although I don't know how it could have happened, public education has failed to teach American's about allodial title to property. All property in the united States of America was set up to be held in allodium. So that we are all on the same page we should probably define these terms.

Allodial. Free; not holden of any lord or superior; owned without obligation of vassalage or fealty; the opposite of feudal. - Blacks Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition.

Allodium. Land held absolutely in one's own right, and not of any lord or superior; and not subject to feudal duties or burdens. - Blacks Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition.

When property is held in allodium, all police powers are removed from the property. There are no building permits required and there are no property taxes (feudal duties) due. When property is held in allodium, the title is called a Land Patent. This book appeared only briefly a number of years back and then seemed to disappear and is now virtually impossible to find. A search for this book was conducted on the web in several used book depositories and not a single copy was found. Ultimately, an individual, very capable in web searches and acquisitions, was able to run this down and it was his Christmas gift to me. It is Christmas day, and I am posting this on my web site for my fellow American. Merry Christmas.

Slaughterhouse Case; 14th Amendment & Citizenship:

The Slaughterhouse Cases: Posted March 19, 2005: Those of you who've read Sui Juris #5 or PERCEPTIONS have learned that there is considerable difference in the burdens and freedoms between United States citizenship and State Citizenship. Citizenship is what determines your burdens and obligations, as well as to what body of law applies to you. For example, do French income tax laws apply to you? ...Not unless you are a French citizen. Tax laws in the united States of America generally apply only to those whose citizenship rests in the District of Columbia (A United States citizen). Most of we Americans hold dual citizenship. In general we are both a citizen of a State and of the United States. When we claim U. S. citizenship (as in our Social Security participation), we then assume the burdens and obligations of the jurisdiction from which that citizenship originates, the District of Columbia. In the Slaughterhouse Cases the supreme court went some distance in delineating out the difference between State Citizenship and United States citizenship. It's a very important decision and one that everyone interested in their citizenship here in America should read.

Probably nothing in our lives is more important than understanding our citizenship. Yet, public education almost completely ignores this subject. Our citizenship determines our burdens and oblications, and to what body of law we are subject. Most of us begin life as a "State Citizen," being born in the republic of the united States of America. State Citizenship is original Citizenship of our republic, the States being "independent nations" at the signing of the constitution. Also remembering that the constitition did not take away the "independent nation status" of the Union States. But by virtue of our educational processes, we have come to believe that we must have a "social security NUMBER" and to get one we declare ourselves to be a citizen of the United States (District of Columbia - which is a municipal corporation). By virtue of this we have subjected ourself to a jurisdiction outside the republic of the united States of America (a foreign jurisdiction). The District of Columbia jurisdiction is not inclusive (inside the republic) it is exclusive (outside the republic). By virtue of declaring ourself to be a United States citizen to get the SS Number, we subject ourself to the laws of this jurisdiction. Those Americans who only hold State Citizenship are not subject to the jurisdiction of the District of Columbia or its laws. State Citizens are subject to the constitutional law of the republic, not corporate (commercial) law. The preeminent decision of the matter of State Citizenship is the “Slaughterhouse cases.”

In this vein, the author of “State Citizenship is Alive and Well,” Mr. Dan Goodman, has made available several published articles for posting on this web site. Reading the series will bring a much fuller understanding to our understanding of citizenship here in America. The fourteenth amendment to the constitution created a second class of citizenship outside the republic of the united States of America, which brings with it an obligation to the laws of a foreign [to the republic] jurisdiction, in this case the Washington, D. C. [District of Columbia]. Mr. Goodman has studied this issue in depth and composed a series of articles to help his fellow American's understand what has occurred. The obligations we have incurred in voluntarily acquiring United States citizenship [citizenship of the District of Columbia] makes us subject to the laws of this foreign jurisdiction. Therefore, understanding our citizenship makes it possible to protect, not only ourselves, but our new born children.

In reviewing this material, the reader will need to understand what it means to "reside." We mostly think this simply means 'where we live.' It means much more. "Reside" is what we do when we live in a location that is NOT the home of our citizenship. For example, if a Frenchman comes to your State to live, he "resides," because your State is NOT the home of his citizenship, it is France. If you hold United States citizenship, then your citizenship rests in Washington, District of Columbia, therefore, you "reside" in whatever state you are living. If you hold purely, and only, State Citizenship, then you DO NOT "reside" because you are living in the home of your citizenship - a Union State of the republic of the united States of America.

Click here to view the extensive array of State Citizenship articles by author Dan Goodman.

McCulloch v. Maryland 17 U.S. 316 - Contains 4 Wheat 402: Posted November 18, 2013.

“It has been justly thought a matter of importance to determine from what source the United States derives its authority... The question here proposed is whether our bond of union is a compact entered into by the states, or whether the Constitution is an organic law established by the People. To this we answer: 'We the People... ordain and establish this Constitution'... The government of the state had only delegated power (from the People) and even if they had an inclination, they had no authority to transfer the authority of the Sovereign People. The people in their capacity as Sovereigns made and adopted the Constitution; and it binds the state governments without the state's consent. The United States, as a whole, therefore, emanates from the People and not from the states, and the Constitution and the laws of the states, whether made before or since the adoption of that Constitution of the United States, are subordinate to the United States Constitution and the laws made in pursuance of it." – [Bouvier's 14th Edition Law Dictionary (citing 4 Wheat, 402)] see also: 17 U.S. 316 and read down to page 403-404

This is the case law that contains the reference for Bouvier's above. The reference to 4 Wheat 402 is a reference to page number 402. For those that do not know, the cases were originally referenced using the name of the individual responsible for their recording, or so I'm informed, thus the name "Wheat", which was an abbreviation for a longer name that began with "Wheat." Reference to early case law was later changed to conform to the new referencing standard. Thus, 4 Wheat 402 is contained in McCulloch v. Maryland 17 U.S. 316, which contains pages 316 to 437. Thus, it is only necessary to find page 402, 403, 404 to find reference to Bouvier's above. But it might be of interest to begin reading around page 400, and continuing for about five pages.

WHETHER THE SECOND AMENDMENT SECURES AN INDIVIDUAL RIGHT: Posted January 27, 2005: This opinion is an in-depth look at the second amendment. I suspect that, given its source, many of you will be surprised by the position developed. For those needing support in their second amendment arguments this document is a must. The now inoperative government link from which this document was downloaded is:


NOTE: The above Department of Justice (usdoj) link has now become inactive. However, you may still view the document on this web page by clicking the blue link above.

Alternate Second Amendment Research Page: Added January 11, 2017. This link will open a web page not part of this web-site, but may be beneficial in doing research on the Second Amendment.

I recently came across interesting language pertaining to the right to bear arms in United States v. Cruikshank 92 U.S. 542. Do not prejudge this language before reading the entire text. Here is the language of that section:

    "6. The right to bear arms is not granted by the Constitution; neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence. The Second Amendments means no more than that it shall not be infringed by Congress, and has no other effect than to restrict the powers of the National Government." United State v. Cruikshank 92 U. S. 542

OSG UPDATE; July 21, 2009: For those who have been following this drama and know that criminal charges were filed against Orland Sand & Gravel and its owner, "Doc" Bogart, I have the following update: The contest between Government and Mr. Bogart, which began back in 2003, ended in June of 2009. The government dropped all charges against both defendants. Just like the ad campaign which tells us to just say NO to drugs, we need American's who just say NO to government's criminal behavior and unconstitutional intrusions into our lives. Undoubtedly the goal was to put Doc Bogart out of busienss whatever it took, even if it meant manufacturing charges. And this points to the reason "we the people" need to be on juries... to protect each other when there is no injured party. Someone needs to take a stand, and the rest of us need to step up to the plate and help protect & support them. It is time that we Americans begin pulling together and depending on each other, not government. For those who might like to drop a line to Mr. Bogart and thank him for taking a stand for property rights everywhere, his mailing address is: P. O. Box 1036, Orland, California - 95963

A Businessman's Position: Posted March 19, 2005: This document is the position held by a businessman in Orland, California. All businessmen who must deal with the myriad of alphabet regulatory agencies should read this document related to corporate government and the burdens government acquired when it became corporate. If you should read this and wonder how it is playing out, take a look at the document below... Affidavit of Facts.

Affidavit of Facts: Originally Posted July 6, 2006 and updated January 20, 2007: An Orland, California man purchased the controlling stock in Orland Sand & Gravel in 2002 becoming the CEO of this small company. After doing so he began a general clean up of the facilities and property, including the removal of some trees that were in the way of operations. With the removal of the trees, here came government officials, in this case officers of Fish & Game, who told Doc to stop his activity. They then sent him a letter that amounted to a 'cease and desist' order.

The position of Fish & Game was that the stream bed alteration permit was not transferable. This seemed strange because the permit was not held by the previous primary stock holder, it was held by the corporation... Orland Sand & Gravel. The letter from Fish & Game effectively shut down his operations and so Doc determined that he had very little choice other than to file a law suit. Either Fish & Game had acted without authority, or the previous primary stock holder had engaged in a fraudulent sale. It certainly seemed that Fish & Game was more likely to have acted without authority, for if what they were saying were true, then every corporation in America would be required to renew their permits by virtue of the stock transfers taking place on the New York, American and other stock exchanges. And we all know that is not the case.

And so that is where this story begins. Today, June 6, 2006, Doc now has 12 counts of exactly the same misdemeanor charge filed against him by the California Department of Injustice. Of interesting note is the fact that Doc and his corporation are charged under Fish & Game law, but Fish & Game is not a party to this action. It is strictly being pursued by the corporate STATE OF CALIFORNIA, DEPARTMENT OF INJUSTICE. For four years now, the corporate STATE OF CALIFORNIA has been trying to get money from Doc in one way or another and bring him to heel. Compliance, compliance, compliance. As if we are all their slaves.

In this matter he has met the governments frivolous and dishonorable behavior in substance. He has made a case that government has become criminal in nature and it certainly appears to be a valid case. His trial is scheduled to begin tomorrow, July 7, 2006 and so he has been engaged in preparation. One of his concerns, and a valid one at that, was that the court, being control by government interests, may attempt to exclude much of what has transpired, leaving the jury with only a partial and incomplete picture of what has transpired. If this were to occur the jury may not see his sincere efforts to deal with government and the governments total failure to respond to the issues raised.

In an effort to make certain that his story could not be excluded from the proceedings, Doc, working with a friend, has composed an affidavit of facts surround this entire event. Since his stand is not only for himself and his company, but is also for all of America, his story merits inclusion on this web page. His affidavit is about 88 pages in length. It includes letters sent to government and allows the reader to form their own opinion.

It was probably wise of Doc to compose the affidavit for as I understand it, there is a motion, entered by the government, that would exclude anything beyond 7 months ago. Yet it is the actions going back to 2002 that has brought this matter to its current status. But you can never predict how dishonest our legal system is going to be in such matter. UPDATE: July 8, 2006; to the credit of the judge, he has not allowed the governments motion to exclude all that occurred prior to 7 months ago.

This Affidavit of Facts is a very powerful document and it is worthy of your time to read. This is a follow up to the document above this one... A Businessman's Position.

January 20, 2007 Update: The trial of Mr. Bogart is now over and the jury voted 8 to 4 in favor of an acquittal. Evidently, Deputy Attorney General Thorpe, the prosecutor in this matter, is furious. The word is that he wants to recuse the judge and enter a motion for a change of venue, that is to have the next trial moved to another location where the government has a better chance of conviction. With the completion of this trial, there is added, yet another chapter to the Affidavit. A little less than two pages, but there is important points made and these points will be especially revealing to those who have participated in the trying of Mr. Bogart, both government employees and private citizens. That which has been added will be of benefit to those who may find themselves in a similar situation and points to the need to read the Belligerent Claimant document on this web site.

Sleep Apnea: Posted October 26, 2017: Sleep Apnea has the potential to end the life of its victim. Having been afflicted with Sleep Apnea since the 1980's, I have some information to share that may be of considerable benefit to some. Sleep Apnea should not be taken lightly. The document is a short read.

FISA Memo: Posted February 5, 2018: This memo was never intended to be shown to the American people, yet, despite considerable Democratic resistance, it has been released. There are certainly many instances of this memo on the web, but not one that is an Acrobat file. To make this possible, I have, from scanned images taken from the web, typed the memo into my word-processor, and made an Acrobat file. A comfortable font has been chosen, and comfortable line spacing. It is, I believe, a true and correct representation of the original file. If one should detect an error, you may make my error known to me at mhkeehn@gmail.com. This, however, is not the first time that treasonous criminals have attempted a coup or dissolution of our representative republic, it has nearly happened before. Plotters, which included Heinz, Colgate, Birds Eye, General Motors, Goodyear and others, approached Marine General Smedley Butler to lead a group of a half million veterans against the government of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. To the credit of General Butler, he reported this treasonous activity. In November of 1934, federal investigators became aware of this amazing plot involving some two dozen senior businessmen, a good many of them Wall Street financiers, to topple the government of the United States and install a fascist dictatorship. An alert President Franklin Roosevelt shut it down but unfortunately, he stopped short of legal and retaliatory measures against the plotters. No one went to prison for this crime. Was Roosevelt concerned about being assassinated? Possibly, given what we now know about President John F. Kennedy. However, the same escape should not befall upon the criminals of today of which a few are exposed in the FISA memo. They should all be routed out, tried in court, and if found guilty, be given substantial prison sentences! The evolution of the Democratic Party has brought them to opposition of the representative republic form of government of the United States. There are many other governments in this world that promote the philosophy’s and ideologies of the Democratic Party. Given that many American’s have died to establish and defend this Representative Republic, may I suggest that the Democrats of the United States might find a happier life living under a foreign government that already embraces their vision of what government should be.

Power Grid Cyber Attack: Posted October 20, 2017: A cyber attack must be over the internet and the control systems of the power grid are not connected to the internet. Therefore it is not possible to bring down the Electric Grid with a cyber attack. The American people are being psychologically profiled to believe this is possible so that when Leadership takes down the power grid, the uninformed American people can be made to belive it was North Korea or whomever Leadership wants to point the finger at this week.

Gun Control: Posted October 10, 2017. The issue of Gun Control should not even be an issue. The Declaration of Independence tells us that the purpose of government is to protect our rights, such as the right to own arms (guns). Therefore, the purpose of Government is not to find ways, means and causes to take our rights away. But, invisible Leadership, what we now call the Deep State, knows that they cannot totally enslave us so long as we have guns. That has been proven time after time when people give up their guns. And right now, Leadership has proven they can’t even protect our right to free speech. Leadership has made it an emotional issue when it should not be. But let’s remember that our right to arms was purchased with a lot of American Lives.

Just A Thought #2: Posted March 24, 2017: Currently, U.S. Leadership, both Visible and Invisible is working to initiate or provoke World War III, which, I’m certain is to reduce population, worldwide. And that is what this short, three-page document considers. In the end, I leave judgment up to my fellow man.

Too Many Dead From Guns: Posted June 17, 2017: This document examines the role played by, not only GUNS, but also leadership, in the examination of loss of human life.

U.S. Public Schools & Teachers: Posted February 16, 2017: This document examines the failure of public education here in the United States, and the role the Teacher plays in this failed undertaking. This document is for the parent who is serious about the education of their children, and for the Teacher who is serious about successful education. Will you be surprised? Probably.

Terrorism in the United States: Posted February 10, 2017: This short (6-page) document is an examination of Terrorism in the United States and the easy means by which it may be avoided. It is pointed, and takes no prisoners. Responsibility is assigned and offices recognized.

Government1a. Posted February 1, 2017: A hard-ball look at the criminal nature of Leadership. Too often we assign errant behavior to the mythical entity we call Government. But, there are people behind the criminal acts we can all observe, and this is a pointed examination of criminality by Leadership.

Comprehending the Character of the United States Military and United States Police. Posted October 24, 2016: We have a tendency to view our Military and Police as warriors, out there defending us. And nothing could be further from the truth. But, it is unlikely that even the people of the Armed Forces or Policing Departments know their true nature. It is the intent of this document to educate any who read it, in the true nature of both the Military and the Police.

Just A Thought : Posted October16, 2016: Today’s military-weapons-systems are computer controlled. This provides the possibility for a back-door-of-control.

Internet Censorship: Posted September 18, 2009: There is a rapidly coming debate and vote, there are only a few days left. Undoubtedly, this is one of the critical issues of our time. This short, one page document examines this issue. It is pointed, and to the point.

For the Beginner: Posted August 23, 2016: This short document (6-pages) is for the Beginner, to get his feet wet. It is a starting point, some foundational information that the reader is encouraged to confirm through his own research should he, or she, doubt the accuracy of the information presented. I suspect that it would also serve well if given to loud mouth nay-sayers. There always seems to be those who dispute, and/or disbelieve everything shared with them, often very vocally. That being the case, let them argue with some provable facts, and if they disagree, let them do their own research.

Character analysis of this Webmaster : Posted August 17, 2016: It has came to my attention as the creator of this web-page, that people are often uncertain of such web-pages, simply because they have no idea the character of the individual that is making the information available. Well, the truth is that this page enjoys a fair number of downloads, but still, it might make visitors more comfortable to know some of my background. Thus, the reason I have posted the above document. This short document will give the visitor some insight into my character, and if there are questions to be answered after reading it, the answers are only an email away.

Government 102 (links below): Posted February 27, 2016: The files available here are PowerPoint Presentations. In order to view these PowerPoint Presentations it will probably be necessary to first save them to your hard-drive. To save the files to my hard drive on my browser it is a simple matter of RIGHT clicking the file link, and when the menu opens, selecting and clicking the "Save Link as" option. Then it will be necessary that you have software with which to view the presentation. This will require either PowerPoint 2010 or newer version, or PowerPoint Viewer, a free download from Microsoft by clicking the blue link. Of course, you may also perform a search for PowerPoint Viewer on your favorite search engine. Either way works. Once you have the requisite software it will only be necessary to double-click the file name and Windows should know what to do. This series of Presentations is an advanced examination of U.S. Government Leadership, by and through their actions, policies, laws and behavior. There is no effort to deceive or mislead the viewer. There are 7-parts to the entire presentation, and they are numerically identified. It is recommended that the series is viewed in order so that concepts introduced in one presentation may be referenced in later presentations without the need for further explanation. Viewing them in order should also help with avoiding confusion. As of March 6, 2016, the files have been proof-read, therefore, there should be little or no spelling or grammar errors. Additionally, there are three support files.

If you have any trouble downloading any of the Gov102 files, email me at mhkeehn@gmail.com and I will send you the entire package.

File (160202Gov102_Series_ColorSlides.pdf) holds the slides of all seven presentations in one file, in color, four to a page.
File (160201Gov102_Series_BlackAndWhiteSlides.pdf) holds the slides of all seven presentations in one file, in Black & White, four to a page.
File (160203Gov102_SeriesSlideLisiting_Col.pdf) numerically lists the slides of all seven presentations.

Government 102 - Part 01
Government 102 - Part 02
Government 102 - Part 03
Government 102 - Part 04
Government 102 - Part 05
Government 102 - Part 06
Government 102 - Part 07

If you have any trouble downloading any of the Gov102 files, email me at mhkeehn@gmail.com and I will send you the entire package.

One to One: Posted May 5, 2015: A document for those who still believe in the integrity, honesty and honor of Leadership.

A Fraudulently Created Enemy of the United States
: Posted March 31, 2015. The Leadership of the United States has attempted to create an identified ENEMY of the United States. In short, Leadership has attempted to identify the people of the United States as that ENEMY. And for many years they have been successful. But now, Americans are beginning to wake up to the FRAUD. If you are not familiar with this issue, this document can serve as a primer on the subject.

A Short Lesson in Thinking: Posted July 23, 2015: Much of our thinking is due to conditioning. This document examines this and suggests a differt way of thinking. (Only a page and a half)

A New Law Form? : A New Law Form?: Posted May 31, 2015: It has come to my attention that there is a movement for the establishment of a new form of the Common Law. While the Common Law is a JUST body of law, I do not believe that the proposed new form of the Common Law to be as fair and JUST as the already established Common Law. This document makes that case.

Weighing In On Domestic Violence (A Man's View): Posted May 30, 2015: A touch subject, Domestic Violence, and one that always seems to be slanted in favor of the poor little female. But, there is more to this issue than meets the minds of political leadership and the mainstream misleadia, and this document examines what these two sources of information fail to notice.

Citizenship Affidavit: Posted September 27, 2008: This Affidavit is to properly establish citizenship. It is intended for the more sophisticated individual, who comprehends the fraud associated with United States citizenship!

Randy Weaver: Posted September 21, 2001: Posted originally as an "htm" document but never linked, it is now converted to Acrobat and linked here. This document is an inside view of the events on Ruby Ridge (Bonners Ferry), Idaho, involving American Randy Weaver and his family. It is, in my view, treatment all of us can expect from government if we choose to decline their efforts to corrupt and intimidate us.

A Defense: Evidenly posted July 16, 2005 and forgotten about. For reasons unknown this document was not identified or linked on this webpage, probably due to retardation. At any rate, I have now noticed its absence here and am now posting it for those who may have interest. It is a suggested defense if one were attacked by government. It is not to be considered legal advice, only discussion.

The United States Government in a Nutshell: Posted September 16, 2013: While I have posted many fine documents on this web-page, providing great detail on the United States, they are not receiving, in my opinion, the views that they should. I suspect that this may be because they are lengthy, and for many a lengthy document can be challenging. Therefore, I have undertaken to put the case into a nutshell. The heart of this document is only fourteen-pages. This construction is a 14-page crash course in comprehending what is driving Government leadership into creating unconstitutional policies and laws. There are no frills or detailed supporting information. It is tight and focused. This is GOVERNMENT 101 in fourteen-pages.

Our Country: Posted October 1, 2013: This history is a complete 8-volume set that was originally published, I believe, in the 1880's, thus, it is not revisionist history. This version was published in 1905 and reads like an adventure, it is not boring. One of the crucial elements missing from the history books of today's public schools, is the detail that gives the reader connection with the people who came before him. Reading this history provides that bond. To see this bond first hand, read this feedback from a woman reading this document:

    "This morning's reading was a tearful one. Not because of tragedy but because of the bravery and valor displayed by groups of Americans who won out against overwhelming odds. This is what the elite want to get rid of by their manipulation of history. Reading about American people accomplishing such feats, is inspiring and makes you feel pride in your country. You're involved with more than just a story of a battle. What a shame that so many young people are deprived of this for the sake of those who want to control their lives. I admit, until I read the account of the USS Liberty, I hadn't "really" gotten that involved with actual historical events to the degree that I do now. It's so sad to recognize that the cruel behavior of the British "minions" is what we've become."

To see the connection for youself, the following example pertains to General Washington at Valley Forge:

"His troops were in great distress, because of a lack of shoes and clothing, when they evacuated Whitemarsh. Many of them made the fatiguing journey to Valley Forge over hard frozen ground and through snow, bare-footed, leaving blood spots on the white carpet trodden by their lacerated feet. Upon the slopes of a narrow valley on the borders of the winding Susquehanna, they were encamped with no shelter but rude log-huts, during a very severe winter. There the little army shivered with cold and almost starved with hunger, while the British army were indulging in comforts and luxuries in a large city. Yet the patriotism of that republican army was not cooled, nor their aspirations for liberty starved nor did the commander-in-chief suffer a doubt of success to cloud his spirits, for he knew the cause to be a righteous one, and believed that God would give final victory to the oppressed. In all the world's history, we have no record of purer devotion, holier sincerity or more pious self-sacrifice, than was exhibited in the camp of Washington during the winter of 1777 and 1778. At the same time the British army were as much weakened by indulgence as were the republican troops by privations. Profligacy begat disease, crime, and insubordination. The evil effects of these led Dr. Franklin to say: 'Howe did not take Philadelphia, Philadelphia took Howe.' "

It is words such as these that connect us to the people that came before us and sacrificed horribly to give us freedom. When we read of their suffering, ours becomes less, and more tolerable. This history belongs in every home in these united States of America.

Citizrenship: Posted August 19, 2013: I recently finished a series of columns related to citizenship. Unknown to many, but that is beginning to change, there are two classes of citizenship, each with its own set of burdens and obligations, which is to say they are subject to different law. You may be a citizen of one, or the other, or both. Control of your citizenship is control of your freedom. One citizen is not subject to gun control laws, taxes, drivers license and other burdens. It is a very interesting subject and not one well covered by public school. The entire series on citizenship is contained in this one document.

In The Shadows: Posted August 24, 2014: This series of columns, published in an a newspaper of record for the county in which it’s located, is about a little known Constructive Fraud against the American people. It is a fraud that enslaves the people, and deprives them of their rights. While it’s probably not a series of columns for everyone, it is for those awakening, or sufficiently awake to know that something is wrong, and wanting to know what that might be. It is a powerful and pointed document, and it contains information that allows an individual to defend themselves in the administrative process known as American Justice (court). What one will learn will be very powerful.

ColumnCollection: Posted January 10, 2014: This second posting (January 14, 2014) is the result of having failed to include a very important series of columns on citizenship.

A long time in coming. In 2009 I began writing a column for the local newspaper with a focus on Government and leadership, by and through the behavior of leadership. There are many columns in this document of over 500 pages, filled with intormation. the document is in Acrobat, hyperlinked from the Table of Contents, making it somewhat easy to navigate. And there is a link back to the Table of Contents on every page. The general title of this series of columns is "OUTSIDE THE BOX" and so named because I see things in a different light than the public relations or conventional wisdom. With the various topics of discussion, there is probably something for everyone. For the individual marginally familiar with the nature of Government, this is likely to be an education. Unlike the mainstream media, there is no intent to deceive or mislead the reader. That is not to say that there no mistake, but if so, it is not intentional. Making observations or reporting problems related to this document may be made to mhkeehn@gmail.com.

Perceptions: Published in Acrobat. Complete update October 12, 2008 and minor edit November 16, 2013 correcting the reference to Secretary of Treasury of Puerto Rico: This book, authored by myself (M. H. Keehn), was began around 1994. Since that time it has been through many revisions as knowledge and comprehension grew. In my initial research I learned many things which I suspected my fellow America did not know or of which he was not aware. Therefore, Perceptions contains a fair amount of information on a number of issues and subjects. It is a beginning to comprehending the nature of government, but in no way should be considered the end of your study. The left and right margins on this webpage and visible here, contain some excerpts from Perceptions. The book is pointed and covers numerous topics. For us to prevail over those who are working daily to take control of our lives, we Americans need as much knowledge and as many people on our team as we can get. As such you may find this document worthy of sharing with others. There are issues within its pages that angered me when I researched and wrote about them. They anger me still and that anger does bleed through a bit. I have attempted to contain my anger and not allow it to surface within my writing, but, as a human connected to humanity, I was not wholly successful. Perhaps when you read those sections, this emotion will be more clearly understood. Thank you for your acceptance and understanding.

This Acrobat document is in XML format, which, much like the web allows you to navigate the book via links in the TABLE OF CONTENTS and INDEX. It is a convenient way of quickly navigating the book while viewing it on the screen of your computer.

Do We Have A Clue? Posted May 20, 2010: This is a series of 12 articles (columns) that I have combined into one document. Of course I can't speak for all American's, but for some of us the blantantly unconstitutional actions and policies of government have been a mystery. What has been lacking is a fuller understanding that would allow me (us) to connect the dots. That fuller understanding has arrived for me and in this seriese of articles, now combined into one document, I share that fuller understanding. To understand our current dilemma we need to take a trip and see the events of the past in a light not filtered by revisionist history. When the short trip is over the reader should have a much clearer perspective of his nations status as well as his own status.

The Core Problem self-extracting -zip-file: Posted October 11, 2011: Whether you are downloading the self-extracting (EXE) file that contains all PowerPoint presentations, or downloading individual PowerPoint presentations in this series, the procedure is the same. Begin by right-click the file to download, and then select SAVE AS. Put the file in an appropriate folder. If you have downloaded the self-extracting (EXE) file, simply double click the file and it will explode into the complete series of PowerPoint Presentations. If you have downloaded an individual PowerPoint (.pps) file, simply double click it and if your computer has the software program to view a PowerPoint Presentation, it will start. If you do not have a PowerPoint Presentation viewer program, you may download a free viewing program directly from Microsoft, just click the supplied link.

"The Core Problem" is a Microsoft PowerPoint series of presentations. This series examines THE CORE PROBLEM of virtually all governance issues in the United States. It is my firm belief that no matter what issue one might have with the governance of this country, that issue will tie directly to THE CORE PROBLEM. As the series of presentations begins, THE CORE PROBLEM will be immediately presented, and from there, through each of the following presentations, a case will be made. It will be up to the jury, that is it will be up to my fellow Americans, to determine if I have made my case adequately.

For those who do not know how to deal with ZIP files, here are the individual links to the individual Power Point Presentations in the series: Presentation #1; Presentation #2; Presentation #3; Presentation #4; Presentation #5; Presentation #6; Presentation #7; Presentation #8. --- POWER POINT VIEWER is a free download from MicroSoft.

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The series concludes with a look at the tools we Americans have to solve our problems of governance if we are so inclined. And I do not contend that these are the only tools we have, just some of them.

An operational note: The series is included in both Power Point and Acrobat. As such, the Power Point Show files may be viewed with either Power Point or Power Point Viewer, a free download, or the Acrobat files may be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader, also a free download. Included with this series of presentations is an HTML document named “index.htm”, which links to the various presentations in the series, both the Power Point Show files and the Acrobat files. However, I find that my version of Internet Explorer does not have the same capabilities of linking that Mozilla Firefox does. As a consequence, the links will not work with Internet Explorer. Therefore, the Internet Explorer user will be required to view the series of presentations using a file manager like “My Computer” or "Explorer", not to be confused with ‘Internet Explorer.’ No link will download anything from the internet, all links are to files included within the ZIP file.

The nature of this series of presentations is hardball, right-between-the-eyes, and takes no prisoners. But if what you are looking for, or seeking, are answers to the question of governance in the United States, this one is for you!

The Core Problem (The Essay): Posted February 22, 2012: Constructed for the education of all Americans, this essay, written after the creation of the Power Point presentation of the same name, makes the case that THE CORE PROBLEM of virtually all that is wroing in "THE UNITED STATES" is the national debt. The debt is what drives everything. It determines the vote of Congressional representatives and the laws that come into effect at the federal level. If this problem is not addressed and solved, the working class people of "THE UNITED STATES" will become more and more poor until finally destitute. The debt is what devalues our currency, the Federal Reserve Note, until, today, it has about 1.7 cents ($0.017) the purchasing power it did when I was in high school in 1962. Whether or not I have made my case will be for the reader of this essay to decide.

The Magnificent Deception: Posted April 30, 2009: This is a Power Point presentation, recapping the video by the same name. It deals with law and status.

Paper Money: Posted May 8, 2009: This Power Point presentation is a short history of the use in paper money in the colonies and the detrimental effects that paper money brought upon those colonies. It is also a brief look at todays practices and the effects of those practices.

Reviewing the Strecker memorandum: Posted May 29, 2009. The "Strecker Memorandum" was a lecture given by Dr. Strecker in 1988 and related to AIDS. Now 21 years old, I find the information presented to be current and relative. I acquired a DVD video of Dr. Strecker's lecture and have developed a Power Point Presentation based in the information of his lecutre. It is presented here as a educational aid for the individual or for the classroom. I do not claim copyright so you are free to distribute it. From memory I believe that there were about 40,000 AIDS cases in 1987. The CDC (United States Center for Disease Cotnrol) statistics report that at the end of 2006 there were 1.106 million HIV (the AIDS virus) infections. At no time has the number of HIV infections been less than the year previous. It is my firm belief that this worldwide pandemic should be taken as seriously as a heart attack. But that's my opinion. It is up to the individual to assess the risk and importance of this subject for him, or her, self.

Convenient Deaths: Posted August 2, 2009: There have been a remarkable number of convenient deaths occur in association with events involving high ranking government officials, or attachment to, and implication of high ranking officials. Kevin Costner, playing the part of Jim Garrison, posed this question to the jury in his closing argument:

    "How many more political murders disguised as heart attacks, suicides, cancers, drug overdoses, how many airplane and car crashes will occur before they are exposed for what they are? 'Treason doeth never prosper' wrote an English poet. What’s the reason? Well, if it prosper, none dare call it treason." - Keven Costner in the role of Jim Garrison from the movie JFK.

That's a good question. How many more suspicious deaths need occur before we begin to take notice, before we begin to ask questions, before we begin to discontinue beleaving everything we are spoon fed? How many people have to die before we wake up? This document is a partial listing of not just convenient deaths, but politically convenient deaths.

Visiting the Matrix: February 22, 2009: “The Matrix” was, to me an interesting series of three movies. Its foundation is that the reality provided to the people is fraudulent, and provided by the ‘software’ of “The Matrix.” This foundation provides a springboard from which we may examine ourselves. This short (8 page) document is such an examination.

Response to Associated Press article: Posted August 13, 2009: This AP article is an open attempt to control the minds of those who read it. It is because it is an obvious psychological profiling of the minds of the American people that I have undertaken to answer it. I believe this may be educational in most settings. Teachers, feel free to use this article to generate some debate among your students.

Minuteman Defined: Posted June 26, 2004: Updated April 30, 2006: A while back, I received an e-mail, asking me to define, in my own words, a Minuteman. The query or question was put forth to me on the basis that this was the title I had selected for my web page. I was suspicious of the query, but I answered it as though legitimate. The link takes you to my response and definition.

Republicans & Democrats: Posted November 7, 2004: Updated September 8, 2015: I was recently asked, by a friend, what my take was on the recent election. I responded by saying that, to me, Republicans and Democrats are trains on different tracks going to the same destination. My friend responded by saying, "what destination is that?" This caused me pause. It had been so clear in my mind for such a long period that I guess that I thought it should be obvious to everyone. But it is not. So this is the link to that answer. Click the link and find out why this American believes that Republicans and Democrats are trains on different tracks headed to the same destination and what that destination might be.

Republican Form: Originally Posted November 28, 2003 and updated September 12, 2015. Our Constitution mandates that Congress provide a Republican form of Government, without exception. There is no latitude in this Constitutional requirement as to whether Congress may or may not exercise it. The Constitution requires them to do so. Yet, how many Americans actually know what qualities define a Republican form of Government? Hint: It has absolutely nothing to do with the Republican Political Party. It was not clearly taught in school when I attended. Nor was it clearly taught in school when my children attended. I suspect that most Americans probably do not know the defining characteristics. If you are one such American and would like to know that form of government that so many Americans died to provide, this document is for you.

Drugs: Posted August 22, 2004. I was recently in yet another discussion surrounding the drug problems of America. Because of this discussion, I have composed this essay. Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts and ideas.

An Educational Question: Updated November 16, 2003: This document is an essay of mine in which I put forth a question concerning public education. Feel free to comment upon it.

Role of the code enforcer: Updated January 3, 2008: This short document is a time line and path traveled by government to deny the American people their inherent rights. It does not contain much of the reference as does PERCEPTIONS or some other documents listed above, but it does contain the facts necessary for understanding. Although intended for the ‘code enforcer' it is instructive in all settings. While I know that thinking outside the box we have created for ourselves is a difficult task, this document may provide some assistance in so doing.

Random Thoughts... Updated April 9, 2014: Periodically I see things in a different light than most. To provide myself a forum for these perspectives, or sometimes questions, I have created a Random Thoughts document. From time to time, as different matters and perspectives come to mind and crystallize, I may add them to this document.

Regulate Who?: Posted March 19, 2005: Updated April 30, 2006: Much of the information in Sui Juris #5 (below) and PERCEPTIONS (also below) is difficult to get a grasp on because of a lack of understanding. This short paper is a kind of bridge to the knowledge that will make understanding of these two other documents a little less challenging. In effect, the people of America have never given the government the authority to regulate them, only "residents" and "commercial activity". Thus the goal for government has been to place Americans into one or both of these categories and that is what this paper is about. Additionally, I have posted IRS form W8 for the reader of this document.

Law of Equivalent Exchange: by M. H. Keehn. Posted June 6, 2006: A short essay highlighting the fact that in general conduct of our lives, to obtain an object we must exchange something of equal value.

The Belligerent Claimant: Posted November 22, 2006: Many of us have been to court and been denied certain aspects of our defense, been denied the latitude to ask certain questions, been denied the means to be successful in defending ourselves. That is what this document is about... how to overcome these limitations and be successful.

Who is really brave?: Posted January 30, 2005: A composition of my own that contains some thoughts that I have struggled with for some time.

DECEPTION ABOUNDS: Posted "April 18, 2011: In order for "The UNITED STATES" [corporate] to have power over men and women of these united States of America, it is necessary to find a means to subject them to the TERRITORIAL LAW of the UNITED STATES [corporate]. The primary tool to accomplish this is DECEPTION. This series of presentations targets this topic in some detail. IT is also a trek to a comprehension of what is wrong in America. For those seeking to connect the dots, this series is for you. This is a series of POWER POINT presentations in a self-extracting ZIP file. Download the file by right clicking the link above, and select SAVE AS from the menu. Then select an appropriate folder. When finished, simply double click the self-extracting EXE file. The POWER POINT presentation will self-extract and may then be viewed. If you do not have a means of viewing POWER POINT files, you may download a POWER POINT VIEWER from the Microsoft Website, just click the link provided. For those who prefer Acrobat, you may download the series in Acrobat by clicking here. This too is a self-extracting ZIP file, so use the same procedure as above.

The Language of the Latest Act: Posted November 8, 2013: This document highlights the absurdity of the Affordable Health Care Act, and does so in a humorous manner. While humorous, it is pointed.

Miranda Ruling: Posted February 20, 2004. It is most difficult and almost impossible for government to charge and prosecute you without your help. They confront you with pointed questions or accuse you of something and your mouth goes into gear. You have the right to remain silent... exercise it and do your talking in court, in front of the jury. This is not to be construed to mean that you should not begin building your case and preparing, it means keep your mouth shut. The MIRANDA ruling is posted to help you in understand this concept and its importance. Believe me, I have no compassion for those who have injured another human being, but there are many people in jail who have injured no one and it is these people for whom I post this document. Do your talking in court.

Bank Accounts without a Social Security number: Posted January 29, 2004: Simply put, this document explains how to open a bank account without a Social Security number. There is also reference as to how to properly cancel your social security participation.

The Price Paid: Posted February 1, 2004: Who were the men that signed the Declaration of Independence. They signed a document that ultimately led to our freedom. What consequences do you think might have befallen them to sign a document that we benefit from today. Do you think you would have the courage to sign a Declaration of Independence knowing that the most powerful military in the world would come looking for you? The majority of this text is taken from an old writing that describes some of what the signers suffered so that we can have freedom. It is short and easily read in 10 minutes.

Points of Law: Posted February 1, 2004: This document contains a listing of several points of law that may be used in court room strategy. These points support, and in turn are supported by, the constitution.

Recourse: Posted February 7, 2004: This document details the actions of a Citizen against a judge. This short account will help many understand the behavior and actions of Citizens who choose to take a stand against City Hall. If you or a loved one have been wronged by government, this document is for you. If you are thinking of taking a stand, this document is for you. If you want to be a better juror, this document is for you. If you just want to be a better citizen, this document is for you.

Sui Juris... Pardon me but #5: Last Posted May 4, 2011: This is certainly, one of the most extraordinary documents on this web page. Nord Davis, its author, recently passed away and although I never met the man, I have became acquainted with his patriotic spirit through his writings and it is one that will be missed. What Mr. Davis has to say in Sui Juris... pardon me but #5 should be required reading by every high school student before graduation with an accompanying test on understanding its content. Any school teachers wishing to teach citizenship and the responsibilities of freedom should seriously consider sharing this document with your students. This document examines our status (read citizenship) in the setting of 'who is responsible for income taxes.' Original citizenship of the Republic is State Citizenship. When the constitution was signed in 1787, the States held the status of independent nations, and so the State Citizen was the original citizen of the Republic. United States citizenship was put forth in law for the first time in the language of the fourteenth amendment in 1868. This citizenship status rests in the District of Columbia where it was created. Probably not known to most Americans is that the District of Columbia is not inclusive, that is not inside the Republic. It is exclusive, outside the Republic. The responsibilities, burdens and benefits of these two different classes of citizenship are significant. This document provides insight on those differences. Nord Davis Jr. was not an individual responsible for any income tax. He was never a tax protestor nor a tax resistor, he simply was not in 'their' jurisdiction by virtue of his status (citizenship).

On Target!: Updated August 7, 2015: Although this 1995 publication by Nord Davis has a number of different areas of interest, the reader will find that it goes some distance in explaining the two Nations, the corporate United States, which the author refers to as the District, and the republic of these united States of America. Explained, in detail, is the fact that people who are not citizens of the corporate United States (the District) have no income tax obligation. It has some follow up information on Sui Juris... Pardon me but, #5, which, in itself, is an extraordinary document on your status and income tax obligation. It goes some distance in explaining jurisdiction of the District. It talks some of the history of the Statue of Liberty and asks if this is your icon of liberty. It has some information for the student on Status and Government, and it has a little history of the revolutionary war. It's an interesting document and worthy of your time to read, and with the comments and annotations of the editor, it should provide some great education.

Sui Juris... Pardon me but #2: I was a senior in high school and in a business class when another student, not part of the class, stuck his head in the door and reported that President John F. Kennedy had been shot in Dallas. In the aftermath We the People were told by our government officials that this was the act of lone assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. That the related killing of suspect Oswald by Jack Ruby was the act of a lone assassin. That the death of Robert Kennedy by one Sirhan Sirhan was the act of a lone assassin. That the shooting of Dr. King was the act of a lone assassin. That the attempted assassination of President Reagan by Hinkley was the work of a lone assassin. This work, PARDON ME BUT... #2, will provide those of you interested, with some information to ponder.

Hope's Husband: Posted March 7, 2004: Have you noticed that any third world country that the United States has "helped", since the end of WWII (other than Japan), ends up in communist hands or some other form of dictatorship or totalitarian government? Somewhere, in one of my writings I have asked the question, "Why is it that so many people of this world want to cause us harm?" Hope's Husband provides an answer to this question and outlines the United States betrayal of Nicaragua into the hands of the communist's with Oliver North at center stage following the orders of our governments leadership. If we 'turn a blind eye' to the atrocities committed by our government throughout this world, as the German people did in the 30's and 40's, I suspect we will suffer a similar fate. We American's have been an honorable, ethical and responsible people. We should not change! This is a very powerful document and is for all Americans.

Roar of the Crowd: Another work of Nord Davis, Jr. In my humble opinion it is excellent. This document will cause reflection upon beliefs and positions. It is thought provoking and worth your while to read. It is probably best that I don't comment on it's content for it is best when revealed by reading it cover to cover without any pre-judgment (prejudice).

INSLAW... a criminal case: Posted approximately 2000: The 'Inslaw' case is one in which an individual formed a company and developed the 'PROMIS' software package. 'PROMIS' is an acronym for PROsecution Management Information System. It allows the tracking of movement on a world wide scale. The package was installed in several government facilities and once installed the government failed to pay the bill. This resulted in bankrupting the firm that developed PROMIS. The government then took this software package onto an Indian reservation (a nation within a nation where the laws of the Untied States do not apply) and installed a 'back door' into the program followed by distribution to other governments (where's those brave police and prosecutors when you really need them? - - - maybe its a hint why Clinton fired all U.S. Attorneys). The back door, of course, allows the United States government access to the data collected by other governments who use it. A law suit was filed and stone-walling began. I have included this document so that you may know your government by its stripes.

Using the 5th Amendment: This document contains a writing by an ordinary citizen who began to secure his rights when first encountering a government agent - a police officer in this case. Prevailing in court begins right at the first encounter with a government agent or code enforcer. You need to know what to say and what not to say and this document is for those who wish to have a chance at winning. For those trying to learn how to claim and secure their rights, this may provide a good tutorial. Commentary is by me.

Organic Constitution for the united States of America: Posted January 25, 2009: The reader may note that the organic (original as written and signed) constitution is considerably shorter than today's constitution, and easier to read and understand. This version includes the "Bill of Rights" of course, since the adoption of the constitution was contingent upon the debate and inclusion of the Bill of Rights passed by Congress. For those not aware, there were originally 12 rights enumerated, but the first two did not pass, leaving the remaining ten. Also included in this version, is the Preamble to the "Bill of Rights," which is amost always absent when the "Bill of Rights" is presented in school text books and most other reference. The preamble is important because it clearly exhibits the distrust in government shared by many of the founding fathers. The constitution, although establishing a national government, contains many provisions providing protection. These protections were put into the constitution for the purpose of protecting the people of the United States against the abusive power that government can easily evolve into using against its population.

Two Links of Interest

http://thestatecitizen.webnode.com/ For those who may not be wholly familiar with citizenship there are two generall classes of citizenship in the UNITED STATES. At the birth of the republic, the original citizen was the State Citizen. United States citizen was brought into existence in the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868. The two classes of citizenship are not equal, each has its own burdens and obligations seperate from the other. Most of us hold dual citizenship, being both a citizen of the republic (a State Citizen), and of the [corporate] UNITED STATES. However, many American's are now changing their citizenship status to that of State Citizen only. And this website is a resource on this issue.

http://citizenoftheseveralstates.webs.com/index.htm: This is another resource for the individual seeking knowledge on the issue of citizenship (see above).

The Terrorism Question: Posted February 7, 2002: This HTML document is now available in Acrobat by clicking HERE: Finally, someone has asked the question. I have asked the question in a slightly different form, but with the same meaning: "What are we doing to the peoples of this world that so many of them want to cause us harm? The main stream media has never asked this question to my knowledge. Now, another American has asked the question and puts forth possible reasons. His name is Larry Ripplinger. I received his writing in an forwarded e-mail. It is a perspective worthy of your time to read.

Yahtzee Score Sheet: Posted November 12, 2006: This is a Yahtzee score sheet that I created for myself a couple years ago. It contains a couple of additions which I think makes the game more fun to play.

Peg Game: Posted January 22, 2009: Because I have worked in a technical occupation the majority of my life, I have taught myself to program a computer. I have now become 'self taught' in eight languages, although some have fallen by the wayside with time. But I digress. I recently undertook the writing of a program for a simple peg board game. The idea is to initially create an 'empty hole' anywhere on the peg-board, and then to jump pegs, which removes the peg that has been jumped over from the board. The idea is to end up with as few pegs as possible. Ultimately it is possible to end up with the sole red peg in the center hole and no others on the board. The file size as uploaded is 36,864 bytes. It should be the same size when downloaded, if not, be suspicious of it. Hint: Clear the outer reaches first then concentrate on clearing the center.

Interesting Videos

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Marc Stevens: Mr. Stevens is the author of "Adventures in Legal Land." I have read this book and I recommend it to everyone wanting to better understand the legal landscape in the United States. Below are some short videos featuring Marc providing 'out of the box' thoughts or discussing legal process. More video's follow below.

Traffic Tickets Part 1:

Traffic Tickets Part 2:

Traffic Tickets Part 3:

How to win every political argument!

Worlds shortest political quiz.

Should Governments be abolished?

Torture OK to acquire "signature."

This concludes the video's by Marc Stevens.

You are a slave to government: Posted April 17, 2009: (10 minutes) A video that makes the case that you are owned by government. The evidence is that this assertion is correct.


by Naomi Wolf

This book details the steps necessary to destroy a free country (the united States of America). And that those steps are currently being taken in America today. Knowledge is truly power. Our lack of knowledge has caused us considerable harm. It is books such as these that allow us to understand our situation, and to share that knowledge with others. The more people who know and understand, the safer we all become. The idea is to implement peaceful change and restore our freedoms. Naomi is an excellent researcher and she has presented the material in a manner that most anyone can understand. I have purchased extra copies to give away and all I ask in return is that the person who receives this book, buy a copy and give it to someone else who will do the same. That is, read it, purchase a copy and pass it on to someone who will read it, purchase a copy and pass it on. I believe it is time that we stop accepting those who want the benefits of freedom, but remain unwilling to do anything to help maintain or restore freedom. We all need to to our part! See and hear Naomi speak at:


Fluoridation: This video is about 8 minutes and makes the case for the poisoning that occurs with fluoridated water. Fluoridated drinking water leads to a number of systemic problems for those who drink it, including cancer. This video provides the evidence of the health issues and what can be done when people act as one voice.

Should you talk to the police under any circumstances? A law professor, in front of his class, answers this question (27 minutes). Additional support for the law professors position comes from a police officer (21 minutes).

Zeitgeist - "the spirit of the age" (2:02:15)

Naomi Wolf talks about America, or perhaps the end of America. Which, when translated, means the end of freedom, the end of liberty, the end of all that we hold dear as Americans. She is graceous and full of courage. What she has to say in this video is for all American's. As the message at the bottom of this web page suggests... we are all in this together. (47 minutes)


1943 Stearman Airplane for sale... licensed for the 450 HP engine

Internet Web Directory: (Posted 02-20-2005): The Internet's fastest growing directory of the best web sites. Fully searchable and updated regularly.

Another American reveals the difference between the corporate UNITED STATES (US) and the Republic of the united States of America : US v. usA

Discover your power and responsibilities as an American Juror : Juror Handbook

The American Patriots Friends Homepage : APFN

The web site of patriot David Parsons : Patriot David Parsons web page

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A ship called America - either we learn to sail together or we sink together

That's what it originally said... A ship called America - either we learn to sail together or we sink together. In time I have come to realize that the conflicts between different segments of America were all engineered. People are people in all tones. There are some who are criminals and some who are saints, and much in between. But with further reflection, it has become clear to me that the conflicts suffered by the people of this world have been engineered for a very long time if not from the beginning. There seems to arise in the 'ruling or leadership elite', an obsession to control everything and everyone. And this ruling class has engineered conflict between nations and peoples of this world for the sole purpose of fulfilling their addiction... control of everything and everyone. But these cowardly leaders have long since retired from the battlefield and send the 'common man,' and now 'common woman,' to die for their objectives. These 'ruling elite' are not the elected officials we vote for here in America. Nor are they the rulers appointed or positioned, many by America, throughout this world. The ruling elite control our elected and appointed dignitaries. They tell the Emir’s, Shah’s, King’s, Parliments, Chancellors, Congressmen and Presidents what action to take, what laws to pass, what policies to set. It is these behind the scenes ‘elite’ that have, for hundreds of years, engineered conflicts between nations and peoples, financing both sides so that it mattered little to them who prevailed. In knowing and understanding this we, the people of this world, can begin to work on cleaning up our individual countries and stop the insanity of invading and killing each other. It is in the spirit of this that the caption above the ship is updated...

The happiness of life cannot be divided on religious, political or cultural grounds. A ship called Earth - either we, the people of this world, learn to sail together or we sink together. - Michael H. Keehn


Monetary Trap


How it works

Before beginning, we need to understand the authorization process for the Federal Reserve Note... See the left side under Federal Reserve Note.

With this understanding we may now understand the Monetary Trap. In simple form you buy a piece of Real Estate for $200,000 and put $50,000 down, then sign a contract for $150,000. When this contract (private debt - a sound asset owned by the bank) is placed on deposit with the Treasurer of the United States, the Federal Reserve agent is then authorized to issue an amount of currency (Federal Reserve Notes) formulated from the $150,000 contractual debt.

In four years you have landscaped, poured a concrete driveway and patio, and installed a couple larger windows. You then sell this property for $250,000. The buyer puts $30,000 down and signs a contract for $220,000. When this contract is placed on deposit with the Treasurer of the United States, the Federal Reserve Bank is again authorized to issue an additional amount of currency without retiring the currency from the first contract on the same piece of property. Over and over again this process repeats itself.

Have you ever wondered why it is so easy to get credit? Credit creates DEBT and increases the assets owned by the bank. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that in a relatively short period of time, it is possible to issue sufficient debt currency (Federal Reserve Notes) to acquire a debt that exceeds the value of all the property and holdings in the united States of America.

Ultimately this bankrupts America. When America goes bankrupt, it goes into a form of receivership in which the world bankers (the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank) will wish to collect their collateral. What do you think that might be? Are you sufficiently awake to see that your country is being turned over to foreign interests? That your Constitution, your protection from government, is being set aside little by little?

For a more in depth understanding of the bankruptcy of the United States, see [5 USCA 903, etc.]

I knew a fellow who owned a ranch in Alaska. It was worth about 300, 000 dollars. He sold it for 30,000 dollars in lawful money in the account of the united States of America. That is, he sold it for 30,000 silver dollars. At that time the exchange ratio was 10 Federal Reserve Notes per silver dollar. So he got his 300,000 dollars, but, in the world of business he actually sold the ranch for 30,000 dollars, showing no gain and those who bought the ranch, only had a 30,000 dollar piece of property on which to pay taxes.
... yes, ignorance costs us, does it not



"The distinction between state citizenship and national citizenship is recognized and perpetuated in the Fourteenth Amendment and cases adjudicated thereunder." Modern Constitutional Law (The volume on The Individual and the Government), p652, Chester J. Antieau

If we conclude that the 'birth of the Republic' began with signing of the constitution in 1787, we begin to realize things that were not clear or apparent before. If we do a little research of our history, we find that the states had functioned as independent nations since the outbreak of the revolutionary war. We also find that the states were very jealous of their independent nation status and had no intention of signing any document that might take that status from them, including the constitution. Consequently, the constitution does not create a country, instead it forms a UNION. A Union of several independent nation States. Therefore, at the birth of the Republic in 1787, the original citizen was the State Citizen since the State was an independent nation. United States citizenship was put forth in the fourteenth amendment in 1868. The difference is that United States citizenship is citizenship of the District of Columbia, where it was created, not of the Republic. As with all citizenship, your citizenship status subjects you to the laws of the jurisdiction from which the citizenship emanates. If you were to claim or posses United States citizenship, it will subject you to the corporate law of the District of Columbia. Those who posses only State Citizenship, would not be subject to the law of the District of Columbia unless they are unwilling to challenge the jurisdiction when under attack.

The problem is that we change our citizenship without knowing how we've done so. It's part of our education process. You know... dumbing down. Ignorance has a price.


Emergency Rule

Declarations of EMERGENCY, provide government with the means to suspend normal constitutional limitations on their actions.

"Since March 9, 1933, the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency." Senate report 93-549

Senate report 93-549 was prepared pursuant to hearings by the Senate in 1973 and had this to say:

"The majority of American Citizens have lived all their lives under Emergency Rule. For forty years, freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the constitution have in varying degrees been abridged by laws brought into FORCE by states of National Emergency. And in the United States action taken by the government in times of great crises have, from at least the civil war, in important ways shaped the present phenomenon of a permanent state of national emergency." Senate Report 93-549

What kind of power does an declared EMERGENCY provide to the government.? ...

"Under the powers delegated by these statutes the President may seize property, organize and control the means of production, seize commodities, assign military forces abroad, institute martial law, seize and control all transportation and communication, regulate the operation of private enterprise, restrict travel, and in a plethora of particular ways control the lives of all American citizens. " - Senate Report 93-549:

Since Senate report 93-549 was written in 1973 and it is now 2003, are we still in a state of declared national emergency? If we are, we should be able to find evidence of that in current law. At Title 12 U.S.C., 48 Statute 1, Sec 95b, we read:

"The actions, regulations, rules, license, orders or proclamations heretofore or hereafter taken, promulgate, made or issued by the President of the United States or the Secretary of the Treasury since March 4, 1933 pursuant to the authority of section '95a' of this title, are hereby approved and confirmed." Chapter 1, Title 1, 48 Statute 1, March 9, 1933

This is the current law today - look it up if you like.



(Not in Perceptions)

"If I have seen further than some, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants." Albert Eienstein

"Politics is a process of engineering problems to get more money to not solve them". - Michael H. Keehn

"Problems are to be managed, not solved." - Michael H. Keehn

"Problems are to be exploited, not solved." - Michael H. Keehn

"Ten thousand years of wisdom. all written down and recorded, and yet, we fail to listen to ourselves." - Michael C. Keehn

You have not failed until the day you stop accepting responsibility for all that occurs in your life and began to blame others. - Source unknown

Wrong is WRONG, even if it helps you.

"All new ventures go through six phases.
1. Enthusiasm
2. Complication
3. Disillusionment
4. Search for the guilty.
5. Punishment of the innocent.
6. Decoration of those who've done nothing." - Unknown


This poem, repeated here from memory, was put forth by Dr. Wayne Dyer on an audio presentation I once heard. Since it's from memory, perhaps you will be forgiving is it's not 100% accurate.

Little Effie's Head

by E. E. Cummings

(I think)

here's little Effie's head
her brains are made of gingerbread
when judgment day comes
God will find six crumbs
stooping by the coffin lid
...waiting for something to rise
as the some things always did
imagine his surprise
bellowing above the general noise
she was dead

and back to God
the first crumb said
my name is Maybe
where upon
the other five crumbs chuckled
as if they were alive

and crumb number two
picked up the song
Might I am called,
I've done no wrong

and crumb number three
said "I am Should,
here's our little sister Could
and our big brother Would...
don't punish us
for we have been good"

and the last crumb
with some shame
whispered unto God
"My name is Must,
and with the others
we have been EFFIE
who isn't alive"
so cross the threshold
with no dread
we lift back the sheet in the way
here is little Effie's head
her brains are made of gingerbread.

The things from which all good neurotics are made