by M. H. Keehn
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I believe the majority of people in America see their country has many problems, and that the problems are growing at an alarming rate, coming at us from all directions. And each American probably has his own focus on a problem he considers to be a priority. In the mean time we're circling the bowl and being flushed. Regardless of the problem we see, they all have a core, and if we will focus on the core and solve that problem, then virtually all other problems will go away. Yet, we cannot depend on the main stream misleadia, the church, the school system, the Patriots for Profit nor our leadership (Federal, State or local) to inform us.

The core problem here in the united States of America, as in most countries, is the unpaid national debt. When a country takes out a loan from one of the Bankster institutions, which mainly consist of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the repayment of the loan DOES NOT fall on the country leadership, it falls on the people of the country and they become an economic slave, obligated to the payment of the debt, just like the UNITED STATES.

The leadership of a country, and this includes the united States of America, makes certain that the debt grows and grows, and the leadership manages the debt in such a way that the people of the country can never pay it off. In the United States, that's where our income tax comes from, it is simply laws enacted for the benefit of the creditor of the United States, taking the productivity of the economic slaves (the American people) who are obligated to its payment. And as time has gone by, we have seen more and more and more of our productivity taken from us in this income tax. And the amount of productivity taken in income and other taxes will continue to grow until we live like those in third world countries.

Therefore, anyone who is not focused on the national debt as the one problem we need to solve is part of the deception being perpetrated upon the American people. If any country cannot be honorable and pay its debt, then the people who are responsible for the debt cannot be free nor can the country be sovereign. The true sovereign would be the creditor of the country. And the leadership of that country will represent the interests of the creditor, not the people.

Which brings us to the columns below. These columns are intended to provide information to help the reader see more clearly and provide information not normally found in the main stream misleadia. Each document will generally have a brief description so that the document content can be determined before a decision to view it or not is made. All columns are in Acrobat for downloading and sharing in emails. The columns are presented in the order of their construction. The number at the end is a date, for exampe the first one has a date of 090406, which is 2009, April, 6th. Hopefully, we Americans will wake up before its too late and the frog is boiled.

Columns and Brief Outline of Content

A Piece of the Action: We have enacted and embraced laws that allow us to engage in criminal behavior without arrest or trial. For example, we regularly engage in robbery, but because we get our piece of the action we are willing to embrace this criminal behavior. If we are going to accept and embrace criminal behavior in any form, then we should not whine when we are the victim of criminal behavior embraced by society in general. If society is going to embrace any criminal behavior sanctified by law, then it must accept all criminal laws enacted. - 090406

Blowback: Because the main stream misleadia has failed to do its job, government has been able to operate in secret for a considerable time. Many of government's covert activities have not been known to the American people, therefore the vast majority of us are outraged when some country does something that causes us harm, yet, they may well have been justified. If the main stream misleadia had been doing its job we would know this. When people of other countries, who have been injured by our actions, retaliate, some times many years after their initial injury, we have no sense of their anger and actions. This document discusses this topic. - 090422

California State Budget: This is an effort at understanding finance, both our individual home finance as well as government finances in 2009. In this document, written in July of 2009, I make the point that a job that paid $2.25 an hour in 1962 would pay 67.50 in July of 2009 if the wages of that job had kept pace with the devaluation of our dollar. Well, as I update this web page today, March 2, 2011, that two-dollar-twenty-five-cent an hour job would now be paying $100.65 an hour if it had kept pace with the devaluation of our currency. And in this we begin to get a sense of how much purchasing power we have lost through the devaluation of our currecny by actions of our elected leadership. - 090525

National Health Care: Written in July of 2009, this is a look at health care from a different angle. Not only health care is discussed, but so is costs, and a look at how it has come to be so high. It is a basic reality check. - 090724

Child_Status.pdf: In short, there is two classes of citizenship in the united States of America and they are State Citizen (original), and United States citizen (District of Columbia -- Washington, D. C.). The fourteenth amendment to the constitution identifies both of these citizenship classes. And each class has its own brudens and obligations, seperate from the other. Most of us hold dual citizenship, although we probably are not even aware of this given public education in this country. If they were one and the same class of citizenship, the fourteenth amendment would not have identified them seperately. One class of citizenship is enslaving, so it's perhaps a good idea to understand these two classes. In one class, the individual is responsible for himself, and in the other class the individual has chosen to remain a child and have government as a parent. This document examines how we parents have changed the status of our children. By the way, the lower case "u" on "united States of America" and the upper case "U" on "United States" is not an accident or oversight, there is a difference. One is corporate and the other is the republic. Which do you want to be a citizen of? - 090821

International Swine Flu Conference: This article is only noticing the conference and some of the topics of discussion. However, it has some substance. On or about August 13, 2009, a man name Joseph Moshe phoned a radio talk show to reveal that major pharmacuidical giant, Baxter BioPharma Solutions was manufacturing a bio-weapon disguised as a vaccine in its Ukraine laboratory. The next day Joseph seen several people near his house and connecting the dots, loaded his VW-Bug and headed to the Israel Embassy (he had both United States and Israel citizenship). Before he got there, his car was evidently hit with a powerful EM pulse (ElectroMagnetic), disabling the car's electronics and causing it to fail. The car was blocked by several vehicles, and Joseph was subjected to police-grade pepper spray and gas, yet Joseph remained calm and in his car. The news services reported that government officials were saying that this man had threatened the White House and that he had knowledge of a bomb or pending bomb attack. But none of this has been substantiated, and now Joseph Moshe is gone, reportedly to Israel but no one has heard from him. And this might all have been swept under the carpet of bygone news except that Moshe predicted a breakout of disease in the Ukraine in late October. And as Moshe had predicted, a breakout has occurred and many people have now died. And this is where I will leave this story. It is for the reader to pursue further as information and updates become available. - 090825

Gangster Government: This examines certain actions of government which fall into criminal racketeering, and it's getting more and more prevalent. If anyone is going to do business on my [the government's] street, this is what it's going to cost you! Perhaps we should remember that pursuit of happiness is generally defined as laboring and enjoying the fruits of our labor, and that we don't need permission or business license to do so. - 090829

The Way it Works: This examines, by an example, how the global elite enslaves the people of one country after another, and this method applies to the United States. Their method of enslaving works the same in nations all over the globe. Once we comprehend this process, we have better insight into why so many people of this world don't like us very much. - 090912

Trusting Government Series

While government may be necessary, it is also very dangerous. History, for those who read it, shows us that governments, all governments, act to empower itself by taking power and freedom from the people, while at the same time enslaving the populous. Here in the United States, as in most other countries, enslavement is accomplished through national debt obligations, and we become an economic slave. Here in the united States of America I see many of my fellow man blindly believing what they are told by government leadership and the main stream misleadia without any examination. This series is a brief examination, intended to giving the blind believers some cause for healthy doubt. But the subject travels much further than just this short examination.

The Banking Relief Act of March 9, 1933 The language of this act identified the United States citizen as an enemy of the United States. Once he was identified as an enemy of the United States, his every commercial activity could be regulated. Further, this act changed the law of our country. With its enactment we were no longer operating under lawful civil authority, but instead began operating under war and emergency powers authority. That's why we see a gold fringe flag beside the President's podium whenever we see him on television, he's telling the American people under what authority he is operating. It is also why we see gold fringe flags in the court rooms across the land, war and emergency powers authority, NOT lawful civil authority. The gold fringe flag is defined in military regulations, not the laws of the United States, it's a military flag. As a matter of fact, any flag with gold ornamentation on the pole, such as gold eagle, gold cannon ball, or gold spire point, or gold fringe, is a military flag. The flag of peace of the united States of America has no gold on the flag or pole... lawful civil authority. If one were to watch court room scenes from the movies of the 1920's, the flag(s) (generally two) will be leaning forward with no gold anywhere... lawful civil authority. Once the Banking Relief Act was passed, changing our legal landscape to war and emergency powers authority, it then became possible to pass layer upon layer of law, all pursuant to, and deriving its authority from this war powers measure. This act was the result of we American's failing to pay our national debt. And now you know the core problem of every ill from which the United States suffers. The creditor of the United States decides what laws are going to be enacted and this is one of them. And we thought our congressmen and senators were representing us. - 090921

To Your Health: Under certain health emergencies the World Health Organization (WHO) has been given police powers, which allows WHO to compel a forced vaccination upon us. Read about it in this document. - 090925

Gulf of Tonkin; Depleted Uranium The Gulf of Tonkin, upon which the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was passed, was a lie, a fabrication. The results of that lie is absolutely devastating to humanity. We damned the Germans for killing six-million Jews, yet we apparently killed four-million asians based on a lie. Then we have tank and other shells being used in Iraq, made out of depleted uranium, a radioactive substance. When the shell strikes armor, vaporizes and becomes a form of dust. Would we like our children to be playing in such an environment? Do we still trust government and the honor of those who run it for us? - 091104

Murrah Building (Oklahoma City): Our Economy: Like the last one, this contains two topics. First is the Federal Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, which was, according to official reports, bombed by one Timothy McVeigh and, I belive, Terry Nichols. But the available information strongly suggests there was charges planed inside the building at strategic locations in order to bring it down and cause the destruction we saw. And these observations come from a credible source... it's worthy of your time to read what this document has to say. The other topic deals with the financial upheaval of 2008. Some thoughts and insights are offered for the readers consideration and analysis. - 091111

Assassination of President John F. Kennedy What the government sets forth and expects us to believe in the death of John F. Kennedy almost makes one ill. The failure of the main stream misleadia in this matter is almost unbelievable. Because of some tireless researchers over the years there are now many facts that can be demonstrated as having been covered up. For those doubting Thomas' who still believe the government's story, this will probably wreck their day. It comes down to this, "How far are we willing to go to be stupid?" For those wanting to know more I suggest reading "Sui Juris, Pardon me but...#2". - 091118

Assassination of Robert Kennedy and death of John Kennedy Jr.: While the assassination of Robert Kennedy is not as well known and President Kennedy, it still has some facts worth considering that have not generally been brought to like by the misleadia. And when we attach the circumstances of John Kennedy Jr. (John-John, as his mother Jackie called him) the whole Kennedy saga is fraught with lies and deception, mostly upon the American people. As we delve into past historical events, it becomes more and more clear the participation of the main stream misleadia in the cover-up and deceptions set forth. I think we can all see three family members being killed in war, but what are the chances that such would occur in normal life? The only exception in the Kennedy clan was Senator Ted Kennedy, did what he was told and voted as he was told. As such, Ted was allowed to live. - 091125

American Airlines Flight 77 (Pentagon): This was the flight that government reported hit the Pentagon. And again, this story has been parroted by the main stream misleadia. And they expect us to believe that the the airplane, no, airliner, vaporized when it impacted the Pentagon. Never before in history has an airplane vaporized by virtue of hitting anything. And fighter aircraft of even WWII fly much faster than an airliner when the suicide pilots crashed their planes into our warships. Not one of them vaporized. In addition to this body's do not vaporize in a crash, neither do the passenger seats, or luggage, or shoes, or jet engines, or landing gear. None of which was present at the Pentagon. Fortunately, there are still many American's not stupid enough to buy the lies and deception that form the official story. - 091202

World Trade Center Attack: There is an amazing amount of factual information that contradicts the official story, and no government official or elected represenative is answering these contradicitions. For those interested in such, this document is for you. Pilots for 9-11 truth have released a series of videos on DVD that I find extraordinary. For those readers wishing a set of these DVD's visit - 091217

Waco, Texas: On April 19, 1993, 18 years ago in 2011, 80 plus American's died, twenty-two of which were children, at WACO, TEXAS, in an assault by government agents in combat gear, utilizing a military tank. This is another event in which the official story does not jive with other factual evidence, not just minor descrepancies, but major descrepancies. David Koresh, the leader at this small religious community, was presented in such a slanderous manner to the American people that every American was offended, or should have been. This little religious community had been there since the 1930's, there was no reason to attack them. But the most important observation to make is that you can see how much your government leadership cares about your life. This event is a real lesson. - 091230

Ruby Ridge (Bonner's Ferry, Idaho): For those who don't remember Ruby Ridge or Bonners' Ferry, Idaho, this is where government agents shot and killed 14-year-old Sammy Weaver, shot and killed his mother, Vicki Weaver (holding her ten-month old infant at the time), shot and wounded Randy Weaver (the father), shot and wounded Kevin Harris (a friend). It's a story and event that we American's need to know about. It was an American family, one of us and not much different than many. When Vicki was shot in the face by Lon Horiuchi, she was standing in the doorway of her cabin, holding the door and holding her ten-month old infant. She had harmed no one, she represented a threat to no one, she was unarmed when a snipers bullet, fired by someone we pay with our money, tore off her lower jaw and severed her carotid artery. I was outraged at the time, and I remain outraged that this was done in my name, and if you were alive at the time, it was done in your name as well. - 100106

Elio Carrion - Derek Hale: Both of these men had returned to the United States after serving their country in Iraq and both were murdered by police. There is simply no other way to put it from the information I have been able to gather. Again, these are/were fellow Americans, men for who justice should be sought. - 100113

Oscar Grant: Maybe the name is not well known, but the event probably is. There was a disturbance in the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transist) system in and around San Francisco, California. And transit police were called in. Oscar Grant was face down on the floor as had been demanded by police when an officer, crouching over Grant, stood up, drew his service revolver, and shot Grant in the back for no apparent reason. The bullet traveled through Oscar, hit the concrete floor and ricochet'd off the floor back into Oscars body, a fatal wound and Oscar Grant died a young father. Immediately the attempted cover-up began, but failed. The first official response I heard was that the officer thought that he had drawn his taser-gun and not his service revolver. Do any of us think that this would be sufficient grounds for dismissal if we thought we had drawn our taser-gun but actually drawn a revolver, shot and killed someone? Not only NO, but HELL NO. We would be sent to prison and fried. - 100119

OSG (Part I): While this and the next document below are related to a local business (Orland Sand & Gravel), the story reveals a county government acting in a criminal capacity. In short, OSG was attacked by county government under provisions of SMARA (the Surface Mining And Reclamation Act), and by virtue of the definitions contained within SMARA, OSG was not engaged in mining. However, the owner of OSG did not lay down and capitulate, he stood his ground. It's an interesting story and istructive for those American's who have a back bone. - 100127

OSG (Part II) Par 2 of the above story. - 100203

"Do We Have A Clue" Series

I believe we have reached a point of "critical mass" in our country. I see many things coming together which appear to be random, but I believe they are not random. Our economy is failing, we can barely breathe without acquiring a license, government takes money from us at every turn, businesses are constantly sending money to one government agency or another like they are paying Al Capone (a 1930's Chicago mobster), many of us are no longer able to survive on our own and have moved in with relatives or friends to share expenses, after the patriot acts, I & II, we have virtually no private life... what the heck is going on? Do we have a clue?

Do we comprehend what is truly going on at the "core" of all our problems and how we have arrived here? This is what this series addresses. This series is a brief trip through our history, focusing on those crucial and critical events which examine certain details. Some of us may be aware of the event in a general sense, but probably do not know the details. And it is these details that ultimately paint the picture that explains our current status and situation. However, it is probably necessary to read the series in order to make sense of the big picture.

Do We Have A Clue #1? The colonies, their plight and the inventiveness they enacted to deal with the unjust demands (taxes)of the King of England. Eventually there was revolution, and the colonists won, or so they thought. Did the English simply loose on purpose? After all they were the most organized, financed and powerful army in the world. Did they decide that there was other means available to them to control those unruly colonists? And so we begin an examination of the preditors. - 100210

Do We Have A Clue #2 The First National Bank of America was chartered in 1791 to hold the collateral for the creditor of the united States of America. It's charter expired in 1811 and congress did not renew the charter, no had they paid the debt. This caused our creditor (England) some distress which led to the war of 1812, where the English invaded Washington, D. C., burned the White House, burned the President's personal house, enter the Federal Courts and recovered their collateral for the debt. President Andrew Jackson paid the debt, and at the end of his presidency, the united States of America was debt free. It's all explained in greater detail in the document linked at the start. - 100217

Do We Have A Clue #3 The preditory creditor was determined not to allow the colonists (us) to escape his clutches and so the chicanery begins, aided then, as now, by our own elected officials. We discover that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery. Yes, I know that's what we've been taught, generation after generation, but Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves in the southern States, not in the northern ones. It was simply an effort to get souther slaves to rebel against their masters and had nothing to do with an adversion against slavery. - 100224

Do We Have A Clue #4 When the southern representatives walked out of congress and the senate, an opportunity for the foreign investement bankers arrived, and they used their influence to the detriment of the united States of America. Their influence led to the passage of the new thirtenth amendment and the fourteenth amendment. There had already been a thirteenth amendment passed, but it was quitely set aside as though it had not passed. You can read about that in this document. The reader will also learn that the words in law can have multiple meanings and this subtlety is what powers the fourteenth amendment. And if the reader is asked on a government form if he claims United States citizenship, he will find out that there are three United States defined in law. Therefore, if the reader answers YES, then to which United States does the form refer, and to which one has the reader claimed citizenship by answering YES? This is the era where defrauding and deceiving of the American people begins in ernest. - 100303

Do We Have A Clue #5 When the southern delegates walked out of congress, that body adjourned sine die, which means without day (to reconvene). Consequently there was no longer any lawful legislative body for the united States of America. Lincoln illegally declared martial law and had the remaining northern representatives returned to congress. This martial law has not been terminated to this day and congress still sits under martial law declaration. In the Dred Scott decision, the American court determined that black people could not be a citizen of the republic of the united States of America. And again, deception reigns supreme in the language of the constitution, for there is a legal difference between Citizen and citizen. - 100310

Do We Have A Clue #6: There will be an introduction to person and they are not who are not who we think they might be. Then we move on to discovering the rights of the United States [corporate, fourteenth amendment] citizen. Although the thirteenth amendment is purported to provide freedom for the black slaves, this was not the case, it simply changes their enslavement status, and it provided a means to enslave the white people as well. Its very interesting what has taken place, but is still one big deception that the main stream misleadia does not report, even to this day they do not correct their failure and report it clearly and accurately. - 100317

Do We Have A Clue #7 The banksters did their best to destroy the United States after the Civil War, but Lincoln took and admirable stance and blocked the banksters efforts by issuing the Lincoln Greenbacks, a currency which deprived the banksters of their intended strangle hold on us, even back then. John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln, was found to be an agent of the Rothschild banking dynasty, so it is apparent, at least to me, that Lincoln may well have been the first American leader to be assassinated by those wanting control of our country and of us. The evidence is that the fourteenth amendment to the constitution was not ratified, it was simply declared ratified. England, the creditor of the United States, laid claim to the collateral offered for payment of the national debt in 1871. The collateral consisted of all property owned by the federal government. Incorporation was forced on the District of Columbia and this is the source of the corporate United States. It is a British corporation. The plot thickens. - 100331

Do We Have A Clue #8 When incorporation was forced on the District of Columbia, creating the [corporate] UNITED STATES, the united States of America lost the ability to try criminal matters. To fill the law void, England's private copyrighted law was made the law form of the jurisdiction of the District of Columbia. You may read about it in this document. - 100407

Do We Have A Clue #9 Here we are introduced to the Banking Relief Act of March 9, 1933. The Banking Relief Act contained the language of the Trading with the Enemy Act of October 6, 1917, and this war powers act was applied to the American people, changing their lives. This act also created a dictator. It also authorized a currency that is not money. - 100414

Do We Have A Clue #10 At this juncture we have made our trip through history. Now knowing our status and predicament we begin an examination of the consequences. We begin by identifying the core problem faced by the people of the United States. We will find that Presidential powers have been conferred on an unelected individual outside the the United States. We also take note of the fact that the UNITED STATES has entered into receivership. - 100421

Do We Have A Clue #11 The money will be worth 100 cents on the dollar but we don't own anything. Ink on paper has no intrinsic value. New laws of prohibition. Although these comments seem flippant, there is considerable substance to them. - 100428

Do We Have A Clue #12 The stage has been carefully set for the play to begin, and so the actors are all in place and the audience (people of the United States) are in position to view the spectacle. The purpose of the play is to draw the audience into a new and fraudulent reality. - 100505


Corporations, in my opinion, are not only unfair competitors to human beings, but have become very dangerous. They now are on the verge of controlling our food supply through their GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) seeds, which grow vegetables that do not produce seeds that grow more vegetables. The seeds are sterile. But even worse, the Supreme Court of the UNITED STATES [corporate], has permitted to patent life. The only life that can not be patented is a full term human being, but the individual genes, as they are identified, can be patented. It is worthy of our time to know the dangers we are facing by virtue of the laws and court decisions in the very country for which we hold responsibility. We will gain a much clearer understanding what occurs when we take out the element of human responsibility.

Corporation #1: A little background on early corporations and their evolution to acquisition of "person" status in court. Initially, corporations were created for a purpose, like building a bridge, and when the project was completed, their life was over and they were disolved. They could not own property, nor could they own another corporation, and they were not a person with an unlimited life. Unlimited life gives the corporation a very distict advantage over all human beings in the business world. - 100512

Corporation #2: Corporations, all corporations (including the corporate UNITED STATES) are all artificial persons, or if you prefer, a legal fiction. They exist, not in reality, but only in the mind of man, and this makes them a fiction. Yet, they are given the qualities and benefits of a human being in court, but they have no soul that guides them through moral decisions, nor does the corporation have a body to imprison when it breaks the law. They are a bottom line machine with no care or concern about anything living, especially human beings. - 100519

Corporation #3: In this document we begin to examine the personality traits of a corporation to determine what type of person we are dealing with. It's a bit unsettling. - 100526

Corporation #4: In this document we continue examining the personality traits of a corporation and it gets worse. - 100602

Corporation #5: In this document we look at remaining character traits and the ability to the corporation to sustain life, not only its life, but ours as well. Does the business model we have developed had the ability to succeed? - 100609

Corporation #6: In this document we conclude that the behavior of a corporation is that of a psychopath. Yet this psychopath has a Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer, which are all human. So why is it that they act against humanity? Is it because the corporation, as a person, can act criminally and no one goes to jail? The corporation is punished with only fines, and quite often the fines are considerably less than the profit in breaking the law. - 100616

Corporation #7: The one question that corporations never seem to answer is, "can our product be made sustainable or will it eventually consume some resource that will take thousands of lifetimes to replenish?" We will learn that WAR is a huge source of commerce for many corporations. Every relationship we have, with everyone we know, including our wife and children, is commercial. Only we don't know it. - 100623

Corporation #8: Corporate patenting of life... need more be said? The only life that cannot be patented is a full term human being, but the individual genes of the human being can be patented. - 100630

Corporation #9: In this document we will learn a little about the growth hormone rBST, given to milk cows to increase milk production, and the health risks associated with this hormone. Also presented is a brief insight into the mainstream misleadia, another corporation. - 100707

Corporation #10: The corporation does nothing on its own since it is a legal fiction, it only does what is directed by its Board of Directors and Management. Therefore, it is not the corporation, per se, that is uncaring, inhumane, immoral, criminal and calloused, it is the Board of Directors and Management. And in my humble opinion, it is these people who should go to jail when the corporation breaks the law and/or causes injury. Although covered before in some of my other constructions, Cochabamba's public water system will be brought to light. It's important, because it is the way we are all thought of in this world, UNITED STATES citizens included. The message with the ship at the bottom of this page says it all! - 100714

Corporation #11: We will learn about Army General Smedley Darlinton Butler, who was utilized to pacify numerous countries for the investment elite. Then, approached to implement a coup of the UNITED STATES government, which never made it to trial even though General Butler named names and provided testimony. It was swept under the carpet. Why? Who is in control? Obviously it is not the Congress, Senate and President of the UNITED STATES. The only reason this coup was not successful was because of the honor of General Butler, who was disgusted with being the enforcement arm of a bunch of international racketeering criminals. - 100721

Securing the Homeland: In this construction I examine the terrorism threat and perhaps see things in a different light than the mainstream misleadia. But I do identify the most threatening of all terrorists. - 100728

Corrupting the World

Corrupting the World #1: A look at poverty and corportacracy, a word coined by John Perkins. Poverty exists because the investing elite profit from it. - 100915

Corrupting the World #2: Huge sums of money are invested in developing countries, but it doesn't go to helping the poor people of that country, it becomes the means to enslave them, same as the UNITED STATES today. Except that we are not yet as destitute as most third world countries. Also examined is the UNITED STATES as an empire. We see that greed governs the actions of our Boards of Directors, whether we are talking about the private sector, or the Board of Directors of the UNITED STATES [corporate], which is Congress and Senate. Also learned is that the UNITED STATES [corporate] has economic hit men, and it is mostly they who corrupt the leadership of other countries. - 100922

Corrupting the World #3: In this construction, we learn how the economic hit man corrupts the leadership of a particular country. The money we loan to developing countries all comes back to our corporations, none of it goes to the contractors and people of the developing country. Yet the people who cannot afford the electricity generated by the power station just built through a loan from the World Bank, are the economic slaves who must pay it back. Economic debt is created that the people can never pay off, just like the UNITED STATES. - 100929

Corrupting the World #4: Some thoughts on solutions and conclusion. - 101006

Peak Oil

Peak Oil Production #1: In 2008, the International Energy Agency (IEA) reported a 9% decline in oil production. This means that low cost oil is over and prices will began to escalate considerably. Well, this document was written in October of last year (2010), and it is now March of 2011 and we have seen oil go over a hundred dollars a barrel. And I suspect this is not even close to the end. - 101020

Peak Oil Production #2: Thoughts on preparation for unaffordable oil and energy (which includes electricity). Also viewed is the potential political landscape as this decline in oil production plays out. It is speculative, consequently you will be required to evaluate the landscape as you see it coming. - 101027

Peak Oil Production #3: A look at some of the political shenanigans that have taken place. A hard look at the character of government is undertaken and what a cash-less society may mean. Also examined are the US plans for Iraq. - 101103


Economics 101 #1: Economics is used deceptively by those in power. As we begin, we learn that "money" is not "money", it's currency, but not money. Following this we learn that "currency" is issued upon the deposit of debt, with whom is in the document. Debt, both public (bonds for instance) and private (home loan for example), and both provide for the issuance of currency. - 101110

Economics 101 #2: Here we look at the devaluation of our currency. Devaluation of currency results in considerable loss in purchasing power. We earn more but buy less because of devaluation. Consequently our life style declines, but we generally don't recognize it because it happens slowly. And we will be introduced to doing business at the end of a gun barrel. - 101117

Economics 101 #3: Here we will, unfortunately, learn that we do not, and can not, own anything. Discussed in a cursory manner is the Banking Relief Act of March 9, 1933. In short, this act contained the language of the Trading with the Enemy Act of October 6, 1917. Whereas the Act of 1917 excluded domestic transactions and United States citizens from the operation of the law (a war powers act), when its languagae was made part of the Banking Relief Act, the exculsionary language was amended to include domestic transactions and UNITED STATES citizens. Thus we became an identified enemy of the UNITED STATES in the language of this act. And although the cursory discussion in this construction does not go that deep, it still has substantive information for the reader. - 101124

Economics 101 #4: Who is going to be prosperous, the investor elite or the people? The policeman's car often says, "To protect and serve," but who's interests is he serving? Does he know? It's not the interests of the people. "The UNITED STATES' is a for profit corporation. That's not an opinion it's a fact, look up UNITED STATES on Dun & Bradstreet... it's commercially traded. In reading this construct, you will find out where "the UNITED STATES" is located. In the Banking Relief Act of March 9, 1933, there is powers and authorities granted to the "Secretary of Treasury", but unlike the President, who is referenced as the President of the UNITED STATES, the same is not ture of the Secretary of Treasury, so it is not clear who this "Secretary of Treasury" might be. This document identifies the individual, and the reader can see that Presidential powers have been conferred upon an unelected foreign individual by the language of the Banking Relief Act. It's very deceptive. - 101201

Economics 101 #5: Struggling to stay trapped, that's many of us. It's as though we do not want to be free. Examined is the philosophy of "ME" verses the philosophy of "us". Selfish thinking and behavior seldom works to our benefit. "The UNITED STATES" [corporate] is a British controlled and owned corporation of course. And we thought we won the Revolutionary War. Well, as Sun Tsu said, "all war is deception" and it continues to this day. And since that British controlled corporation ("The UNITED STATES") controlls the ciriculum in our schools, they make certain we are not educated in these matters, and I only know one teacher who is trying to expose the truth in the classroom. So, why is the school administration and majority of teachers content with misleading and misinforming their students? IT's a good question, probably needs to be answered. - 101208

Economics 101 #6: The plan of our leadership is to give up the sovereignty of the united States of America. And the economic system is one othe primary tools in this undertaking. Year after year our leadership has increaded our debt to the creditor of the UNITED STATES, and with that we have become more and more an economic slave, obligated to the payment of that debt. And so, more and more of our productivity is taken from us through Income and other taxes, levies, fines, fees. And this will continue until we have the same life as the poor in third world countries. The life of an economic slave. - 101215

Economics 101 #7: How bad is it, and how bad can it become? - 101222


This series, constructed in early 2011, takes a look at Iraq since the invasion of 2003.

IRAQ since 2003 - #1: "Why of course the people don't want war..." To get the people to agree to war all that we need do is to tell them they are under attack. Like sheep, they will react predictably. But who benefits? The evidence continues to mount that the official story of nine-eleven is a fabrication. - 110209

IRAQ since 2003 - #2: “The aim for which we were fighting the war was the loftiest, the most overpowering that man can conceive: It was the freedom and independence of our nation” - Adolph Hitler. And we concoct similar inventions as cause and reason to go kill people who have not harmed us. Others have stages events to psychologically profile the people of a country, why not us? - 110216

IRAQ since 2003 - #3: The Gulf of Tonkin was a fabrication which was used to escalate the Vietnam war. The justification for killing is examined. There is a difference between war and murder. And even in war, we have taunted tormented and tortured other nations until they had no alternative, forcing them to attack but the reality was that we had been covertly attacking them. For example, the little known economic sanctions we had implemented against Japan that led to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. We were destroying their economy, in their eyes they had no choice, and our leadership knew they would attack, then even knew where and when. But leadership didn't convey that to the Pacific command. It was all one big psychological profiling of the American people, and we fell for it. It might be time to wake up. - 110223

IRAQ since 2003 - #4: The mainstream misleadia and the military become bedfellows. At this juncture, objective reporting goes out the window. And when Madeleine Albright, the United States Ambassador, was informed that over a half million children are reported dead due to the economic sanctions placed on Iraq by the United States, and asked if it was worth it, Ms. Albright replied, "we think the price is worth it." This isn't just Madeleine Albright, it's our leadership in general that thinks this. Do we have to be hit over the head to know and comprehend that this is how leadership thinks of us as well? - 110302

IRAQ since 2003 - #5: In a fourteen month period in Iraq, more journalists were killed than in the entire Vietnam war, and most of these journalists were independent (in other words, not in bed with the miltiary). In discussions of the Iraq war, there is typcially no discussion of who is going to be killed, and so many of the dead are women and children. - 110309


This is where the rubber meets the road. Deception of the American people is where its at, it is how the people are mislead into believing a whole lot that is not true. This series of columns is for the individual serious about comprehending what is wrong in his country. Where all of the unconstitutional law is coming from and how it is being applied to him. Layer by layer, the onion will be peeled.

Deception Abounds #1: Topics of discussion is the dual character of congress; the jurisdiction of the District of Colunmbia; the exclusive legislative authority congress was granted over the District; subjecting the United States citizen to law foreign to his republic; the forced incorporation of Washington, D. C.; the result of that incorporation and much more. - 110323

Deception Abounds #2: In this construct we learn how we have identified ourselves as a citizen of a corporation (The UNITED STATES [corporate] and voluntarily subjected ourselves to their territorial law. Also learned is the scope of registering as that applies to our Birth Certification. Further, we enter into a contractual arrangement with a federal municipal insurance corporation. And because of the deception, we make economic slaves of our children, denying them their freedom. Identified are many entities that are traded for profit and listed on Dun & Bradstreet, including Congress, Senate and Supreme Court. - 110330

Deception Abounds #3: These questions are asked and discussed: Do we: 1) Believe that the President, Congress, Senate and Supreme Court, represent the best interests of the people of these united States of America? 2) Believe in politics? 3) Believe that another political power or party is the answer to our problems? 4) Believe that “Statutory Acts” of Congress and Senate are law? 5) Believe we can find justice in our current courts? We will also learn that the "UNITED STATES' is a commercially traded, for profit, entity. The same being true for virtually every government agency. And when an entity has investors, it operates for the benefit of those investors, not the people they purport to represent. - 110406

Deception Abounds #4: In this we learn that the Union States have been occupied by the United States [corporate]. This occupation is the result of the Banking Relief Act, which altered our entire system of law and made the President a dictator of the United States. Which gives him the power and authority to start wars anywhere he likes. And we must ask who benefits? The answer is always the same... the creditor of the Untied States. Research will reveal that the language of the Banking Relief Act came from the Federal Reserve Board of New York, an agent of the creditor of the United States. The reader will also learn who the Secretary of Treasury is, and in what capacity this individual operates. 110413

Deception Abounds #5: This construction delves deeper into the Banking Relief Act, and the War & Emergency Powers authority granted by the Act. We find that a Sentate report has noted that we are no longer operating under Constitutional authority and that the President has been granted dictatorial power by virtue of the Banking Relief Act. But the big surprise is in the identity of the Secreatary of Treasury. 110420

Deception Abounds #6: In this we examine the effects of the Banking Relief Act of March 9, 1933, on our society. It identified us as an enemy of the United States, provided for the conversion of all of our normal and regular activities into a commercial activity in order to regulate us in everything we do, made all our relationship commercial, even those with our wife and children. Many, many changes, and this is only some. We will find that our marriage is an illegal activity, so declared by our own hand and actions. We find that we have an option to marry without making the activity one that is illegal. We find there is other ways to construct and maintain a lawful record (births, deaths, marriages) and that we do not need to contract with government for this record. We will learn some things about the "ZIP code" that may not be common knowledge. Where I live, the local school system has been instrumental in having parents arrested, good parents. They weren't arrested for having caused any injury to the children, they were arrested to having caused the school system financial injury. More details are within this construciton.110427

Deception Abounds #7: A little pointed at first, targeting our behavior, but then an examination of United States currency is undertaken, and the consequences of that currency. From there we examine the slave master and follow up with our freedom. 110504

Deception Abounds #8: In this construction we fined that at least one State Governor has been concerned that the bankster elite will formally anounce that the United States is bankrupt, thus triggering an EMERGENCY under which FEMA can be activated. The anticipated results of that are included. And with that we learn what the DECEPTION is all about. And from an unexpected place, we learn about the very essence of banking.

Admiralty law, Common law and you: Some months after writing the series above I received the following link in an email. It is a youtube video of about ten minutes and supports, nicely I think, the information set forth in the above series.


A ship called America - either we learn to sail together or we sink together

That's what it originally said... A ship called America - either we learn to sail together or we sink together. I had come to realize that the conflicts between different segments of America were all engineered. People are people in all tones. There are some who are criminals and some who are saints. And much in between. But with further reflection, it has become clear to me that the conflicts suffered by the people of this world have been engineered for a very long time if not from the beginning. There seems to arise in the 'powerful elite' or ruling class, an obsession to control everything and everyone. And this ruling class has engineered conflict between nations and peoples of this world for the sole purpose of fulfilling their addiction... control of everything and everyone. But they have long since retired from the battlefield and send the 'common man,' and now 'common woman,' to die for their objectives. These 'ruling elite' are not the elected officials we vote for here in America. Nor are they the rulers appointed or positioned, many by America, throughout this world. The ruling elite control the elected and appointed dignitaries. They tell the Emirs, Shaws, Kings, Parliments, Chancellors, Congressmen and Presidents what action to take, what laws to pass. It is these behind the scenes 'elite' that have, for hundreds of years, engineered conflicts between nations and peoples, financing both sides so that it mattered little to them who prevailed. In knowing and understanding this we, the people of this world, can begin to work on cleaning up our individual countries and stop the insanity of invading and killing each other. It is in the spirt of this that the caption above the ship is updated...

The happiness of life cannot be divided on religious or cultural grounds. A ship called Earth;- either we, the people of this world, learn to sail together or we sink together - Michael H. Keehn