The World Trade Center Tragedy

The book perceptions ( is a book about CONTROL. Control of your life, your children's lives, control of your beliefs, control of your activities, control of your values... CONTROL. The book suggests that there are those who desire control so profoundly, that control is their opium. This concept is difficult for most Americans because the average American does not desire this type of control. Consequently, the average American does not always believe that it exists and that it is dangerous.

It is dangerous because those who desire control are much like the common drug addict. In an article I read a few years back, a Florida detective put forth that a drug addict must steal about three thousand dollars a day to support a three hundred dollar a day drug habit. That is because he will receive about ten cents on the dollar for the merchandise he steals, and ten percent of three thousand is three hundred. But the drug addict is so wrapped up in his addiction that it does not matter to him how much pain and suffering he causes, the only thing that matters is his addiction.

CONTROL addiction is no different. Those of us who know the history of mankind know that sacrifice of lives and property has always been a tool of those who want control. Those who wish to dominate the world with New World Order, One World Government are nothing new. History is full of individuals and groups attempting to dominate the world. The Roman Empire, Alexander, Napoleon, Hitler and others have attempted to dominate the world, or as much of it as they could. Those whose goals are to dominate the world do not care that much of the world does not accept their Shangri-la presentation of that concept. And just like Hitler's Germany, they must convince the people that what they are doing is appropriate, desired, and the right thing to do. Consequently there is a lot of public relations work (psychological profiling through the media's of television, magazines, movies and news papers) that must be done to control the general 'mind set' of the public.

In the book ‘Perceptions', there is a place where I am writing about the language of the Constitution and this is what I have to say at that point. Keep in mind that my first version of ‘Perceptions' was written about 1995. That is to say these words were written long for the World Trade Center tragedy. Written seven years ago.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Notice the phrase "in times of war or immediate or impending public danger". The immediate or impending public danger is defined by those who desire control. However, they must convince the sheeple that the danger actually exists and that the action of government is a necessity for the good of the people. Events are engineered by government laws, rules and regulations issued by its various agencies. Events such as the Depression of the 1930's, whereby this engineered event then becomes the means by which government must take immediate and necessary action to protect the people. With the technology they have today, what could be engineered? An Alien encounter? Detonation of a nuclear device which is blamed on terrorists. Biological releases also blamed on terrorists. Chemical releases blamed on terrorists. What ever it takes to psychologically profile the American sheeple into believing that any action taken by government was absolutely necessary. Remember Waco Texas. Everyday it was a new trial balloon. There were allegations of weapons and other armaments. Koresh was a womanizer and seducing many women in the flock (if this is a reason for Federal assault then many of the American population had better get ready for Federal assault). Koresh was spanking children and on and on. What ever it takes to psychologically profile the American sheeple. When they got done with their profiling of the American Sheeple, was there anyone who was not offended? Was there anyone who didn't hate Koresh and his followers? Kind of gives you an idea of how easy sheeple are to psychologically profile.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

To those Americans who are jumping on the bandwagon of retaliation, I would urge caution. It is my firm belief that Psychological Profiling of the American people may be at hand remembering there is no sacrifice too great for the Control addict.

For those who are reluctant believe this I offer this for consideration. Most of us no know that the upper echelon of government had advanced knowledge of the attack on Pearl Harbor, yet let it happen anyway. Why? Because they were concerned that if we did not get into the war as quickly as possible there was a good chance that we would not win that war. And so to psychologically profile the American people, the bombing of Pearl Harbor was allowed to take its course. There are those who might remind me that Lindburg headed up a group opposing American involvement in foreign wars and that many Americans agreed. Why, then did they feel that they had to manipulate us? It was because the leadership of America lied to her people so frequently that the American people did not trust them.

If the leadership of America had been honest and trustworthy, if they had integrity, credibility, honor and the other admirable qualities that a leader should possess, then they could have came to the American people and said: "America, we need to enter this war for the time is fast approaching when Germany may dominate the world." And because they had not lied to us, and because they had demonstrate themselves to be honorable, trustworthy leaders... We would have believed them. But because they lie and mislead us to achieve their own goals and further their own agenda, we have to be Psychologically Profiled and so many thousands of men died at Pearl Harbor so that our minds could be manipulated. And those in power did not even blink an eye! Confront various leaders about their behavior, their integrity, their trustworthiness, they will become indignant. Are you impressed with their sincerity?

If I were to give you a deck of cards and instructed you to pick out the hearts, you would perceive that I have given you an easy job. You know the hearts are red and that eliminates half the deck right there. You don't even have to look at the black cards, just discard them. But suppose I have slipped in a ‘Black Heart'. Will you see it? Probably not. Why? Because your not looking for it. So it is with the type of ‘Control Conspiracy' I am suggesting. If you don't believe it could exist, you probably would not see it even if it presented itself to you.

We should remember that those who desire control have the money and means to control what is presented to the American people through the media and most other sources. The control of our PERCEPTIONS. The give away will be in the laws enacted to PROTECT WE THE PEOPLE. If laws are passed to strip away your freedoms and liberties, then this is a good sign that this act was orchestrated from within.

Keep your eyes open and more importantly, keep your mind open.

Michael H. Keehn