Random Thoughts

last updated - June 2, 2002

As I observe and ponder what is occurring in the good old U.S.A., I am, from time to time, able to see matters in a different light than the main stream media. Generally these insights form in my mind as a question because nothing is real in America's carnival house of political cards. Nothing is what it seems and we are seldom told the truth by our leadership as we know from the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonken (did I spell that correctly?) and WACO, Texas. The list goes on and on, and includes the death of high level government officials and picks up the Inslaw case on its way to many other questionable, and most likely criminal events. As we proceed we should always keep in mind that actions speak much louder than words. And so we should watch their actions by virtue of their Policy Decisions, Laws passed, Executive Orders issued as well as their criminal behavior toward the American people.

As an outlet for questions I have created this page to place on my web site. I will update it periodically as time allows and questions / observations clarify themselves in my thought process. And so we begin.


Added June 2, 2002: "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." - Albert Einstein.

Added June 2, 2002: "If I have seen further than some, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants." - Albert Einstein.

Added June 2, 2002: "Politics is a process of engineering problems to get more money to not solve them." - Michael H. Keehn

Added June 2, 2002: "Politics: problems are to be managed, not solved." - Michael H. Keehn

Added June 2, 2002: "Politics: problems are to be exploited, not solved." - Michael H. Keehn

Added June 2, 2002: "Politics may also be a process to create a problem or danger as a means to strip the people of their birthright of freedom." - Michael H. Keehn

Added June 2, 2002: "Wrong is wrong, even if it helps you." - Michael H. Keehn

Shadow Government: - added May 12, 2002:
The American patriotic community has forecasted that to fully implement ‘NEW WORLD ORDER', the Constitution for the united States of America must be set aside. Their forecast included many scenarios for accomplishing this, including the detonation of a nuclear device or the possible use of a biological weapon on American soil to create the crisis upon which to act and begin setting aside Constitutional processes and protections, and to bring into existence questionable laws severely restricting our freedom.

Just as in Hitler's Germany or any country where the government needs the support and approval of the people, they must convince the people that what they are doing is appropriate, desired, and the right thing to do. Consequently there is a lot of public relations work (psychological profiling through the media's of television, magazines, movies and news papers) that must be done to control the ‘Perception' of the public.

Two or three months ago a news item surfaced in which President Bush had reported that a ‘shadow government' had been set up so that if Washington, D.C. came under attack from either a nuclear device or a biological weapon killing the representation of the American people, government policy could continue under control of the shadow government.

It would seem to me that Congress has just made itself expendable. They have provided the means by which they could all be ‘wiped out' by decisions from within, and no one would miss them. If they can assassinate John Fitzgerald Kennedy, control the way that assassination was perceived by the American people and get away with it, I think that eliminating Congress would be an even easier task. Who would believe the orders came from within? But if such a thing were to happen it might come about as a result of Congress not performing its oversight function and properly investigating a number of events for a long time now. That being the case, perhaps it would be a fitting outcome in regards to their failure to properly execute their jobs and their oaths of office. I'm relatively certain that Congress doesn't want to consider their own demise as a possibility and goal of New World Order elite, but I think we Americans should.

Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn't but given the actions and lies coming from our government for many years now, I'm more inclined toward the former than toward the latter. It is a thought and question that has came to my mind. A political axiom comes to mind in so many of these situations... "The bigger the lie the more it will be believed."

Hit First Policy: - added June 2, 2002:

The SACRAMENTO BEE, a major news paper available throughout Northern California and perhaps all of California, had this as a front page head line on June 2, 2002:

Bush adopts hit-first policy

The lead paragraph states: "WEST POINT, N.Y. - President Bush told future Army officers Saturday that the United States can no longer deter attacks from other nations by threatening massive retaliation, but instead must strike looming enemies first."

In simple terms, I make a determination that you are my enemy and this then becomes a valid reason to acquire my baseball bat and bludgeon you. I strike out at you because you MIGHT be going to cause me harm. So far you have not caused me harm but you might, and because you might I am going to ‘STRIKE FIRST'. What would you do if your children behaved in this manner?

Over the past few years I have been in conversations with... other Americans, who took the position that drunk drivers should be in jail, not because they had harmed someone, but because they were drunk according to our criteria. In this example, there is no injured party. No one has been harmed, yet we sit on juries and collude with the government by rubber stamping their unlawful behavior. No one has been harmed until we the jury members find the person guilty and send them to prison, at which time we become the one causing severe harm to a fellow human being who has harmed no one. And why did we do this? Because he might be going to harm someone.

To these people I asked the question, "Once we open this can of worms, where does it end?" Once we are willing to cause injury to someone who has injured no one, where does it end? Our government has been doing this to Americans now for many years and so it has now become America's international policy? Are we not now clearly the bullies that much of the world has been decrying for some time now? I think it is clear that we are as stated.

Along with this we might notice that the media simply reports the news and with all their intellect and knowledge never suggests anything that might cause us to think and analyze. You have never heard the main stream media ask the question, "What is it that we have been doing to the people of this world that so many of them want to cause us harm?" If the question were posed, never by the main stream media, it is answered that the people of this world are jealous of we Americans, our acquisitions and possessions and of our standard of living. Who among you wants to cause harm to someone who has more property, possessions and a better standard of living than you? You see my point? No one wants to harm someone else for these reasons. So why would we be so foolish as to believe that anyone would want to do this? Is it because we need a reason for our ‘bully behavior' around this world?

I think that we all know that government (anyone's including ours) is capable of engineering events to psychologically profile people minds. Engineering events such as the Gulf of Tonken, burning of the Reich Stag building in Berlin as well as to crash planes into buildings causing excessive loss of life and property to psychologically profile peoples minds. The bigger and more drastic the event, the less likely the people are to believe that it was engineered within as a means of stampeding Congress into passage of laws to take freedom away from the people as a necessity in a ‘plan to protect them'. The whole time it was the power elite within the structure of government that endangered the people from whom they are taking the freedoms.

To get the natural resources of other countries, we have engaged in covert operations and been instrumental in installing brutal governments all over this world. We installed the Shaw of Iran, trained his secret police and financed his brutality against his own people. We have been involved in South American politics at the end of a gun barrel for ten or fifteen years now. When Alende was struggling to make his country Chile and its people free, we were directly responsible for his overthrow. We broke many laws, national and international, to brigadier the countries leader, Manuel Noriega out of Panama. Our troops go over to Bosnia and kick in the doors of peoples homes and it never occurs to us how we might feel if foreign troops were kicking in American doors. We have been involved in installing brutal repressive governments around this world for years. When the Iraqi column was in retreat from Kuwait, our war planes and war machines mowed down between 300,000 and 500,000 men waving white flags at us. Somebody is out of control, and I'm not certain that it is every other country of this world who doesn't like America all that much.

Should you present this information to someone, anyone, and they blow up in your face and become openly hostile, you know you have hit close to home. For it is a quirk of nature that when one is confronted with the illogic of their position, the wrong of their actions, they blow up with anger as a means of avoidance.

I don't see a whole lot that our government does that I can point to with pride. We send man into outer space and then involve ourselves in the repression and death of so many. Which one is important? For those of you unaware, we now have retinal warfare hardware. These are high power LASER units that can blind thousands of men in a matter of seconds. We have immensely powerful ultra-sound machines to quell crowds in protest. How many of you are aware that one Trident Nuclear Warhead releases more energy than every weapon discharged and exploded during World War II. That includes every bullet, every artillery shell, every mortar round, every hand grenade, every shell fired by the battle ships, and every bomb dropped by every airplane by all the machines of all the countries, including the two nuclear bombs dropped on Japan.

And so we have a question before us. Since any power or authority the government claims to have and exercises is one that has been conferred upon it by we the people as its creator, are we going to allow our government and its leadership to ‘bully' and ‘harm' the people of this world because they might be going to harm us? Is this who we are? If government does this, they are doing it in my name and yours. Should we Americans rule because we are the most efficient killers the world has ever seen or should we rule because we are the most benevolent people the world has ever known?