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Last Updated:  July 6, 2006


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"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do." - Edward Everett Hale


Federal Reserve Notes:
"Upon the deposit with the Treasurer of the United States; (a) any direct obligation of the United States; (b) any notes, drafts, bills of exchange or bankers acceptances acquired under the provisions of this act, that any Federal Reserve Bank making such deposits in the manner prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, shall be entitled to receive from the Comptroller of the Currency, circulating notes in blank, duly registered and countersigned."

(a)  public debt
(b)  private debt

As can bee seen, the currency is issued upon the acquisition of  debt.  It is debt currency.

Blacks Law Dictionary defines money as follows:

Money.  In the usual and ordinary acceptation it means coins and paper currency used as circulating medium of exchange, and does not embrace notes, bonds, evidences of debt, or other personal or real estate. - Blacks Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition. [For those of you aware of the new definition of MONEY put forth in Black's seventh edition, I refer you to APPENDIX E in the links section at the bottom of the page.]

Does not embrace NOTES, as in Federal Reserve NOTE, nor does it embrace DEBT, as in the debt upon which the Federal Reserve Note is issued.  As you can see, Federal Reserve Notes do not qualify as money by definition.  Federal Reserve Notes are a medium of exchange,  are debt currency, but are not money.  Because they are private commerical paper, there is a usury charge that we call interest.  If you were using true money for a medium of exchange there would be no interst or usury charge.

Attorney Considerations

"It is a fact that a student can graduate from this, the fourth largest law school in the United States, without ever having written a pleading, a contract, a will, a promissory note or a deed.  Its worse than that.  It is a fact that most students graduate from this law school without ever having seen a real honest to god pleading, contract, will, promissory note, or deed.  A student can graduate without ever having set foot in a court room.  Or without ever having spoke to or on behalf of a person in need of counsel or advice.  A student can graduate without once being exposed to operation of the rules of court.  Whatever else can be said of this license issued by the State Bar, let be said that for these students and their clients, it is a cruel hoax."  Professor James Neilsen; Hastains School of Law

Represent yourself?
In cases of "The People vs. The Average American", attorneys loose 94 cases in a hundred.  Have you ever heard the old saying: "Anyone representing himself has a fool for a client."  Take this into consideration.  Those people who reject representation by an attorney and choose to represent themselves, knowing nothing of the law or court room procedure, will win 16 times out of a hundred.  That's right, you can go into court knowing nothing about the law, represent yourself and change six wins in a hundred to sixteen.  Learn a little bit about the law and you will prevail between 70 and 80 percent of the time in court.  There is a price for ignorance.

What do we know?  And of that knowledge what portions can we be certain are valid?  Our formal education generally begins in public schools.  Schools that are ‘DEPARTMENTS' of a corporation.  Within the Department of Education, the curriculum is controlled.  The corporations that we call government, have goals and agendas far removed from what we might think.

When we really begin to think we must first ask ourselves "Do I think or am I a parrot?"  Am I an individual or a sheep in the herd?  How easy am I to lead around?  How easy am I to herd?  Do I accept the beliefs of others to be accepted by others, or maybe to be part of a larger group (herd).  The philosophy of safety in numbers.

John Dewey was an 'educational philosopher' who managed to establish himself at Columbia University as the dominant figure and perhaps the most influential man in American education.  His influence may be measured by the fact that at one point (and perhaps still today) 20% of all American school Superintendents and 40% of all 'Teacher College' heads received advanced degrees from Columbia University. 

In 1897 Dewey published one of his works titled "My Pedagogic Creed".  In this work Dewey saw the destruction of a child's individualistic traits as the primary goal of education.  Once this was accomplished the youngster would conform or adjust to whatever society he finds himself located.  The prime measuring stick of a child's progress then becomes his ability to 'get along with the group' (herd).  And take a look at where we are at today! 

At one time, we parents got together and hired a teacher to educate our children and education was a private, not public enterprise.  Turning education over to government is much like having the fox train the chickens on how to stay alive.  Why we are so foolish as to think that making a slave master responsible for education is an appropriate or desirable thing is beyond my ability to understand.  Slave masters only want people who are sufficiently educated to perform a useful task and not sufficiently educated to understand their status, their political environment nor how to change either.

"We have become the new American Slaves.  But there is a revolution coming.  It is a revolution of individual liberty.  It will free us without violence.  It will begin with the self.  It will spread to the work place.  It will turn our corporate masters into our servants.  It will free us of governments' tyranny.  The revolution will spread to all corners of the nation and at last, we shall be free."  From the book Give Me Liberty by Gerry Spence.

The Press
The press has an important role and that role is outlined very clearly by John Swinton, who at the time of this quote was the Chief of Staff at the New York Times and considered as the Dean of his profession by his peers.  The quote is actually a 'toast', given at a luncheon to celebrate the independence of the press.

"There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, in America, as an independent press.  You know it and I know it.

    There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print.  I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with.  Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job.  If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.

    The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread.  You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press?

    We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes.  We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance.  Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men.  We are intellectual prostitutes."  John Swinton, Chief of Staff, New York Times.

The Federal Zone

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
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Appendix A
Appendix B
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I certainly believe that defending ones county to be the honorable thing to do, but our battles and conflicts have been engineered for a long time now.

Little Play Soldiers
Two little soldiers,
their games are such fun,
each with his helmet
and little toy gun,
Pretending their lying
on some battlefield dead
after their tucked away
safe in their bed.

Little play soldiers
if only you knew
what kind of battles
are waiting for you.

Quiet, don't disturb
all that innocence of youth.
Tell them not to lie
but never tell them the truth
That men will fall and die
while little boys grow
but little play soldiers
are too busy to know.


Little white crosses
and their rows are so long.
How will it end if you
don't know it's wrong?
Little play soldiers
never know why,
we love them and kiss them
and send them to die.


Two little soldiers,
their games are such fun,
each with his helmet
and little toy gun,
Soon they will lie
on some battlefield dead
'stead of tucked away
safe in their bed.


All you little soldiers,
if only you knew,
what kind of battles
are waiting for you


Most of us know that SOMETHING is WRONG in America. Those of us over 40 and awake have seen a gradual decline in our society accompanied with a gradual loss of our freedoms and an ever encroaching government into our personal and private lives. I have heard it said that 'the government' always operates 'lawfully' or in accordance with law. Well, to this I would assert that fraud and deceit, when used to take people's property, take children from their parents, undermine a parent's ability to raise their child as they see fit, imprison Americans when there is NO INJURED PARTY, turn the sovereignty of this country over to FOREIGN INTERESTS, and to create an ECONOMIC TRAP through the use of PRIVATE COMMERCIAL PAPER (Federal Reserve Notes - which is not money as that term is defined in Black's Law Dictionary- sixth edition) to indenture and enslave the American people in a way that scarcely one in a thousand can perceive, then this is not only operating unlawfully, it is a FELONY and a TREASON.

"Each progressive spirit is opposed by a thousand medicore minds, appointed to guard the past."  -  Maurice Maeterlinck

This page is about your freedom; how you are losing it and why. The primary defense the American people have is knowledge. Forces that are most difficult to see and we may not want to believe exist, do in fact threaten us. The information that you may download from this web-page brings a scattering of knowledge from many sources together in one web site.

"Contempt, prior to complete investigation, enslaves men to ignorance.  -  Dr. John Whitman Ray

The original purpose of creating the web site was to post a book I wrote. Its title is Perceptions. Its name is drawn from the method by which the American public has been psychologically profiled. In effect, we see exactly what we are taught (profiled) to see and that of which we have virtually no knowledge, goes mostly un-noticed. It is worse than that. When someone does see that they are being unlawfully fleeced by government and takes a stand, we un-educated Americans sit on juries and rubber stamp the unlawful behavior of government and cause severe injury to our fellow man through an uninformed guilty verdict. Our world, our reality exist within our thoughts. So, in a very true sense, to control our "perceptions" is the control of our reality. And unfortunately, our government, with the knowing help of the media, have became masters in this arena.

"If you want to make someone angry, tell him a lie.  If you want to make him furious, tell him the truth.  -  Arthur Schopenhauer

A primary example of this is our perception of law.  Our police, although somewhat well versed in corporate law, have little understanding of the law of the Republic.  The creation of corporate government has allowed that corporate government to operate un-constitutionally... that is unlawfully.  It is our Perception that anything that is sanctioned by law is also legitimate, but in corporate law, it is quite often the exact opposite.  But, by controlling our Perception of the law, they control our beliefs in this arena.  

"All truth passes through three stages.  First it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third it is accepted as self evident.  -  Arthur Schopenhauer

The web site has now grown some distance beyond my book and there are now many other fine documents here to read. Of course I hope that in reading the other documentation available here, you will still find time to read Perceptions.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."  -  George Orwell

In reading PERCEPTIONS many of you will learn that law can not compel a specific performance.  Law can not compel you to have a drivers license to travel in your car, can not compel you to have registration and license plates to travel in your car, can not compel you to obtain a license to engage in a business, can not compel you to get a license to marry.  In order to compel these specific requirements corporate government needs a contract.  Through their control of our public education they have made certain that we are not fully educated and informed on these matters.  As such, we have unknownly and unwittingly entered into one or more contracts with government.  These contracts place you in their corporate jurisdiction.  Even those who have no contracts with government, may have action taken against them if they lack the knowledge and education to defend themselves in court. The government is going to proceed against the individual as though they have jurisdiction, even when they may not.  The contracts we enter with corporate government give the corporate government extraordinary powers over our lives and in most cases these same contracts is the mechanism by which we Americans are placed under the jurisdiction of their corporate laws. 

Challenge the jurisdiction... How, When & Where did government gain jurisdicition over your life?  Other than violence how do they gain control of your life?  The Declaration of Independence says, "That to secure these rights, governments are instituted  among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the  governed..."  Do you remember giving your consent to be enslaved and controlled in every aspect of your life?  I certainly do not.  The words in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are important because they are foundational law.  That is to say, it preceeds all other law and comes before it.  That is why the CONTRACT is so necessary, or lacking that, ignorant people who know not how to challenge the jurisdiction or secure the rights set forth in these documents.

For example if you have joined 'Social Security', you have entered into a contract with a Federal Insurance Corporation.  This contract has far reaching effects of which Americans have little or no knowledge.  This is because the Corporation that we know as the 'Federal Government' also controls our public educational curriculum.  In controlling our education, they control our knowledge (Perception).  Our ignorance is much more beneficial and profitable to those who want control than is a general public that is educated and knowledgeable.  Remember what a slave is... he (or she) is a person with sufficient education and training to perform a useful task but who has insufficient education to  understand their status well enough to establish and maintain their freedom.  Their entire lives are licensed and controlled.  Americans believe that they can not work without a social security number, that they can not travel in their car without permission from the government, that they can not change the hot water heater in their home without a permit, that they can not put a new roof on their home without permission from the government, that they can not even cut trees on their property without fear of being arrested for breaking some obscure environmental law.  No, the government is certainly not going to teach you how to retain your freedom. Snaring you into their corporate jurisdiction where you become an asset (human resource - not human being), is their goal.  And now its done at birth whereby they assign a federal number (Social Security Number) to the asset (the child).  Once in their corporate jurisdiction, we become liable for the debt of corporate government.  Our ignorance, which leads to their control over your life, is much more valuable.

Those parents who are both knowledgeable and actually care about their children, do not allow assignment of a Social Security Number to their new born child.  They also know that, if they themselves, are in the corporate jurisdiction, they can not claim this free born child on their income taxes.  Corporate government only allows you to claim that for which they (corporate government) has responsibility.  Acquisition of a Social Security contract is tacit admission that you can not be responsible for yourself and are petitioning the federal government to be responsible for you.  Once corporate government accepts that responsibility, they feel justified in making decisions on your crippled behalf, since you can not be responsible for yourself.  Enter all those corporation laws under which you have contracted to be subject.

The ignorance of the American public is a reflection of the performance of our public school system.  In defense of the teachers and school administrators, most of them are educated in the same public school system as the rest of us and so their lack of knowledge might be excused on that basis.  What is not excusable is when they have the opportunity to know the truth and they choose not to know.  This is not excusable.  Teachers, by virtue of their profession, should be the first to seek the truth, setting the example for the student.  Then, once knowing the truth, they should begin teaching it.  Because they have not done this is one of the primary reasons that America is in decline. 

The mark of a stupid man is not that he does not know, it is that he does not want to know. - Michael H. Keehn

Which also points out why truly private education comes under attack.  There was a time in America when we parents got together and hired a teacher to educate our children.  The teacher, answerable to parents, provided a generally good education in their one room schools, where older and more advanced students provided instruction to the younger and less advanced.  By being involved in teaching younger students, older students became even more educated and knowledgeable.  But in a system like this, one that is not sanctioned by government license or government funding, blocks corporate government from controlling the process.  Undoubtedly one of the most detrimental changes to happen to America was the take over of education by government and forced schooling.  Every wonder why children behave as they do?  Have you gave consideration to the fact that they are in a prison, that they don't have a choice?  What is now needed is a return to the previous system or at least a system not controlled by government.  If someone in your community were to start a private school, not sanctioned or funded by government, you would be well advised to investigate and consider enrolling your children.  Knowing ahead of time that the press and public schools will do everything in their power to discredit such a school.

The more ignorant and the self centered an individual might be, the more likely it is that this individual will not want to know anything about it. When he is presented with the potentials asserted in the paragraphs above, he is likely to say to himself (and perhaps to others), "WHAT A BUNCH OF B-S". And so these individuals pave the way to remain ignorant, avoid responsibility, and perhaps provide a catalyst for others to remain the same. I suspect that it will primarily be those who can think of someone beside themselves who will wish to know more. Who will take the time to read the information available here.  But this is as it has always been.  We never see the selfish sticking out their necks for anyone, do we educators?

The research and effort required to write the book "PERCEPTIONS" was not done to make a profit nor because I did not have anything else to do. The current version of "PERCEPTIONS" is my 28th re-write of this document. It began as a simple presentation of some basic information of only a few pages.  But as knowledge was acquired and understandings gained, I felt compelled to include them in the book.  And so there have been many re-writes and a growth in the size of the book.

The reason I have committed so much time and energy to this endeavor is because I have a concern.  A concern that goes beyond me, goes beyond my friends, goes beyond my family.  My concern is that those who control our elected officials and the federal government, its policies, its laws and its policing actions, are determined to push the American people into an armed confrontation.  Bonner's Ferry Idaho and WACO, Texas are only extreme examples of this behavior by government and because the main stream media has not properly nor accurately presented these events to the American people, we remain mostly ignorant of what occurred.

But these events are played out on lesser scales (meaning fewer people are killed and/or maimed in any one incident) in towns and cities all over America. And although not as many are killed in any one incident there are so many more people murdered in quantities of one, that Waco pales by comparison. All committed, sanctioned and covered up by various levels of government.  In so many ways, increasing numbers of our police are brutal thugs who beat and use un-necessary physical violence against those in custody.  The Stanford Prison Experiment may be of interest:  http://www.prisonexp.org/

Should they (those who control government) be successful in pushing the American people into an armed confrontation and prevail, which is a possibility due to their superior armament and poor education of our military and police, then we will be a conquered people no different than we were when we were subjects of the King of England.  The Constitution, our protection from government, will no longer exist once they have conquered us.  Yet, they are continually finding ways to set aside the protections the constitution provides with the willing assistance of uneducated or uncaring police and judges.  But that setting aside process can only continue so long as we remain ignorant.  I don't know who said this originally, but it sums up our predicament quite accurately... "You can't be stupid and free at the same time."

Because of my research I know that any power or authority that the government claims to have and exercises, is one that has been conferred upon it by we the people. This concept, no longer taught in American schools, is important for many reasons.  As in the case of a young wife and mother, standing in the doorway of her home, holding her ten-month-old infant, unarmed, has not threatened anyone, represents a threat to no one, has harmed no one - although I may have the power, I certainly do not have the lawful authority to target this young mother with a .308 caliber model 700 sniper's rifle and shoot her in the face. The bullet ripping away her lower jaw and severing her carotid artery bathing her ten month old infant in her blood as she falls to the floor of her home. Her screams lasting about 15 seconds before she was gone. This event, played out by agents of the United States Government, occurred at Bonner's Ferry, Idaho.  Because I have no such authority, I can not confer such an authority upon government or its agents.

This may someday be a friend, loved family member or, as in this case, another fellow American. And when an agent of our government commits murder, he is doing so in my name and yours. Do we have a responsibility?  You bet we do and we should not shirk (avoid) it.  Therefore, if I wish to end the murder that is being done in my name, and I wish to see America avoid what will ultimately become an armed confrontation between the American people, and its out of control government, what are my options?

Well, right now the only way I see to avoid this scenario is through knowledge. Knowledge that can be acquired by most Americans. If we have some basic understandings of what is occurring we can then began to examine why it is occurring.  As knowledge becomes more widespread, more minds come into play on the problems we face.

With this knowledge we can begin to assert and claim our rights.  Rights that are guaranteed in our Constitution and founding documents.  Rights that many people died to provide.  Are we taught of the sacrifices of the founders of this country?  Are we taught what they endured and what they lost, to provide us with the freedoms we squander?  Not really!  To do so would provide an attachment and obligation to their efforts and sacrifices.  So we are taught very little, mostly just a cursory examination so that the school system can pretend that it has covered this subject.  Do most Americans know what their rights are and how to assert them?  No, of course not, thank you public education.  But with a little effort we can find out.  With knowledge we can began to assert our rights.  With knowledge we can support people who are better equipped by virtue of their education, training  and position to end the criminal behavior of government.

We have many tools to deal with a criminal government.  As individuals, one of our most powerful tools is to serve on a jury.  As a 'jury member' with knowledge we can 'vote' NOT GUILTY when there is no injured party. To better understand this, we need to know the definition of a "legal fiction".  A "legal fiction" is somehting that exists because of the mind of man.  For example, ‘time'.  Time is a creation of mans mind, therefore it is a "legal fiction".  A corporation is also a "fiction".  No real human being should be harmed to satisfy the controlling lust of a corporate fiction.  For example when our fellow American stands before us facing a term in prison because he (or she) failed to fill out, sign and file a piece of paper that corporate government calls a '1040 FORM', we might be able to see that no one is injured by this action (no injured party) and vote NOT GUILTY and set this person free instead of rubber stamping the unlawful behavior of government. But "its the law" you say?  Yes, but it is one of those laws applied by contract.  A contract that was obtained through fraud and deception.  

The government is able to acquire these contracts through control of our education processes.  How many of you Americans knew that your participation in Social Security was a binding contract?  Were you old enough to contract with Social Security when you were entered into this contract?  Was there full disclosure?  Did you know you would become subject to a different body of law?  If not, the contract was acquired through fraud and deceit.  To get on a jury we will, of course, have to lie. They certainly do not want anyone on a jury that knows right & wrong, the law or their game.  But all we have to protect us from the awesome unlawful behavior of government is each other.  So serving on a jury is certainly one of the most important duties we will have as a citizen.

The Challenge:
But the biggest problem by far, is that good people do nothing. They don't read it or they don't absorb its meaning, and they don't pass it on with their own encouraging words so that friends and relatives will read it. In the words of Jean Francois Revel, in his book "the flight from truth":

"My principle aim has been to determine the reason people so often neglect the factual information available to them and prefer to base their conceptions and indeed their actions on false information, even though it is often against their best interest to do so."

And so, because of our general apathy, I believe that many young men, and now women and children (witness WACO) are going to die because of people who chose to remain ignorant. Good people who don't want to read anything that is not funny or entertaining. Good people who don't want to accept the responsibility of good citizenship. Good people who want to live in their fantasy 'la la land' and certainly do not want to recognize that 'la la land' is not what it appears. Good people, who it seems, can only think of themselves.  A good friend has suggested that this is because people don't want to leave their comfort zone.  I do not like to think that we are that immature, but he may be right.   If we are unwilling to leave our comfort zone we may someday find ourselves overcome by inescapable danger.

There are some patriotic people out there just like me and the numbers are growing. I've come across doctors, lawyers, business owners, and ordinary workers like myself who have done their research and are knowledgeable. And just like me they are frustrated because for the most part, friends and family don't take them seriously, don't take any time to listen to what they have to say or just want to write them off as a kook. Therefore, may we ask the question: "When your life and its way are being threatened, and when the lives of those you purport to love are threatened in the same manner, and you don't want to know about it - who is the kook? "

I guess my ultimate question to you is:

How many are going to ultimately pay the price for our apathy. How many have already died or are imprisoned because we don't want to be responsible, because we don't want to educate ourselves? How many have died world wide because of our phoney baloney invasions?  How many more will die because we don't want to pass information on to friends and family and help them become educated. In the end, it might be you. I'm certain that the people who lived at Mt. Carmel, going about the business of conducting ordinary lives, raising their children, trying to live by their beliefs in God (not my beliefs in God), trying to provide for themselves and their families, felt just as you do today. That they have no worry and will not become targets of a federal agency and ultimately become shot, tormented, tortured and finally incinerated.  In conversations I had with... some Americans I know just after the events of Waco, I often heard that "They got what they deserved!"  Did they?  Who had they harmed?  No one, that's who.  The FBI and government agents told us all that they were concerned about the children, and yet these same government agents killed 22 children.  Some people I have spoke with don't want to accept this fact (they would have to leave their comfort zone).  Probably because they can't feel good about themselves if they do.  And, as far as I'm concerned, they shouldn't feel good about themselves... none of us should.  I don't.  Greater security comes with knowledge, not denial.  



dogbert wisdom

Dogbert Wisdom

This web page, the time it takes, the energy it requires... are done for those I love and for my fellow American.  Can you join me?  Can you help by educating yourself and then educating others?

There is a great deal of understanding to be gained in reading  all of the documentation available at this web site.  Perceptions is presented in a manner that an average person can understand. Knowledge is the one thing that can not be taken from you. Your home, car, appliances, properties can all be repossessed, or like your bank account, may be confiscated. But your knowledge can be neither repossessed or confiscated. For young people there is a wealth of understanding that can help you plan your future and direction in life.

The thrust of Perceptions is to give some of you a new perspective. Hopefully, it will be one that you wish to share with others. I encourage others with informational web pages to review the documents here and if you feel that its content is in keeping with the foundations of your web site, feel free to include a link to this page.

This version of 'Perceptions', completed on November 15, 2003 - my 28th revision, is more comprehensive, more concise, and better presented than previous versions and of course it comes with a bit more information than previous versions. But, it is probably the last revision.  I have been at this project for over 10 years now, studying, researching, writing and re-writing.  I believe that the time has come when I owe no more to the future.  It is time for me to do the things I enjoy.  And so I hand off the ball to a younger generation.

It is quite likely that reading the information contained in Perceptions and Sui Juris... pardon me but #5 will generate a number of questions. If so please feel free to e-mail your questions and I will answer them as time permits.  When posting questions, use Minuteman as the subject.  I get so many junk e-mails that I may miss a legitmate question if the subject is blank or looks like junk mail.

Questions? e-mail me at... mhkeehn@lycos.com

November 2003:  I have  just completed reading Trance Formation of America.  To our leadership, that is our congressmen and senators, I have this to say... It is clear from the reading of this book that you can not be trusted, period.  Many of you have obviously known of this situation by virtue of participation and even if you have not participated directly, you have sanctioned the continuation of this criminal activity by virtue of your silence and refusal to do your job and see that justice is served.  The very minimum you could have done is to inform the public.  And not one of you have done so.  For those of you interested in the depth of our problems this book is a must.  It deals with mind control of people who are not volunteers.  This particular book deals with one lady who, with the help of a truly selfless man, managed to rescue her, and because of his knowledge, helped her to recover her mind and memories.  The mind control practiced on Kathy O'Brien was ‘trauma based'.  The victim is subjected to a severe trauma, which causes the mind to ‘compartmentalize'... what we know as multiple personalty disorder.  The mind does this to deal with the trauma and still remain functional.  Typically, these compartments are not able to communicate with each other.  Kathy was used in a number of capacities.  One of these capacities is that of message courier.  It turns out that one of the offshoots of trauma based mind control, is a photographic memory.  Kathy would be traumatized, then programmed with a message to be delivered to a foreign minister or dignitary.  That individual was given a phrase to ‘access' that part of Kathy's mind which contained the message, and it would be delivered, verbatim, even with the same voice inflections as the person who programmed Kathy.  In other capacities she was used as a prostitute, mostly by our sick government officials, but also by leaders and dignitary's of other countries.  Important to notice is the fact that there has been no law suits of libel or slander filed in the several years that the book has been out.  From this it is clear that those named in this book, and there are many, do not want this information testified to, under oath, in open court!  I thnk that we Americans, who actually care about our country, owe it to these people to read their story.  In my case, after reading my initial copy, purchased another $400.00 worth of additional copies and gave them to friends and libraries.  We all need to do what we can.

"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is
a scarce and brave man, hated and scorned.
When his cause succeeds however, the timid
join him, for then it costs nothing to be a
patriot."  - Mark Twain

Commentary on documents
you may download:

Most of the documents below are in .PDF format and may be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.  The READER is a free download from the ADOBE web site.  See the link below.

A Watchmans Word to America:  Posted June 30, 2006:  This document, a little over 16 pages in length, informs us of events that have taken place (some history) and some that are probably about to occur, and the potential end result.  It is probably going to make a number of us uncomfortable.  It is not my intent to "SELL" this information to anyone, only to make it available to those who may wish to know such things.  After reading this document, most of us will begin an analysis of our situation and probably begin some preparations for the possibilities that we see.

Law of Equivalent Exchange: by M. H. Keehn.  Posted June 6, 2006:  A short essay highlighting the fact that in general conduct of our lives, to obtain an object we must exchange something of equal value.

An Underground History of American Education:  by J. T. Gatto.   Posted April 8, 2006:  I've been somewhat critical of public education and that was clear in the "Educational Question", posted below and composed by myself.  But my criticism of the public educational system was a layman's view.  John Gatto, a teacher for over 30 years, with may citations under his belt, is much more substantive and researched in his views of public education here in America.  His writing style is a little bit scholarly and adjusting to it will take a little effort, but it will be worth the energy required.  This book is a must for any parent who proclaims to care about their child or children.  Not to read it will be a disservice to them.  For the more mature student (those in high school), this book will give you a perspective of the disservice public education has foisted upon you, and all of America in general.  It will be those students who read this book that, through the knowledge and understanding gained, will be able to hold their teachers and school administrators feet to the fire.  Teachers, hold on, there is a new wind beginning to blow.  This book is on the web and that is where I acquired the text from which to create this .PDF document.  View the table of contents here

Regulate Who?:  Posted March 19, 2005:  Updated April 30, 2006: Much of the information in Sui Juris #5 (below) and PERCEPTIONS (also below) is difficult to get a grasp on because of a lack of understanding.  This short paper is a kind of bridge to the knowledge that will make understanding of these two other documents a little less challenging.  In effect, the people of America have never given the government the authority to regulate them, only "residents" and "commerical activity".  Thus the goal for government has been to place Americans into one or both of these catagories and that is what this paper is about.  Additionally, I have posted IRS form W8 for the reader of this document.  As always Mr. Phelps, if there are any questions, feel free to ask them.

Baby's with no birth certificates nor social secruity numbers:  Posted May 7, 2005:  This short paper is written by a mother who took serious, the job of parenting.  She put forth the effort to understand numerous matters related to citizenship, and contractual obligations acquired through Social Security and Birth Certifications.  Both of these are contracts, although that is not generally understood by Americans.  By virtue of her understanding of these matters, and others, she made the decision not to acquire a government issued Birth Certification nor Social Security number for her daughter when she was born.  This lady shares her hospital experience and other information that might be of interest to any parent considering the retention of freedom for any child, whether to be born or already born.  For the moment, and probably for good reason, she has chosen to remain anonymous, but question can be routed through me.

Perceptions:  Cosmetic update November 11, 2004: This book, authored by myself, contains a great deal of research.  It is a beginning, but in no way should be considered to be the end of your study.  The left and right margins, visible here, contain some excerpts from Perceptions.  It is pointed and covers a number of topics.  To prevail, we Americans need as many people on our team as we can get, as such you may find it worth sharing with others.  There are issues within its pages that angered me when I researched them.  They anger me still and that anger does bleed through a bit.  I attempted to contain my anger and not allow it to surface within my writing, but, as a human attached to mankind, I was not wholly successful.  Perhaps when you read those sections, this emotion will be more clearly understood.  Thank you for your acceptance and understanding.

Perceptions - XML Version:  Cosmetic update November 11, 2004: This version of PERCEPTIONS is the same text as the above version, but contains XML links.  It is still viewed from within Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you are new to XML it is simply this.  There are ‘links' in the table of contents.  Click the link and you are instantly taken to this topic.  It is a convenient way of quickly navigating the book while viewing it on the screen of your computer.  There is also a link at the bottom of each page to take you back to the Table of Contents.

Perceptions Addendum: Appendix E - Posted May 21, 2004:  This addition contains updated information relative to Perceptions (above).  Its pages may also be of some help to those facing legal actions and provide some insights that might not otherwise have been considered.  I have developed it as Appendix E so as to follow at the end of the book above should someone actually print it out.  Within there is a reference to a book titled The Federal Zone (http://www.supremelaw.org/fedzone11/).  This book is extraordinary and if you truly wish to be something other than a slave (subject), it is a must to read.  The Federal Zone may be viewed (and saved) chapter by chapter and appendix by appendix from the web site listed.  I have done so myself and have it as reference on my computer.  [Note:  The Federal Zone is now available in the left margin.]

Mary's Book:  Posted April 23, 2005:  Mary has perceived our problem very accurately.  She has a straight forward style of writing that outlines the problem in a manner that can be quickly absorbed and understood.  She not only has identified the problem, she has taken steps to protect herself, her productivity and her children.  Mary does an excellent job of helping the reader to understand that virtually all law is commercial.  Driving law, military draft law, public school laws, building permits... virtually all law is applied by contract.  She will teach the reader how to avoid contractual obligations.  She has acted on her knowledge and provides you with the tools to do the same.  Many readers will probably not fully understand her perspective and position without a primer.  To that end I have taken the liberty to compose a short primer that will quickly bring the reader up to speed and allow him to hit the ground running.  You may view the primer by clicking <here>.  This book is more than worth your time to read.

LAND PATENTS  Memorandum of Law, History, Force and Effects:  Posted December 25, 2004:  Although I don't know how it could have happened, public education has failed to teach American's about allodial title to property.  All property in the united States of America was set up to be held in allodium.  So that we are all on the same page we should probably define these terms.

Allodial.  Free; not holden of any lord or superior; owned without obligation of vassalage or fealty; the opposite of feudal. - Blacks Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition.

Allodium.  Land held absolutely in one's own right, and not of any lord or superior; and not subject to feudal duties or burdens. - Blacks Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition.

When property is held in allodium, all police powers are removed from the property.  There are no building permits required and there are no property taxes (feudal duties) due.  When property is held in allodium, the title is called a Land PatentThis book, which appeared only briefly a number of years back and then seemed to disappear and is now virtually impossible to find.  A search for this book was conducted on the web in several used book depositories, one containing several million books, and was not found.  Ultimately, an individual, very capable in web searches and acquisitions, was able to run this down and it was his Christmas gift to me.  It is Christmas day, and I am posting this on my web site for my fellow American.  Merry Christmas.

The Slaughterhouse Cases:  Posted March 19, 2005:  Those of you who've reade Sui Juris #5 or PERCEPTIONS have learned that there is considerable difference in the burdens and freedoms between United States citizenship and State Citizenship.  In the Slaughterhouse Cases the supreme court went some distance in delineating out the difference between State Citizenship and United States citizenship.  It's a very important decision and one that everyone interested in their citizenship here in America should read.

WHETHER THE SECOND AMENDMENT SECURES AN INDIVIDUAL RIGHT:  Posted January 27, 2005:  This opinion is an in-depth look at the second amendment.  I suspect that, given its source, many of you will be surprised by the position developed.  For those needing support in their second amendment arguments this document is a must.  This document was downloaded from the Department of Justice posting at:
As much as this serves to empower the individual American it may not be an active web posting for very long.  While I'm not trying to sell a politician, it is interesting to note that while the United Nations is acting to disarm the general population of the whole world, including and especially the United States, the administration of President George Bush Jr. has prepared a document in complete opposition to this United Nation goal.  Which is also to note, that it is in opposition to the goal of NEW WORLD ORDER.  Such brazen opposition and defiance could easily bring about an attack on the President, beginning with character assassination.  If he opposes their goals too much, he might become the next John F. Kennedy. 

Because of the importance of this document I have posted it at this web site.  You may access it by clicking the link above, or by going directly to the Department of Justice web posting by typing in the URL.  It is a dynamic document with XML links already installed, as such I have left it in its original .htm format.

Who is really brave?:  Posted January 30, 2005:  A composition of my own that contains some thoughts that I've been struggling with for some time.

A Businessman's Position:  This document is the position held by a businessman in Orland, California.  All businessmen who must deal with the miriad of alphabet regulatory agencies should read this document related to 'corporate government' and the burdens government acquired when it became corporate.

Affidavit of Facts:  Posted July 6, 2006:  An Orland, California man purchased the controlling stock in Orland Sand & Gravel in 2002 becoming the CEO of this small company.  After doing so he began a general clean up of the facilities and property, including the removal of some trees that were in the way of operations.  With the removal of the trees, here came government officials, in this case officers of Fish & Game, who told Doc to stop his activity.  They then sent him a letter that amounted to a 'cease and desist' order.  The position of Fish & Game was that the stream bed alteration permit was not transferrable.  This seemed strange because the permit was not held by the previous primary stock holder, it was held by the corporation... Orland Sand & Gravel.  The letter from Fish & Game effectively shut down his operations and so Doc determined that he had very little choice other than to file a law suit.  Either Fish & Game had acted without authority, or the previous primary stock holder had engaged in a fraudulent sale.  It certainly seemed that Fish & Game was more likely to have acted without authority for if what they were saying were true, then every corporation in America would be required to renew their permits by virtue of the stock transfers taking place on the New York, American and other stock exchanges.  And we all know that is not the case.  And so that is where this story begins.  Today, June 6, 2006, Doc now has 12 counts of exactly the same misdemeanor charge filed against him by the California Department of Injustice.  Of interesting note is the fact that Doc and his corporation are charged under Fish & Game law, but Fish & Game is not a party to the action.  It is strictly being pursued by the corporate STATE OF CALIFORNIA, DEPARTMENT OF INJUSTICE.  For four years now, the corporate STATE OF CALIFORNIA has been trying to get money from Doc in one way or another and bring him to heel.  In this he has met the governments frivolous and dishonorable behavior in substance.  He has made a case that government has become criminal in nature and it certainly appears to be a valid case.  His trial is scheduled to begin tomorrow, July 7, 2006 and so he has been engaged in preparation.  One of his concerns, and a valid one at that, was that the court, being control by government interests, would somehow exclude much of what has transpired and that it would be excluded, leaving the jury with only a partial and incomplete picture of what has transpired.  They would not see his sincere efforts to deal with government and the governments total failure to respond to the issues raised.  In an effort to make certain that his story could not be excluded from the proceedings, Doc, working with a friend, has composed an affidavit of facts surround this entire event.  Since his stand is not only for himself and his company, but is also for all of America, his story merits inclusion on this web page.  His affidavit is about 88 pages in length.  It includes letters sent to government and allows the reader to form their own opinion.  It was probably wise of Doc to compose the affidavit for as I understand it, there is a motion, entered by the government, to be heard tomorrow that would exclude anything beyond 7 months ago.  Yet it is the actions going back to 2002 that has brought this matter to its current status.  But you can never predict how dishonest our legal system is going to be in such matter.  This is a very powerful document and it is worthy of your time to read.  This is a follow up to the document above this one... A Businessman's Position.  This document merits inclusion on this web site. 

Minuteman Defined:  Posted June 26, 2004:  Updated April 30, 2006:  A while back, I received an e-mail, asking me to define, in my own words, a Minuteman.  The query or question was put forth to me on the basis that this was the title I had selected for my web page.  I was suspicious of the query, but I answered it as though legitimate.  The link takes you to my response and definition.

Republicans & Democrats:  Posted November 7, 2004:  Updated April 30, 2006:  I was recently asked, by a friend, what my take was on the recent election.  I responded by saying that, to me, Republicans and Democrats are trains on different tracks going to the same destination.  My friend responded by saying, "what destination is that?"  This caused me pause.  It had been so clear in my mind for such a long period that I guess that I thought it should be obvious to everyone.  But it is not.  So this is the link to that answer.  Click the link and find out why this American believes that Republicans and Democrats are trains on different tracks headed to the same destination and what that destination might be.

Republican Form:  Posted November 28, 2003.  Our Constitution mandates that Congress provide a Republican form of Government, without exception.  There is no latitude in this requirement as to whether Congress may or may not exercise it.  The Constitution requires them to do so.  Yet, how many Americans actually know what qualities define a Republican form of Government?  It was not clearly taught in school when I attended.  It was not clearly taught in school when my children attended.  I suspect that most Americans probably do not know the defining characteristics.  If you are one and would like to know that form of government that so many Americans died to provide, this document is for you.

Miranda:  Posted February 20, 2004.  It is most difficult and almost impossible for government to charge and prosecute you without your help.  They confront you with pointed questions or accuse you of something and your mouth goes into gear.  You have the right to remain silent... exercise it.  The MIRANDA ruling is posted to help you in understand this concept and its importance.  Believe me, I have no compassion for those who have injured another, but there are many people in jail who have injured no one and it is these people for whom I post this document.  Do your talking in court.

Drugs:  Posted August 22, 2004.  I was recently in yet another discussion surrounding the drug problems of America.  Because of this discussion, I have composed this essay.  Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts and ideas.

Scott Peterson:  Posted November 28, 2004.  The ordeal of Scott Peterson is generally well known throughout the united States of America, mostly because of the A&E program detailing the death of Lacy Peterson (Scotts wife) and Scotts involvement with Amber Frye.  The conviction of Scott for the murder of both his wife and unborn child is now past headlines.  But it is the murder conviction of the unborn child upon which this document centers.  For this is a murder convition of an individual who does not yet exist in law by virtue of the fact that there has not been a birth.  However, with a conviction for murder of this not yet born child, there is the element that this unborn has a "right to life."  This would be a conflict with women who engage in the taking of a life of an innocent unborn through abortion. 

Choosing a companion:  Posted June 12, 2004.  This one is for men only.  Although constructed for a friend, I suspect it may have points of view that may be useful to men in general as they consider entering into a relationship with a female with the ultimate goal of finding a suitable companion for life.  Although the "Marriage" document below was posted first, I think that with the addition of this document, this one should probably be the first one read of these two.

Marriage:  Posted January 11, 2004.  This one is for men only.  Any man contemplating marriage should probably read this but you should probably read Choosing a compainion first (See link above).

Men's Rules:  Poste March 13, 2005:  We men always hear "the rules" from the female side.  Now here are the rules from the male side.  Not only is this humorous, it's on target.  I received this as an e-mail. 

Bank Accounts without a Social Security number:  Posted January 29, 2004:  Those of you who have read 'PERCEPTIONS' know that America has two legal classes of citizenship status.  State Citizen, which is the original citizen of the Republic, and United States citizen, which is citizenship of the District of Columbia.  The reader also knows that he becomes a citizen of the District when he fills out the form to join Social Security, checks the box that declares his status to be a U.S. citizen (citizen of the District) and then signs this document under penalty of perjury.  The reader of PERCEPTIONS also knows that this change in citizenship status obligates him to the corporate laws of the District.  And most law is corporate.  Some people are now canceling their Social Security participation to avoid this contractual obligation.  Others are not allowing the assignment of Social Security numbers or Birth Certificates to their children at birth.  This has presented a problem for some who wish to open bank accounts since the banks generally will not open a bank account for anyone who does not have a Social Security number.  This document contains considerable information for opening bank accounts without a social security number.  The laws you need are cited and their text is included.  There is also reference as to how to properly cancel your social security participation.

The Price Paid:   Posted February 1, 2004:  Who were the men that signed the Declaration of Independence.  They signed a document that ultimately led to our freedom.  What consequences do you think might have befallen them to sign a document that we benefit from today.  Do you think you would have the courage to sign a Declaration of Independence knowing that the most powerful army in the world would come looking for you?  The majority of this text is taken from an old writing that describes some of what the signers suffered so that we can have freedom.  It is short and easily read in 10 minutes.

Points of Law:  Posted February 1, 2004:  This document contains a listing of several points of law that may be used in court room strategy.  These points support, and in turn are supported by, the constitution.

Recourse:  Posted February 7, 2004:  This document details the actions of a Citizen against a judge.  This short account will help many understand the behavior and actions of Citizens who choose to take a stand against City Hall.  If you or a loved one have been wronged by government, this document is for you.  If you are thinking of taking a stand, this document is for you.  If you want to be a better juror, this document is for you.  If you just want to be a better citizen, this document is for you.

Sui Juris... Pardon me but #5: This, all by itself, is the most extraordinary document in my collection. Nord Davis, its author, recently passed away and although I never met the man, I have became acquainted with his patriotic spirit through his writings and it is one that will be missed. What Mr. Davis has to say in Sui Juris... pardon me but #5 should be required reading by every high school student before graduation with an accompanying test on understanding its content. This document is one of the references contained in 'Perceptions'. Any school teachers wishing to teach about freedom should seriously consider sharing this document with your students.

On Target!   This 1995 publication by Nord Davis has a number of different areas of interest.  It has some follow up information on Sui Juris... Pardon me but, #5.  It has some information for the student of Status and Government and it has a little history of the revolutionary war.  It goes some distance in explaining jurisdiction of the District.  It talks some of the history of the Statue of Liberty and asks if this is your icon of liberty.  It's an interesting document and worthy of your time to read, but it should probably not be the first document that you should absorb.

Sui Juris... Pardon me but #2:   I was a senior in high school and in a 'business' class when another student, not part of the class, stuck his head in the door and reported that President John F. Kennedy had been shot in Dallas. In the aftermath 'We the People' were told by our government officials that this was the act of lone assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. That the related killing of suspect Oswald by Jack Ruby was the act of a lone assassin. That the death of Robert Kennedy by one Sirhan Sirhan was the act of a lone assassin. That the shooting of Dr. King was the act of a lone assassin. That the attempted assassination of President Reagan by Hinkley was the work of a lone assassin. This work, PARDON ME BUT... #2, will provide those of you interested, with some information to ponder.

Hope's Husband:  Posted March 7, 2004:  Have you noticed that any third world country that the United States has "helped", since the end of WWII (other than Japan), ends up in communist hands or some other form of dictatorship or totalitarian government?  Somewhere, in one of my writings I have asked the question, "Why is it that so many people of this world want to cause us harm?"  Hope's Husband provides an answer to this question and outlines the United States betrayal of Nicaragua into the hands of the communist's with Oliver North at center stage following the orders of our governments leadership.  If we 'turn a blind eye' to the atrocities committed by our government throughout this world, as the German people did in the 30's and 40's, I suspect we will suffer a similar fate.  We American's have been an honorable, ethical and responsible people.  We should not change!  This is a very powerful document and is for all Americans.

Roar of the Crowd: Another work of Nord Davis, Jr. In my humble opinion it is excellent. This document will cause reflection upon beliefs and positions. It is thought provoking and worth your while to read. It is probably best that I don't comment on it's content for it is best when revealed by reading it cover to cover without any pre-judgement (prejudice).

INSLAW... a criminal case: The 'Inslaw' case is one in which an individual formed a company and developed the 'PROMIS' software package. 'PROMIS' is an acronym for PROsecution Management Information System. It allows the tracking of movement on a world wide scale. The package was installed in several government facilities and once installed the government failed to pay the bill. This resulted in bankrupting the firm that developed PROMIS. The government then took this software package onto an Indian reservation (a nation within a nation where the laws of the Untied States do not apply) and installed a 'back door' into the program followed by distribution to other governments (where's those brave police and prosecutors when you really need them? - - - maybe its a hint why Clinton fired all U.S. Attorneys). The back door, of course, allows the United States government access to the data collected by other governments who use it. A law suit was filed and stone-walling began. I have included this document so that you may know your government by its stripes.

Ruby Ridge (Bonners Ferry, Idaho): This document is an e-mailing that I received in the month of October, 2000. The writer has given me permission to distribute it as I wish and so I have chosen to put his effort on my web page. The content of his e-mail is a composite of books he read relating to deaths in which federal law enforcement was involved. What this American presents will cause reflection. Reflection in our beliefs and our attitudes. Preceding his e-mailing is a commentary by myself. The commentary sets the stage for that which follows.  As always Mr. Phelps, if you or any of your I-M force are caught, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

An Educational Question: Updated November 16, 2003:  This document is an essay of mine in which I put forth a question concerning public education. Feel free to comment upon it.  As of March 7, 2004 no teachers or educational professionals have commented on this document.

Using the 5th Amendment: This document contains a writing by an ordinary citizen who began to secure his rights when first encountering a government agent - a police officer in this case. For those trying to learn how to claim and secure their rights, this may provide a good tutorial. Commentary is by me.

Role of the code enforcer: Updated April 30, 2006:  This short document is a time line and path traveled by government to deny the American people their inherent rights. It does not contain much of the reference as does PERCEPTIONS, listed above, but it does contain the facts necessary for understanding. It is intended for the ‘code enforcer' but is instructive in all settings. You may know a ‘code enforcer' with whom you wish to share this document. Feel free to make a copy of this document and give it to whomever you wish.

Random Thoughts... Periodically I see things in a different light than most. To provide myself a forum for these perspectives, or sometimes questions, I have created a Random Thoughts document. From time to time, as different matters and perspectives come to mind and crystalize, I will add them to this document.

United States History: A non-revisionist history written in 1905. This history reads like an adventure. It is not boring and contains a monumental amount of information not presented in history texts written in the last 55 years. For those engaged in 'home schooling', it doesn't get any better.

9-11 Time Line of events: This time line of events may provide a different perspective.

9-11 Questions:  Some questions to ponder. 

The Terrorism Question: Finally, someone has asked the question. I have asked the question in a slightly different form, but with the same meaning: "What are we doing to the peoples of this world that so many of them want to cause us harm? The main stream media has never asked this question to my knowledge. Now, another American has asked the question and puts forth possible reasons. His name is Larry Ripplinger. I received his writing in an forwarded e-mail. It is a perspective worthy of your time to read.


Internet Web Directory:  (Posted 02-20-2005):  The Internet's fastest growing directory of the best web sites.  Fully searchable and updated regularly. 

Education & Freedom:  (Posted 01-15-05):  Crusin' the web the other day and doing some searches, I came across this web site.  Although I've not had the opportunity to review all of its documentation, it appears to be an excellent reference site.  To survive as a free individual (freeman), you can not be ignorant and dependent upon others to inform you of your rights.  You must know them yourself.  The premise is that you can not be stupid and free at the same time.  I'm certain this web site will help in your quest for knowledge and understanding.  http://www.wealth4freedom.com/truth/links2educate.htm

A mix of writters and information on many topics:  http://www.newswithviews.com/

A 9-11 analysis that is worth your time to read (Posted 4-5-04):  http://misternet.org/nerdcities/STF/stranger-than-fiction.htm

Another American reveals the difference between the corporate UNITED STATES (US) and the Republic of the united States of America : US v. usA

Discover your power and responsibilities as an American Juror : Juror Handbook

The web site of J. Orlin Grabbe : J. Orlin Grabbe web page

The American Patriots Friends Homepage : APFN

The web site of patriot David Parsons : Patriot David Parsons web page

Adobe Products: Download Acrobat Reader as a freebie

Patriotic Web Link


FEEDBACK : I welcome feedback. Feel free to be critical. In have attempted to write 'PERCEPTIONS' so that some complicated issues might be understood by my fellow American and I welcome input as to how well the material comes across. I also seek input on spelling and grammar errors. And if you actually like the effort put forth in the book, it would be nice to hear that also. I would also appreciate notification on any problems with the web page or its links that you may detect. Thanks... mike

A ship called America - either we learn to sail together or we sink together.

Monetary Trap
How it works

Before beginning, we need to understand the authorization process for the Federal Reserve Note... See the left side under Federal Reserve Note.  With this understanding we may now understand the Monetary Trap.  In simple form you buy a piece of Real Estate for $100,000 and put $20,000 down, then sign a contract for $80,000.  When this contract (private debt - a sound asset owned by the bank) is placed on deposit with the Treasurer of the United States, the Federal Reserve agent is then authorized to issue an amount of currency (Federal Reserve Notes) formulated from the $80,000 contractual debt.  In four years you have landscaped, poured a concrete driveway and patio, and installed a couple larger windows.  You then sell this property for $130,000.  The buyer puts $30,000 down and signs a contract for $100,000.  When this contract is placed on deposit with the Treasurer of the United States, the Federal Reserve Bank is again authorized to issue an additional amount of currency without retiring the currency from the first contract on the same piece of property.  Over and over again this process repeats itself.  Have you ever wondered why it is so easy to get credit?  Credit creates DEBT and increases the assets owned by the bank.  It does not take a rocket scientist to see that in a relatively short period of time, it is possible to issue sufficient debt currency (Federal Reserve Notes) to acquire a debt that exceeds the value of all the property and holdings in the united States of America.  Ultimately this bankrupts America.  When America goes bankrupt, it goes into a form of receivership in which the world bankers (the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank) will wish to collect their collateral.  What do you think that might be?  Are you sufficiently awake to see that your country is being turned over to foreign interests?  That your Constitution, your protection from government, is being set aside little by little?

For a more in depth understanding of the bankruptcy of the United States, see [5 USCA 903, etc.]

I knew a fellow who owned a ranch in Alaska.  It was worth about 300, 000 dollars.  He sold it for 30,000 dollars in lawful money in the account of the united States of America.  That is, he sold it for 30,000 silver dollars.  At that time the exhange ratio was 10 Federal Reserve Notes per silver dollar.  So he got his 300,000 dollars, but, in the world of business he actually sold the ranch for 30,000 dollars, showing no gain and those who bought the ranch, only had a 30,000 dollar piece of property on which to pay taxes.
... yes, ignorance costs us, does it not?

"The distinction between state citizenship and national citizenship is recognized and perpetuated in the Fourteenth Amendment and cases adjudicated thereunder."  Modern Constitutional Law (The volume on The Individual and the Government), p652, Chester J. Antieau

If we conclude that the 'birth of the Republic' began with signing of the constitution in 1787, we begin to realize things that were not clear or apparent before.  If we do a little research of our history, we find that the states had functioned as independent nations since the outbreak of the revolutionary war.  We also find that the states were very jealous of their independent nation status and had no intention of signing any document that might take that status from them, including the constitution.  Consequently, the constitution does not create a country, instead it forms a UNION.  A Union of several independent nation States.  Therefore, at the birth of the Republic in 1787, the original citizen was the State Citizen since the State was an independent nation.  United States citizenship was put forth in the fourteenth amendment in 1868.  The difference is that United States citizenship is citizenship of the District of Columbia, where it was created, not of the Republic.  As with all citizenship,  your citizehip status subjects you to the laws of the jurisdiction from which the citizenship emanates.  If you were to claim or posses United States citizenship, it will subject you to the corporate law of the District of Columbia.  Those who posses only State Citizenship, would not be subject to the law of the District of Columbia unless they are unwilling to challenge the jurisdiction when under attack.

The problem is that we change our citizenship without knowing how we've done so.  It's part of our education process.  You know... dumbing down.  Ignorance has a price.

Emergency Rule
Declarations of EMERGENCY, provide government with the means to suspend normal constitutional limitations on their actions.

"Since March 9, 1933, the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency."  Senate report 93-549

Senate report 93-549 was prepared pursuant to hearings by the Senate in 1973 and had this to say:

"The majority of American Citizens have lived all their lives under Emergency Rule.  For forty years, freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the constitution have in varying degrees been abridged by laws brought into FORCE by states of National Emergency.  And in the United States action taken by the government in times of great crises have, from at least the civil war, in important ways shaped the present phenomenon of a permanent state of national emergency."  Senate Report 93-549

What kind of power does an declared EMERGENCY provide to the government.?  ...  

"Under the powers delegated by these statutes the President may seize property, organize and control the means of production, seize commodities, assign military forces abroad, institute martial law, seize and control all transportation and communication, regulate the operation of private enterprise, restrict travel, and in a plethora of particular ways control the lives of all American citizens. " - Senate Report 93-549:

Since Senate report 93-549 was written in 1973 and it is now 2003, are we still in a state of declared national emergency?  If we are, we should be able to find evidence of that in current law.  At Title 12 U.S.C., 48 Statute 1, Sec 95b, we read: 

"The actions, regulations, rules, license, orders or proclamations heretofore or hereafter taken, promulgate, made or issued by the President of the United States or the Secretary of the Treasury since March 4, 1933 pursuant to the authority of section '95a' of this title, are hereby approved and confirmed."   Chapter 1, Title 1, 48 Statute 1, March 9, 1933

This is the current law today - look it up if you like.

(Not in Perceptions)

"If I have seen further than some, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants."  Albert Eienstein

"Politics is a process of engineering problems to get more money to not solve them". - Michael H. Keehn

"Problems are to be managed, not solved." - Michael H. Keehn

"Problems are to be exploited, not solved." - Michael H. Keehn

"Ten thousand years of wisdom. all writen down and recorded, and yet, we fail to listen to ourselves." - Michael C. Keehn

You have not failed until the day you stop accepting responsibility for all that occurs in your life and began to blame others. - Source unknown

Wrong is WRONG, even if it helps you.

"All new ventures go through six phases.
1.  Enthusiasm
2.  Complication
3.  Disillusionment
4.  Search for the guilty.
5.  Punishment of the innocent.
6.  Decoration of those who've done nothing." - Unknown


This poem, repeated here from memory, was put forth by Dr. Wayne Dyer on an audio presentation I once heard.  Since it's from memory, perhaps you will be forgiving is it's not 100% accurate.

Little Effie's Head
by E. E. Cummings
(I think)

here's little Effie's head
her brains are made of gingerbread
when judgement day comes
God will find six crumbs
stooping by the coffin lid
...waiting for something to rise
as the some things always did
imagine his surprise
bellowing above the general noise
she was dead

and back to God
the first crumb said
my name is Maybe
where upon
the other five crumbs chuckled
as if they were alive

and crumb number two
picked up the song
Might I am called,
I've done no wrong

and crumb number three
said "I am Should,
here's our little sister Could
and our big brother Would...
don't punish us
for we have been good"

and the last crumb
with some shame
whispered unto God
"My name is Must,
and with the others
we have been EFFIE
who isn't alive"
so cross the threshold
with no dread
we lift back the sheet in the way
here is little Effie's head
her brains are made of gingerbread.

The things from which all good neurotics are made

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